Hats off

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Mine was perfect. Some family came into town and we had a lot of food. It does not take much to make me happy apparently! These pictures are actually from before Thanksgiving, I just have not had time to post them. It is another set of inside pictures, which I am not too happy about, but in winter, it is hard to avoid it. The good news is that while my boyfriend was here for Thanksgiving, we took some outfit shots so I have some really good pictures coming up!

By the way, in the pictures he took you can see my face, so look forward to that.

 *Hat: Forever 21. Sweatshirt: Forever 21. Skirt: Target. Necklace: Gift

So, I knew this skirt rode up a little while walking, but I thought adding tights would make it stay where I put it. I was wrong. I wore this to work. It’s not so fun to constantly be pulling at your clothes, no matter where you are. Lesson learned: Try on all clothes before you buy them and walk around in the dressing room. Other than that, I really like this outfit. Full disclosure though, I did not wear the hat to work. We are not allowed to wear jeans (except on casual Fridays!), so I assume that hats are in that same category. I’ve never tried or asked. Now I feel it’s too late. So I reserve the nights and weekends for my hats. Same with my out of network phone calls.

Seriously, I am so excited to be able to post the pictures I took this past week. Indoor pictures are not terribly exciting. Maybe that’s why I posted this picture. Show a little leg and maybe people will forget that the pictures are blurry and boring. (Don’t tell me if that’s not true).

I’m also excited to show case his pictures because him taking pictures of me meant that he could tell me how to pose and move around me and that I didn’t have to move around a stationary camera sitting on top of a book shelf. (Yeah, it’s high tech over here!)

What I’m really saying is that, if I hype up these upcoming pictures enough, I think some of you will come back and read my blog again.

  1. Annie said:

    Haha…I have a similar skirt from Forever 21 and had the same annoying problem. Looks cute though 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

    • Thanks Annie! Sometimes there’s no getting around being uncomfortable haha 😉

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