Back to Black

These pictures were taken a while ago by my boyfriend. In case you can’t tell, his pictures are a lot better than the ones I take – he just so happens to be a photographer! I wish I could use him for all my outfit photos, but unfortunately, we live 6 hours apart right now. Lame. But what is not lame are these photos. They are great actually if I do say so myself! These were taken while we were waiting for a table at the famed LA burger eatery, Umami Burger. It was definitely good, but Stout Burger (very close to Umami in Hollywood) is better! As I start to post more on this blog, you might find that I will talk about food, or baking, often. It’s kind of a hobby (eating and making it!).

*Pants: Macys (Jessica Simpson). Shirt & Purse: Forever 21. Scarf & Boots: Urban Outfitters.

I’m very excited for the next month and a half… Thanksgiving, the Backstreet Boys cruise (yes, you read that right, I am going on a Backstreet Boys cruise with my best friend – be jealous), a week in LA, and Christmas! This really is the most wonderful time of the year!

  1. Bonnie said:

    Loveee your scarf and hair! So pretty ❤



    • Thank you Bonnie! That means a lot coming from you; I admire your blog very much!

  2. kady said:

    dude i hope u know u are absolutely gorgeous. you should seriously get into modeling… no lie! i love u!

  3. Nimue said:

    Well I sure am jealous! I went to a concert of them two years ago and I swear it was the best concert I ever saw 🙂 I know they are a bit cheesy and it’s mostly nostaligia that keeps me listening to them but still, they’re great! Have a lot of fun 😉

    • Haha, aw that makes me happy! I am still a huge fan of them (obviously lol)!

  4. Very good point, certainly note your knowledge on the subject. This is the first time I go, but I assure you will not be the last, I hope everyone who reads this I think the same.

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