In”fringing” on privacy

See what I did there? I’m going to comment on SOPA & PIPA and my shirt is fringed at the ends. Super clever, I know. That’s why you all come here right?

I usually don’t comment on politics of any kind – mostly because I don’t feel that I am ever informed enough to form a reasonable opinion – but also because it is one of the most controversial topics and there is no use in arguing over something that cannot or will not change. That being said, the potential of SOPA & PIPA is scary. We are censored everywhere except the internet and there is no reason to take away all of our freedom of expression. The underlying intent of both bills is understandable – to protect copyrighted and trademarked property – but there has to be a way to do this and still give people the freedom and right to express themselves on the internet – really the last place that we can do it freely.

Please sign this petition to fight SOPA & PIPA.

Now onto more important matters; my outfit!


I wear this jacket entirely too much. It’s just perfect for any casual outfit. I’m thinking I need one like it in a couple more colors.  I was eyeing this shirt at Urban Outfitters for a few months, just waiting for it to go on sale (most of their things do eventually go to clearance) and I finally snagged it. I’m already looking for Coachella outfit inspiration and I think shirt will be coming with me.

*Jacket: Marshalls. Jeggings: Gap. Boots: Target. Shirt: Urban Outfitters.


You might all be asking yourself (but most likely not), “Why is Jennifer not participating in the blackout if she disagrees with the bills?” Well, I’ll tell you why. I think it’s better to speak out in protest than to black out and essentially keep quiet. Don’t get me started on the Occupy protestors who complain that they do not have economic equality, yet they are choosing to live in the streets for months instead of working. (*pst, maybe that’s why you’re not up there with the 1%). Yes, the black out is a way of speaking out, I get it. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, I just don’t think it’s necessary.

But, I could have a totally backwards way of thinking. Afterall, my mom always used to tell me to ignore my brother when he was bothering me when we were little, because he liked the rise he got out of me, and therefore, continued to do it. But I just continued to fight with him. Mother’s are always right, right?


Oh these shoes. Again. I can’t help it. You are welcome to take me shoe shopping if you oppose. I promise I will have different shoes on in my next post!



When we were taking these photos, I was yelled at by a passing (young) teenager to “take it off!”. Have children always been this vulgar and rude? I know I wasn’t.



All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Linda said:

    Wow, what a beautiful outfit! I love the fringe and details on that tee 🙂
    And haha, I truly enjoyed reading everything in this post. Usually (and I’m sure many are guilty of this) I just skim over what a blogger writes and just look at the outfit pictures. However, I found myself agreeing and relating to just about everything you wrote here!
    It’s ridiculous what the Occupy Wall Street movement is about. Ha, it’s true, if people are so unhappy with their situation, then they should work for a change, not just sit around and get handouts from the rich or the government.
    And the kids these days! I don’t know what has happened, but they’re incredibly…well, not only perverted but trying to grow up so fast. It’s shocking.
    Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your post 🙂 Haha, once again, great outfit! And if you ever get tired of those shoes, just ship them over to me 😉

  2. Loving this outfit! And I love the booties!
    As for SOPA/PIPA I totally agree…SO horrible, it has been bugging me since I first heard about it months ago. If they actually go through all of my hobbies are gone…no more fashion blogging or running my fan websites…and my actual job could be in jeopardy too (web designer/programmer)

    • Exactly, they aren’t thinking about the bigger picture and everything and everyone it can effect.

  3. I would wear that coat a lot also!

  4. Angie said:

    I love the pun, ha. And your outfit looks great 😀


  5. Isabel said:

    I love love love your top 🙂
    I think this colour is hard to combine with some skintones, but you look gorgeous in it.
    I wish I could wear this colour…

    xx Isabel

  6. Joannie said:

    Signed the SOPA/PIPA petition myself yesterday. Love that jacket!!!


  7. Lischen said:

    These pictures are amazing!!
    Thanks for your lovely comment! I hope you’ll stop by again soon!! 🙂


  8. Don’t apologize those booties are awesome!
    xo Jac

  9. I love your shirt, I saw a similar one in a shop the other day but the only had it in black and silver and I don’t wear much black so I didn’t bother buying it. It looks so much better in the mustardy colour that you have it in!

  10. Well it is a very nice jacket so you should wear it a lot!
    Beautiful pictures btw.



  11. Crystal said:

    I love the entire outfit especially the fringe top! :]

  12. AnnaB. said:

    I really like the look of these pictures, especially with the sun setting! thanks for commenting!

  13. Alyssa Dillon said:

    Signed off the sopa petition and everything! Plus I blocked my tumblr yesterday in protest 🙂
    Love the outfit – especially the design on the top.
    As far as teenagers – ugh. Vulgarity is not tolerated in my book.
    Ps. Thanks for the comment on my blog! So happy you found me!

  14. Thanks for sharing the petition info, Jennifer. I have wanted to do something about this internet privacy threat and this is the perfect way to make my voice heard. PS: Great olive jacket! It looks like you get lots of wear out of it.

  15. ellen said:

    i hate this whole sopa thing! and its so stupid because its an american bill to do with the american government but it can change the whole world! like i live in new zealand and we would be affected by it! not fair! i get the whole against american movies and tv shows being watched on the internet but like this could force youtube and facebook and wiki down!

    any love your outfit and cute photos!


  16. Rosa said:

    Super awesome outfit! love the colors they go so well together! We should follow each other, you have a great blog:)

  17. April said:

    awesome outfit! love the tee

  18. Cee said:

    As a Canadian, I’m perturbed by SOPA & PIPA and the black outs and how they all may impact my country, considering that as far as the internet is concerned, English-speaking North America is all one nation. If the internet is censored, as far as I’m concerned, freedom of speech will officially be dead 😦

    Fabulous outfit, on a happier note. I adore your fringed top!

  19. Christy said:

    Nice outfit, love your jacket, Thanks for stop by my blog, hoe to see you back soon.

  20. ShyScout said:

    Signed the petition yesterday and hopefully it works and stops all of the craziness. This is such a nice photoset. I really like that top with that jacket.

  21. Lily said:

    I love those shoes! there is no need to ever change them! A black shoe with a bit of height practically goes with everything.

  22. corinne said:

    totally impressed by this outfit, your outlook, and these photos.. especially the second to last! what a fresh perspective.

  23. Really agree re: SOPA. I hope the day of protest really made a difference!

    Love your outfit too, the jacket is great!

  24. I totally agree about SOPA and PIPA. It’s definitely disturbing knowing it’s finally come to this.

    And on a lighter note, I love this outfit! That’s a great jacket.

  25. mespeel said:

    u look really beautiful ❤



  26. That top looks so great ! Love it 🙂 Whole look really my taste ^^

    Thanks for your comment! Do stop by anhytime again, it would be lovely to stay in touch / keep up posts. 🙂

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  27. N.Elle said:

    Thank you for your comment 🙂

    You look gorgeous!!!


  28. love your whole outfit !!!!!!!!!
    thank you for bringing this issue to light. The fact the internet is already censored by a variety of algorithms this is going to far. we live in a free land where we should be able to see and use anything. The internet was a different place 20 years ago….

    thank you ,
    fashion provocateur

  29. Hey Jennifer! Thanks so much for your comment. Will def look you up on Instagram as well. Are you from the LA area? You talked about Coachella and I figure you’re from Cali. I love meeting new bloggers in general but I really love meeting ones that are local.
    I love this outfit. I love the fringe especially. And I have the same problem with wearing the same shoes over and over and over again.
    Hope to chat again soon! Will def be following from now on.


    • I am actually from Sacramento, CA so about 6 hours north of LA but I lived in LA for a few years and that’s where my boyfriend and best friend are living so I am down there quite often.. about once a month, sometimes twice! Thanks for the follow; I follow your blog as well 🙂

  30. Tori said:

    First off, I signed the petition and my Husband wrote to our congressman, we’re trying to not be apathetic! Secondly, Love your blog, you have amazing style!!

  31. I can definately see why you wear that jacket a bucketload hun as it looks gosh darn versatile ^_^ On another note I’ve been reading up on SOPA and PIPA lately and they are really frightening bills! The more I read about it the more I feel internal rage. Protecting copyright is understandable but to such an extreme? It all seems like a very unjust way for allowing a few companies to control content and thus receive greater profits (advertising etc). If you read the history of these companies they themselves ‘lifted’ copyrights from other people (Disney making stories into films back in the day) so basically they are giving themselves the RIGHT to do exactly what we are doing here on the internet which would be considered illegal. Grrrrr.


  32. What a lovely outfit and gorgeous photography! The jacket is fantastic!
    Thank you so much for your kindness and a follow, I am now following you via Bloglovin’ as well 🙂 Nice to meet you!
    Good luck!

  33. luvvleighb said:

    I was so heated when I heard about SOPA! I couldn’t believe it! And I hate politics… I don’t like to listen to it because there is really not much of a point and plus arguing doesn’t do any good. But this one hit home… It’s already bad enough that the president has the power at any point for a “national emergency” to shut down the internet….

    Anyways. (Warned you I was heated about it!) …Cute outfit 🙂

    Luvv, Leigh B

    • Thank goodness it’s been put on the shelf for now… It’s just insane that the government thinks they need to control people that much

  34. I really like this casual outfit! The boots and fringed top are really cool and I love that jacket.
    I’m glad some bloggers are actually getting informed about SOPA. It’s not even going to do what it’s intended to do and will only introduce American censorship into the internet. Not exactly what’s best for everyone… Maybe for giant entertainment companies but… Yeah.
    Anyway, cute outfit!

  35. I luuurve the fringe on that shirt. And the photo with the light flaring behind you is beautiful! Pretty outfit!

  36. So gorgeous, I really love your outfit and these photos are so perfect!

  37. kiti said:

    i love your outfit and the photos have such bautiful light…and about the SOPA and PIPA it’s a bit scaring, its true!

  38. Haha I totally agree about the whole politics thiing! I really don’t say much because I hardly know what’s going on half the time! But I did read about SOPA & PIPA. Scary is only an understatement.

    PS- I love your boots and you are so beautiful!


  39. meagan said:

    I think I pretty much agree about the black out. It might prove a point with a site like Google or Youtube, but on a fashion blog, it reads completely differently. Love your fringed top so much!

  40. Rebecca said:

    Dear Jennifer,

    Good photography and yeah I agreed with you that today’s young teenagers are rude and lacking of menace as well..

    Rebecca @

  41. caitlin said:

    i love love love this outfit! that jacket and shirt go so perfectly together–you look totally rock and roll and bohemian at the same time. perfection. unfortunately, all of our political problems are really just making me more apathetic–i’m kind of in the mood for a revolution. basically, i think that the federal government should only be responsible for the military. everything (and i mean everything) else should be left up to state government (especially education). our country is too big and too different (blue states are never going to agree with red states about the “moral issues”–it’s just not going to happen) to cast big blanket laws across. and censorship on the internet? seriously? we don’t live in communist china.

  42. Jessica said:

    Your photos are beautiful and I love that coat!

  43. Sanne said:

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I adore your blog, going to follow you! 🙂 xx

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