The band is with me


*Jacket: Marshalls. Shirt: Legacy Boutique. Jeans: Wet Seal. Shoes: Target. Hat: Forever 21

If you know me, you know this shirt is perfect for me. I love music, going to concerts, and meeting bands. I’ve met my favorite band (*cough* Backstreet Boys *cough*) many (many) times. I also bought one for my best friend because she’s the same way. This post is going to be image heavy because I really like these set of photos!

I wore this on the last day that my boyfriend was in town for Thanksgiving. We went on a movie date to see The Muppets. I cannot remember if I’d ever seen any of the TV shows or movies when I was younger, but I really enjoyed the movie, so I’m glad he dragged me along!


And I figured out how to make my picutres larger! Next step, possibly learning some coding so I can stop using themes. It would be nice to have a personalized layout.


My brother’s bar finally opened last night! If anyone in the Sacramento area happens to read this blog, it’s call The Blind Pig. Email me for details! I’ll buy you a drink! In all seriousness, I am very proud of and excited for him; it was a really long, frusterating road to get it open and I know it will do well!





All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Jackie said:

    Cute outfit! I am loving that your jacket is a Marshall’s steal–love that place!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Hoping you stop by again soon!

  2. wonderful pics and your outfit is really cool! we love your top!

  3. I love more casual looks. My military jacket is a fav and I have been currently really into tees with words on them. Love the booties too!!

  4. gemma said:

    thank you for the super sweet comment! i love your style! and that tshirt is amazing!!! i want to make one, haha.

    • Thanks! I bet you could make one and no one would know the difference haha

  5. T. said:

    Nice outfit!

  6. I cannot tell you how much i LOVE this t-shirt! I cracked the hell up! Great post and thank you so much for the comment on my blog!

  7. Diya said:

    I love this outfit. The simplicity yet well thought out pieces really stand out well.

  8. Great, funny shirt! I love this post–I adore the Backstreet Boys, and I totally agree with you about learning code. I changed my theme like 5 times just today because nothing looks quite right. Learning something new is always a challenge!

    • Yay a fellow BSB fan! haha Maybe we can learn code together haha

  9. Really cute casual look! Congrats to your brother. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting – following you now!

  10. We’ll love to see this look on 😉

  11. natassja said:

    I am of course in love with your top LOVE!!! Your whole outfit is great so simple but still chic.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and yes do go to Fringe you’ll love it I can totally see you getting something amazing there ❤

  12. Cymone said:

    I love the cool hipster band look, super cute hun

  13. paige said:

    i’ve been scrolling through your blog and i’m totally smitten! you seem so down to earth and sweet – great style, too. thanks for visiting my blog, btw. xo

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