70’s Inspired

So I’m thinking that my style is really starting to trend more towards a little 70’s inpsired, which I love! I love this pair of high waisted, wide leg pants from Forever 21. And what better to wear with high waisted pants, but a crop top right? Wrong. I’m going back to the 90’s (yeah, I know I said 70’s inspired earlier, but it all comes together!) and tying my shirt up!

*Shirt: Gap. Jeans & Ring: Forever 21. Cuff Bracelet: Aldo

I love the versatility that a button up white shirt can give you… tie it up, use it for layering, or just throw it on when you have no idea what to wear, and it still looks like you at least looked in the mirror before leaving home (unless it’s wrinkly, which mine usually is. I like to pretend my clothes are supposed to be that way so I don’t have to take the effort to iron).

I can’t remember the last time I wore a bracelet. Probably back when those jelly bracelets were so popular when I was in 8th grade. Or those slap bracelets that gave me bruises but were totally awesome. I’ve been looking for a cuff bracelet for a while now and found this at Aldo. Besides the way it clangs on my desk during work, I have no complaints. I’ll take the clanging for 8 hours if it makes my wrist look pretty.

My sister gave me this ring for my birthday. It’s kind of awesome. And by kind of, I mean I’m totally obsessed with it.

And then it started to get dark. But my poses got better… so I’m posting it anyway!

One more ring shot because of its awesomeness.

  1. Mimi said:

    I love your style…the ring is awesome,,,your sister has great taste too!

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