Rainy days

If these pictures seem out of place, it’s because Mother Nature is going through a mid life crisis. She was starting to let Spring shine a little, but then she reared her ugly Winter head once more this year; last weekend to be specific. And if I am not mistaken, this weekend she is scheduled to take a U-turn back to Winter as well. What are bloggers supposed to do when it’s raining outside and they do not have a proper indoor set up to take pictures? My answer is chalk it up and stand out in the rain (while my boyfriend stands inside of the parking garage to protect his camera. What’s your solution? #stylebloggerproblems fo’ sho’.


*Jacket and Sweater: Forever 21. *Jeans: Urban Outfitters. *Boots: Target

If I look painfully cold, it’s because I was.

New jeans, new jeans! Am I the only one who has a small anxiety attack when paying either full price or over $30 an item? I hope not, or else I just made myself sound pathetically cheap. And coming off pathetically cheap is not usually something I am ashamed of, but I have another secret. I leave the tags on my new clothes for at least two wears. I can feel you judging me now. Clothes wear different in a dressing room for two minutes versus real life! And since I am pathetically cheap, I cannot take the chance of not being able to return something that I am not satisifed with. However, if it makes it to two wears, it does mean I am keeping it. Sometimes I forget to take off the tag all together, even after months. Please tell me you keep tags on for a certain “trial” period as well?

photo 2

When I put this sweater on, my boyfriends says to me, “I really like that sweater.” My reply? “Thanks, you bought it for me two years ago.” No recollection on his part.


The rain happened to stop 10 minutes after we went back inside. Thanks Mother Nature. You’re awesome.


I actually really love rain; the sound, smell, and coziness is so comforting. I just don’t love standing in it for 20 minutes and being soaked is all.




I was jealous that my boyfriend was on the other side of these bars in the dry parking garage. I basically tried to climb through them towards the end of our shoot (hence, not a lot of full body photos).


Seriously, it was cold; this is a candid photo. This is what I look like when I am cold. I will assume you do not want to hang out with me in the winter. That’s alright, it’s almost Spring. We’ll hang out in Spring.


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Maame said:

    Love these photos, you’re boyfriend is right great sweater!


  2. Looove this outfit!!! The shot of you kicking up the water is awesome!
    And I’m the same way, over $30 and I freak…but then I blow $100 and think nothing of it at random times XD (I leave tags on until I wear something…haha…but only because I didn’t think of that 2 wear thing 😉 )

    • Yeah, there are times when I’ll spend a large chunk of money too, if I am in the mood, but it’s rare that it’s so much at once haha It makes me nervous!

  3. Wren said:

    Haha #stylebloggerproblems. I’m glad you stood out in the rain because this outfit is lovely and deserves to be shared. On the other hand, I am not glad that you were cold.


  4. Wida said:

    I agree with you! I hate it when the weather sucks and it ruins my “Blogging Picture Day” haha.

    Missing Amsie Blog

  5. Linda said:

    Haha, you always give me a good laugh when I read your posts. Love your candid winter facial expression! xD
    I’m as bad as you…yeah, if I pay full price its kind of like taking a plunge. I definitely keep the receipt until I’m certain it was worth the “splurge”. Haha, and your boyfriend has good taste! I love that sweater too.

    Trendy Teal

  6. ChicGeek said:

    Really beautiful pics and outfit , first I thought this is part of some editorial . Great job !

  7. Amanda said:

    nice photos! Loving the layering!

  8. Shawna said:

    I am not a rain enthusiast but these photos are awesome, as is your hilarious commentary! I have a tendency to drag my boyfriend (& photographer) out in all kinds of weather when the mood strikes, though more often than not I look tragically at the wetness outside & whine over lack of photos (haha yes that may make me sound somewhat pathetic, but it’s the truth). Fashion blogger problems indeed haha.

    As for your sweater, & rainy day outfit in general, I’m definitely a fan! 🙂

    ❤ Shawna

  9. Cymone said:

    OH mother nature lol, but im happy spring is finally coming we need more sunshine and warm air. btw i really like your hair, it so pretty 🙂


  10. Sofia said:

    It’s official. Your hair makes me jealous. Fantastic blog.

  11. Lovely look, perfect for rainy days but still looking effortless stylish 🙂

  12. So glad you found my blog! I love yours as well.. This blogging world is such a fun one. I feel you on the rainy post.. It’s the same here in New Orleans! Stay in touch!


  13. I’d rock this look from tip to toe honey! Except I don’t have those mile long legs of yours! Kinda jelly ;D

    Thanks for visiting and leaving some blog love, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  14. What a fun photo shoot, despite the rain…it’s fun to do something different, right?!
    I must admit i don’t leave tags on items, but have learnt to take them off just right before I go out, as too many times i’ve taken the tags off, realised i dont like it on me, and then been stuck with it!

    Sadie xx

  15. Miranda said:

    This weather is pretty crazy, but you dressed for it well! Love this layered look 🙂


  16. toni said:

    Yes, all price tags stay on my clothes until they are worn. My husband thinks I’m crazy for that. He has to open something right when we get in the car after he’s bought it. He can’t even let it linger! LOL. Love your sweater! And I know it’s been cold up in Sac! I bought the necklace off of eBay for like $3. It’s pretty cheap, but I love it. 🙂


  17. Anita said:

    a wonderful outfit, i love the simple chic style of you!
    thanks so much for your sweet comment: me too, I’m a bit scared of prints and I’m normally not the floral print person… but well, it’s quite often like this: at first sight, I don’t like a trend, but the more often I see it on others, I think “hmm it doesn’t look bad at all” and then I want to have it too 😉

    xxx Anita

  18. I really like the rain pictures! I wish my boyfriend would learn how to take outfit pictures for me! Yours turned out great!

  19. I love your outfit! esp the sweater, it’s so stylish! I’ve been thinking to make a raining photoshoot like you, but nobody wants to photograph me! hahaha.. have a great day!

  20. I love the last picture of you behind bars! Yeah, it seems like when spring finally comes, we end up having one more cold snap. Happens every year, it seems!

  21. Joyce said:

    I love the sweater layered under the jacket in this outfit! hehe I leave the tags on right until I am about to wear it, then I cut it. Ahhh I used to cut off the tag right after I buy it and then regret cutting it off because I don’t want the item anymore.

  22. Suzie Q said:

    Great outfit! I love the jacket paired with the longer loose sweater. Just found your blog, I love your style! And the photography is so great too! =) If you get a sec, I’d love if you’d check out my blog =)

    Suzie Q
    Style Cue by Suzie Q

  23. I love these photos! I know you were freezing your butt off and pretty miserable, but the pictures turned out great!

    Winter weather definitely presents a whole slew of issues for style bloggers without an indoor set, but personally, I prefer the cold and snow and gloom. I love my winter wardrobe!

  24. Eva said:

    Sweet photos, and such a great layered look! I seriously love your hair too, wish mine looked like yours! X

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