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I am ready for change. That is not only hard for me to realize, but hard to admit as well; to myself and others. I am all about routine and tradition. I like being comfortable and knowing what is going on, and change does not exactly come with those securities. But, I realize that every once in a while, one needs to adapt a new routine, (gasp!) and make some life changes.

The first step is to admit that you have a problem. What’s the second step? I suppose I need to figure out what the change needs to be. That will most likely be a much longer and harder process to come by (that’s what she said?).

Any advice?



*Jacket: LA Fashion District. *Scarf: Forever 21. *Boots & T-Shirt: Urban Outfitters. *Jeans: Thrifted (Crossroads)

Besides all that, my goal of not worrying as much and doing things for myself is going well! As absurd as it sounds, sometimes, you need to be selfish. I like taking care of people, but it is a lot easier to take care of others if you also take care of yourself.

How do you take time out of your life to keep from going insane be selfish?



I felt like I was dressing for the 4th of July in with this outfit; red, white and blue. Except if it was actually the 4th of July, it would be 104 degrees and I would pass out from heat stroke if I was wearing all these layers.

In other news, I wear this denim jacket multiple times a week. I found it while roaming the LA Fashion District a couple years ago and I have been obsessed with it ever since. Except for the lack of pockets (I am also obsessed with pockets), it is perfect. I can literally throw it over anything.


This where I do my thinking; posed pensively on the pavement.



Nevermind all the sunshine. It is still cold!


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Robin said:

    Good luck with your quest of change. Just let it come to you and roll with it, I say. Great look today! Love the red jeans!

  2. Aw, I know how you feel and can relate. Sometimes I feel so bogged down by school and being in the same small town when I just want the freedom to roam and explore the world. My advice is to make small changes with what you can do. I got a drastic haircut this week and while it wasn’t a HUGE change, it was satisfying to take control of something and do something different. Small things go a long way! Thank you for your comment:)

  3. Melissa said:

    I also like shopping in the Fashion District. Red, white, and blue is a great combo!

  4. Aki! said:

    Change is hard, even if it’s welcome. I think you’ve got the right idea. Figure out the change and do it. a million times easier said than done.

  5. Love this outfit, and yes, we would die of heat on the 4th in that…I will be on the beach….haha 😀
    And I know what you mean, I totally need a change in my life, and I know what the change has to be, but I’m afraid to do it… *sigh* But I know it is the right choice

  6. Wren said:

    Yes a denim jacket! I just got one and have been wearing it non stop. You can wear it with anything.

  7. LOVE the red jeans.. Would look perfect with my plaid shirt you commented about. (A total steal for $6.58 at Old Navy, by the way!) So glad we found each other’s blogs! Stay in touch.



  8. good luck figuring out what the change is! i wore red jeans today too, so fun! 😀

  9. Linda said:

    Hmmm, well it helps if you know what the change necessary is! Haha, but glad your other goals are going well. To be selfish…well, I turned down doing the spring play this year because even though so many expected me to do it, I was stretching myself too thin with all the other activities I’m doing. So now I feel more rested and not stressed out.
    Anyway, I LOVE these photos! I’m going to have to hunt down an abandoned parking lot now to do some thinking at 😉
    I use my denim jacket a lot too. Its just so easy to toss on over anything and make it more casual.
    The bright red jeans are definitely working for you too. Love the scarf!

    Trendy Teal

  10. aliciafashionista said:

    Loove this outfit! Gorgeous, those red pants and boots are ultra cool. Change is tricky but definitely welcome. I admire your need for change and your goals to find balance in life. I feel the same way sometimes too 🙂 Keep us updated xo

  11. First off, Love the pop or read color jeans. Gives me ideas about how to style red jeans (harder than I’d realized!)

    You know, for me, two things that helped with change was the Zero Day Project (also called the 101 things to do in 1001 days. Which is exactly what it says on the tin) and reading the book The Happiness Project. I like the Zero day because I like lists and there’s a deadline but there’s enough time to plan things. Also gives one space to think of both the big and the small/silly goals and gives definition to goals (ie “Become more educated” can be “read 10 nonfiction books” or “take a college class” etc.) The Happiness Project I liked because the author was concerned about changing her life without doing something huge like moving or traveling the globe like those books Eat, Pray Love etc. Not that there’s anything bad about big changes or traveling the globe, but neither seems that sustainable…

    Anway, sorry to ramble. Good luck with changes!

    • Thanks for the advice! I will be looking into the Zero Day Project and that book. They sound interesting!

  12. Those red jeans look fantastic on you lady!
    xo Jac

  13. Outi said:

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment in my blog 🙂 I’m glad I found my way here! You’ve got such amazing photos and I like your style. I’m definitely gonna follow! Nice boots and jeans!

    -Outi xo


  14. Sharon said:

    Such a classic color combo! Sometimes a small change can make a big difference in your life! Good luck with it! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog 🙂


  15. I say if you feel like a change go for it, God knows I need it. Love the photography. Great red pants

  16. Charity said:

    These photos are wonderful! I like the ones where you’re leaning against the curb, tres chic.
    Also, I do the same thing: try to make everyone happy and just end up making myself a stressed out mess. Self-care is definitely so important! I try to take time alone, just to drink coffee and read/write/blog in order to have time to recharge. It just makes everything easier. 🙂

  17. youuu cannn do it!
    I love randomly patriotic ensembles!



  18. Nikki said:

    Your outfit is stunning!! Love the pants! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog:) XX

  19. Laura said:

    Those jeans are gorgeous! Hope you find the time for yourself. I think everyone needs moments to reevaluate

  20. Love this outfit! you look gorgeous!

  21. Shannon said:

    love love love this outfit!
    you are seriously gorgeous!
    your blog is great
    maybe we can follow each other?

  22. Bettina said:

    Totally agree about the change, I’m going through a similar situation (mine involves work) and it’s so hard to finally realize this isn’t working out, I need to try something different. The unknown always feels a bit unsettling though, so we’ll see what happens. Love the denim jacket, I need to get a classic one like this!

  23. I really love those pics, where you sit on pavement, they are perfect!

  24. You know when flight attendants tell their passengers to pls put on your oxygen mask before helping someone else? Well that’s what I think of when I feel a little selfish. You have to take care of yourself first before you can help take care of someone else. I really do believe this, it just makes complete sense. So don’t be so hard on yourself.

    Love the simple and chic outfit. Nice pics as well.

  25. LOVE this outfit, so cute, especially with those shoes!

  26. Tessa said:

    Great pictures,
    I like your boots!

  27. Erin said:

    A great series of shots!

    Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  28. niki said:

    first off, love your outfit! the pictures are really great. I think that change is something that most people fear because it is somewhat unknown. I feel that if you take this change on, you will feel comfortable eventually with the change and be able to tackle even larger changes in life. good luck!


  29. I love your red jeans! I just bought red ankle pants but I’m still looking for red jeans 🙂

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