Hippy shirty

“Hippy Shirty” is what my boyfriend labeled these photos when he emailed them to me after coloring them. I figured, why not name this post that? If anything, it will make him smile. And means I didn’t have to think of a name for my post (worst part of blogging to be honest haha) And no, I don’t color my own photos. I don’t even have Photoshop. Does that make me a bad blogger?


*Shirt: Pac SunJeans: Urban Outfitters ($10 clearance!). Boots: Urban Outfitters. Hat & Jacket: Forever 21


Next time I wear this shirt, I think I should style it more “hippy” so it matches better. By the way, we took these in the alley behind my brother’s bar. Classy.


Am I the only one that needs to fall asleep to TV? It’s comforting to me to have the quiet, white noise and warm glow (A.K.A. the truth is that I am afraid of the dark and silence). This past week, I’ve been falling to sleep to snippets of the movie Julie and Julia. It’s really making me want to choose a cook book and cook my way through it like Julie Powell did; not blog it like she did though, because I’m not a total copy cat, I just like to cook (and bake) and think it would be really interesting (and delicious). Maybe one day when I have my own kitchen I’ll revisit the idea.



Yes I am wearing this beanie again. I wear it a lot. It tames my hair; which can get insane by the way. Also, I was hoping it would deflect from the giant pimple in between my eye brows. It did not.


It actually wasn’t that cold this day. I’m not sure what is up with Mother Nature lately, but she’s kind of being a crazy bitch. It’s absolute freezing at night and the whole morning, so I come to work all bundled up and then I have to start taking layers off because the temperature jumps up 35 degrees in an hour. I wouldn’t complain if it would at least rain a little (or a lot). I love rain and tis the season, so bring it on!


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Vivie | Producer said:

    I love those flare jeans! And your bf is amazing at photo editing!

  2. Megha said:

    Thanks 4 ur lovely comment. I have a unique giveaway happening. Pls do check it out and participate.

  3. You look gorgeous! I love the tee and it does have a hippie vibe to it! I don’t have any fancy photo editing software either, I just use picasa. Your photos are amazing 🙂

  4. Lucky guy to have a bf that helps with the pics, and he does a great job BTW.
    Hope you get some rain soon!

  5. Love your outfit! love the last photo of you in black and white.


  6. Roseanne said:

    I love your jacket!I dont use photoshop either.Never used it.I just take my natural photos.

  7. The title is cute. I also love the cool look of the outfit. I’m digging it.

  8. nico said:

    these are the types of outfits that I like to wear! We are already following each other yes? Also your man friend takes great shots of you.



  9. The weather HAS been crazy! It’s been so warm and weird! Such a great post! your pictures are gorgeous!


  10. Beautiful pictures! and GREAT OUTFIT!
    I loved the T.shirt!

    Have a nice week!

  11. bubblesandwindmills said:

    love your look, so cute!!


  12. Annie said:

    I totally don’t have photoshop either…or know anyone who has it who can help edit my pics…oops! I don’t think it makes us bad bloggers though…because clearly you can rock an outfit 🙂 Love those flared jeans & your beanie (and falling asleep to TV).

    The Other Side of Gray

  13. Erin said:

    That black and white photo is really gorgeous it doesn’t need any editing! I honestly didn’t even know I was supposed to have photoshop, guess that makes me a bad blogger as well..


  14. Awesome look! Thank you for your comments! Loving your blog, following you on Bloglovin now 🙂
    xo Jac

  15. holleigh said:

    The photos look gorgeous! And how lucky you are to have someone to edit them for you!

    I’m entirely the same way with falling asleep to TV. I need something completely brainless to distract me long enough to fall asleep.

  16. How would you like some glitter shoe indulgence? 😉
    “All That Glitters is Gold”

  17. I don’t have photoshop either! It’s all good, your photos are lovely!

  18. Anaivilo said:

    I love the head accessory, looks great on you and this is a very modern outfit!:D

  19. maria said:

    my boyfriend takes my outfit posts too 🙂 i like how he names them hahah

  20. A girl after my own heart! I love Urban Outfitters & F21! Great outfit! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you can start following it. Cheers!

  21. Hello
    This outfit is very stylish! You look great!
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hello from Charlotte’s House!!!

  22. Heather said:

    Oh my Gawd I LOVE that shirt! This is such a great look! Mother nature has been crazy lately! I just want to punch her in her crazy hooker face! It was 50’s here all week then today BOOM 27 and snow! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  23. Vanessa said:

    super awesome photos! you look fantastic! and i love Julie/Julia! Such a good movie and cooking is a great thing, no matter how you decide to do it.

  24. What gorgeous photos! I love this look 🙂

  25. Charity said:

    okay, 2 things:
    1. I don’t have Photoshop either. So that makes me feel better!
    2. I always fall asleep to TV! First I went through Friends, then started The Office over, then watched all of PArks and Rec, and now I started 30 Rock. It’s just easier to doze off that way!

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