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I have a couple exciting things coming up for the blog! I have my first sponsored post coming soon, courtesy of Sole Society and I am working on my first blog giveaway for when I reach 100 Bloglovin followers! I am at 90 now, so if you want to see a giveaway on my blog soon, follow me on Bloglovin’!


*Jacket: Marshalls. *Dress: Target. *Scarf & Shoes: Urban Outfitters. *Purse, Beanie, Sunglasses & Ring: Forever 21

Wow, Forever 21 overload? Not really, I could create 50 more outfits with just Forever 21 items. It’s the first store I go to. Lately, I’ve been noticing I’m not as into it as I used to be. It might be because my tastes are changing or they are slacking in the design department. Or that I’m old. Either way, I still make it my first stop because it’s affordable and they usually have great accessories.


Speaking of great accessories (Whoa, look out – transitions!), this ring is legit in so many ways. What’s better than a mustache ring (besides a mustache on a cute boy – ahem – looking at you Ugly Mug Photography!). I initially was going to buy it for my sister to put in her Christmas stocking, but could not find her ring size, so instead, the boy put it in my stocking. I think that’s a fair compromise. I did end up finding her a mustache necklace, so she wins too.


We went to my high school for the back drop of these photos. It was cool being back there. Few things have changed really. But for once, I was the one hanging out on the senior steps! The senior steps were the steps down into the quad where the “cool” people sat during break and lunch. I wasn’t necessarily “un-cool”, in fact, I was friends with a lot of people that sat on the senior steps, but the popular group just wasn’t my scene. I’m more low key.


Too bad I was a horrific dresser in high school. If I knew how to dress back then, I might have not been turned down when I asked my crush to junior prom. Yeah, that happened. And yeah, it was as embarrassing as it sounds. But then we went bowling instead. So, not a bad night actually.



One more shot of this bad ass ring.


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Vivie | Producer said:

    Congratulations! 😀

  2. Sarah said:

    This is a great look. I especially love the pattern in the scarf. And I”m with you, something has been off with Forever21 for me lately too. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m getting old and have started favoring more high end, quality pieces. Which my wallet is not happy about.

  3. Cheryl said:

    Love seeing you in a dress!

    • Thanks! Yeah it seems like the majority of bloggers live in dresses, and then, there’s me haha

  4. Linda said:

    Awesome layering in this outfit! I love your style. That mustache ring is just too cute ❤ Love it!
    Also, congrats on the success you're experiencing 🙂 Yay, first sponsored post!

  5. Jennifer said:

    Congrats on your first sponsored post!

    And that ring is pretty bad ass – I always put rings on in the morning, but they typically come off within 3 minutes of getting to work, because I find it difficult to type while wearing them.

    I know what you mean about F21! I used to get the majority of my stuff there, but I’ve been shopping there less and less as I get older. They have cute stuff, but honestly, as I’ve learned more about clothing, I’ve realized how low quality some of their stuff is. Don’t get me wrong – some of their stuff is awesome! But there is also a reason it’s all so cheap! Besides, *everyone* shops there – and I hate running into people who are wearing the same thing as me!

  6. Therrie said:

    I love your whole outfit, especially the jacket and bag. The photos are truly amazing, great post.
    Also, congratulations on your sponsoring. xx

  7. Bonnie said:

    Love that jacket! ❤



  8. April said:

    love the boots. and fun ring 🙂

  9. Natalie said:

    I love the fur OVER the coat! Great styling!!


  10. rougefox said:

    I love your accessories! That mustache ring is adorable 🙂

  11. Mimi said:

    You look so cool!!!!!

  12. Isabel said:

    I loove your Outfit and I espacilly love your hair in this post 🙂

    xx Isabel

  13. So happy that you stumbled upon my lil’ blog so I could stumble upon yours. That ring? So great. And this photography is just lovely. 🙂

  14. Rach said:

    congrats!!! love the jacket!

  15. cathy said:

    Very cute look! Love the mustache ring. (:

  16. Shalini said:

    Nice outfit….I love the pattern in the scarf. Thanx for your lovely comment

    Gr8 blog :)….Wanna follow each other with Bloglovin, Twitter and Facebook ?


  17. Anita said:

    wow a great outfit! forever 21 is a wonderful shop, they have such cool things and are not expensive at all!
    thanks so much for your comment on my blog!
    xxx Anita

  18. I really love your shoes and the moustache ring! xo

  19. I totally love the parka look! On my trip to milano this weekend, i figured this sooo something, the fashionistas of that city wear and it looks gorgeous, especially with a pair of Hunter boots! 🙂
    Check out my new site for more trend and observations from my Italy trip and much more

  20. J Umm said:

    great inspiration! love the first pic!
    thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin 🙂
    let me know!

  21. Katie said:

    ohh that ring is amazing!! definitely badass 🙂

    Katie x

  22. I also have love and hate relationship with Forever21… sometimes I go there and buy EVERYTHING, and sometimes i walk out empty handed, like yesterday :/ anyways, this outfit looks great, and the ring is really cute! I adore Target dress too 🙂
    Good luck!

  23. fashionsastranger said:

    Congrats on the sponsor and all.

    Your ring is SERIOUSLY bad ass. I really want it!

    You look great on those steps. It’s like you belong there or something! I bet it took guts to ask him to the prom. Bowling does sound better, you’re right.

    Your outfit is amazing! I wish we had Forever 21 here. I went there a lot when I was living in San Francisco. And in Korea. But no F21 in England. Boo hiss!

    Amy x

  24. Carmen said:

    I love your jacket! Your old high school makes a lovely back drop for your photos!

    Carmen Ri.

  25. Brigita said:

    That ring really is bad ass! Love how the photographer played with sun effects. 🙂

  26. ediot said:

    great outfit and nice shots
    hope you had a wonderful weekend

  27. Channing said:

    I love that ring, so fun! That was mighty sweet of the boy to put that in your stocking.

  28. Lauren said:

    you have amazing style 🙂

  29. Jessica said:

    These photos are beautiful. I love the hair and coat!

  30. love the outfit .. especially the dress!!

  31. Lizzie said:

    These photos are so very lovely and cool! What a great look, esp. loving the jacket!


  32. viv said:

    Love this look!
    So glad to have found your blog 🙂

  33. Shawna said:

    Great look & photos! I especially love your jacket & bag – & the adorable ring of course! 🙂

  34. you have got a lovely street chic style, I like the cool biker shades and the military style jacket, definitely up the cool factor. The moustache ring is absolutely cute.


    • Haha thanks! You’re the reason I will have a giveaway soon 😉

  35. NaNa said:

    ooh cool ring!

    Love from the NaNa girls x

  36. Margot said:

    I love your look!
    The ring is so nice!

  37. Cute cute Cute. You’re such a stylish gal. No worries about high school days, I mean I think we were all mocked to pieces… right? No? Just us? hahaha!

    Thanks so much for your comment on my art blog! Come stop by and check out my website! It’s new and I think you’d love.

    xxo Jessica Rae

  38. Joannie said:

    I love your mustache ring lol its so cute and goes with everything!


  39. omg.
    i LOVE (literally) EVERYTHING (again, literally) about your outfit!
    perfectfashionforeverydaylife – is all i can say to describe how i feel right now.
    favorite is the ring, of course

    ps. thank you for your sweet comment.

  40. Hehe I’m always shopping in Forever 21 but I am way too old for that store (I was 21 a while ago!). I just can’t help it, they have so many great pieces for so cheap. Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂


  41. Steph said:

    such a cute cute blog + outfit, i love it all to bits!!
    your posts are so interesting haha! I read it all!
    P.s thanks for for dropping by my blog + the lovely comment hun!
    I like your blog! FOLLOWING! if you like mine too, feel free to follow back hun!


    • Aw thanks.. I feel like I just ramble about random shit, but if it’s entertaining, I’ll keep it up haha

  42. Ofelia said:

    i am obsessed with that mustache ring. anything mustache is pretty awesome!

  43. Christy said:

    Lovely outfit, I really like your cargo jacket. So nice.

  44. Maite said:

    i love your jacket and hat!
    love love it
    thanks about your commet

  45. Barby said:

    Love the moustache ring!

  46. You blog is so cool and I love your style! Cannot wait to see more!

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog! it means so much to me! I’m hosting an exciting giveaway so check it out if you like 🙂


    • Thanks for the support – I’ll check out your giveaway 🙂

  47. Jupe said:

    That is an amazing ring 🙂 Love this outfit because it’s got that grunge flavour…the oversized jacket/dress combo, the scarf, the hat nad sunnies, the layers of accessories, and those rad boots…just the perfect combo!!!

    ❤ Cambria

  48. Femke said:

    Cool pictures! This grungy look feels like teen spirit… 😉

    xoxo, Femke On the Buttn

  49. Roseanne said:

    great outfit!i also loved forever 21!i dont go there so much anymore because I am getting older and my style is evolving.I totally understand how u

  50. Moustache ring for the win! I feel the same way about Forever 21, it feels like I’m growing out of that store, so I’ve been shopping more at H&M.
    Congrats on your sponsored post, that’s super exciting!
    I’m following you now. 🙂

    Stylish Confessions

  51. Leah said:

    Beautiful photos and really great outfit. That ring is so fun.

    xo L.

  52. Isa said:

    I Love your jacket and your whole outfit pretty much! You always look amazing!


  53. Aline said:

    That ring is the greatest!

    XO Aline

  54. Jay said:

    I love this!!! 🙂

  55. teddi said:

    what are the chances that your old crush looks ugly & old now? i bet you’re above him in coolness.

  56. Jestil said:

    I love your Outfit, i´m searching this kind of Parka. But this Winter i haven´t found any one 😦
    Maybe next winter.
    Love your Blog, it would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime!

  57. i love the layering in this outfit. it’s girly and bad ass all mixed together! and that ring is pretty amazing. glad you kept it!

  58. Lucy said:

    Beautiful blog girl! Love it!

    Just started following via Bloglovin

    Thanks for you lovely comment on my blog. I love getting feedback. Maybe if you have time, you could follow my blog too. I also have Bloglovin.

    Keep it up!

    Luc X

  59. Nicole said:

    Loving your blog! The hat with your hair looks awesome (and the layering and dress).

    Also thank you so much for the comment on my blog! It’s awesome getting some feedback and knowing someone is reading!

    Can’t wait to keep talking!

  60. I am obsessed with mustaches and that ring is to die for! Looking forward to seeing more of your looks now that we’re linked 🙂

  61. danielle said:

    love this! that ring is awesome. you look so great :]

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