Welcome to the (color blocking) party

Guess what? I color blocked. I am not a trendy person (usually). In fact, I think I said this before, but my usual attitude is to do the opposite of everyone else – so who was wearing all black when color blocking was super trendy? Me! And now look who is color blocking when it’s died down. Or has it died down? I don’t really know these things. I also don’t care. I get dressed based on me, not everyone else. Which is how it should be for everyone, actually.


*Jeans: Thrifted (Crossroads). Sweater: Pac Sun. *Necklace: Forever 21. *Shoes: c/o Sole Society

Oh yeah, when I said I color blocked, I meant it. This is like, hard core, bright colors galore, sunglasses needed color blocking. But it worked (for me) and I liked it. And I got to wear my new Sole Society shoes again, so that’s a plus!


This is my “Should I walk?” pose. Seriously, how to other bloggers think of new ways to pose? Do you have a rotation of poses?


I like that I look happy in these pictures. I usually have a serious face in my blog pictures. Maybe it was the bright colors of my outfit! I was having an extremely good weekend as well, so that could have played into it. This was from the weekend that I worked the MusiCares event and I also got to hang out with some friends that I don’t see as often since they live in LA.



Happy Friday! This week has gone by really slow for me. Probably because I was in LA last weekend, and all this week I have been waiting for Friday night (tonight) to come so I can go back to LA for the three day weekend. I also felt like Thursday was Friday all day, so it seemed like there was an extra day in my week. Do you ever think or feel that one day is another? A few weeks ago, I went through the whole day thinking that a Wednesday was a Thursday, so I was really disappointed when I found out the next day was not Friday, ha!



btw, the side bun seems to be my go to hair do at the moment. It’s just so easy, but looks super cute!


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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If you didn’t catch the update in the giveaway post – which, if I were a reader entering a giveaway, I’d figure if I didn’t get an email, then I didn’t win (and go on to be extremely disappointed until I get my hopes up of winning the next blog giveaway that I enter – which might be a couple a week. Seriously, bloggers around these parts give away amazing things!). And I would have figured correctly, because I did email the winner of my Bows & Arrows Giveaway. Anyhoo, congratulations again to Tracy of Good Day Howard for winning the necklace from Bows & Arrows!


  1. Love the outfit on you. It’s looks so cute! I especially love those shoes

  2. denny said:

    I’m in love with this outfit 🙂

  3. Linda said:

    Always dress for yourself, first and foremost! So glad you brought that up. Aha, you always have such thoughtful points. 🙂 That’s why I love reading your posts!
    Awesome color blocking ❤ That bright combo is so cheerful and kapow-in-your-face-bright! Haha, its amazing.
    I think you have some good poses. I know, its difficult to think of new ones. Haha, lately I've kind of experimented with different ones and it can be fun!


  4. Wren said:

    I love the colour blocking. You look great here. Such a simple outfit with so much punch!


  5. I am crazy over this sweater. It’s fantastic, I love the bright yellow color and the slouchy-ness of it, and then it goes so cute with those red jeans! You look quite lovely and adorable!

  6. I love moutarde + red pants! Cool!
    I have just discovered your blog and I’m your new follower by Bloglovin!
    Greetings from Spain!

  7. I like it. I like the colours and I like that you kept it simple.
    Thanks so much for your comment, I like your blog and I am now following.

  8. Great color blocking! Love the mustard and red combo, so fresh. I’m also way into the side bun at the moment. Suits me way better than the top knot 🙂
    xo Jac

  9. kiti said:

    love how you have mixed the colors!

  10. What? You are not a stylish person? YOU ARE! You always look gorgeous and I love this outfit. The colours go so good together and look so bright. Great!
    I would be happy if you visited my blog too and if you decide to follow – let me know! Lilly x

  11. MJ said:

    While I’m not confident enough to do such bright colours, I really applaud trying something that’s ‘out’ so to speak if you really like it!

  12. These colors are awesome. Great styling job!

    FEST (a new blog about food, style & travel)

  13. i love color blocking and i think you have done it perfectly with such a bold choice of colors.

  14. I love those red pants, thinking about getting a pair of jeans like that myself too 🙂

    Thanks for your comment! Have a nice week,

    Indie by Heart

  15. This sweater is so cool and I love pairing red and yellow! Great look!

  16. looks gorgeus girl!! i love love love that color sweater and the color combination just works perfect;ly! Loving your blog and following on bloglovin 🙂 hope you can follow if you like mine too!

  17. Yay for the color blocking. I admire you for doing what you want when you want. Yes, many of us bloggers get caught up in all the trends. I just choose the ones I really love and try to infuse my own personality to it. Love the pants!!

  18. sylvie said:

    absolutely love the color blocking! the red jeans and the burnt orange sweater look fantastic on you. you should do this more often! want to follow each other? xx sylvie

  19. yuka said:

    i like how you started off the post. “guess what? i colorblocked” lol so great. well, colorblocking suits you. you look great!

  20. luvvleighb said:

    That sweater looks super cozy and I love those red pants! And haha about the thinking Wednesday was Thursday all day… I know how that feels, although I’ve never gone the entire day thinking it was the wrong day… just a few hours…
    Luvv, Leigh B

  21. Imke said:

    I’ve never thought of this combo before, but it looks amazing on you! Well done girl!

    XO, Imke

  22. aline said:

    this is very, very cute.. those jeans were MADE for you!!!

  23. Marina said:

    You are so beautiful! Nice outfit! Thank you for your comment on my blog!

    xoxo M.

  24. Love the color blocking. I’m actually wearing yellow and red in my new post too. Hee 🙂

  25. Paula said:

    this is so colorful ❤ love it!

  26. Jessica said:

    so happy, and such happy colors! this just brought a smile to my face, and much inspiration as well

  27. Miranda said:

    I love this! The colors look oh so chic together 😉


    Ps- Thanks for you lovely comment! I am now following you on FB and Bloglovin if you would like to do the same?!

  28. Annie said:

    I LOVE your color blocking! These colors look awesome together – and those shoes are my favorite 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  29. Joannie said:

    absolutely LOVE your jumper! the color, the texture, everything! ❤


  30. Bold Colours! It looks great! I like the side bun too, I’ve been playing around with the hair to the side at the moment too. It’s a small change, but sometimes it makes a big difference.

  31. Jessica said:

    i’ve never really thought about a side bun before but it looks really pretty! maybe i’ll have to try it out tomorrow. 🙂

  32. Jannine said:

    wow those jeans were thrifted? nice! they look fabulous on you!
    thanks for hopping by my blog 🙂
    i´ll start following your so we can keep track of eachother!

    XO jannine

  33. Tania said:

    Your outfit is so cute! What do you mean you’re not trendy?! Love it.

  34. Sandy said:

    I am really digging this colour explosion. Despite it being trendy, I think you’re really into something good here.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  35. Sandra said:

    Thanks so much for your coment sweety 🙂 I loved it!!
    WOW honney, your photos are amazing, i specially like the mix of colours!!
    Coment my new outfit in http://s-justcarpediem.blogspot.com/
    ¡¡Have a nice weekend :)!!

  36. mika said:

    and you did a great job! i love the outfit! and your pullover is to die for! ❤

  37. Roseanne said:

    great colour blocking!you look good!

  38. Jennifer said:

    Great job pulling off such a bold look!

  39. Joanne M said:

    super cute outfit! Love the look:)

  40. thank you for stepping by 🙂 love your pictures!!

  41. jamie said:

    i love your sweater!


  42. Oh my, you looks fantastic! I love these two colours together and it also really makes me crave the sunshine.

  43. Kat said:

    This is a great colour combination. I think Pac Sun is underappreciated by bloggers. We don’t have it in Canada (as far as I know) but I’ve found a couple of pieces there on trips to the States.

  44. Your blog site was tweeted by a friend the other day. Figured I’d check it out. Best decision ever.

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