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I’m gearing up to head down to Coachella!

I am so excited! I am excited to get away with friends, to camp, to not have a worry for three whole days, and of course, for the music and fashion I will be drowning in all weekend! If you want to keep up with me during Coachella, add me on Twitter: @seekingstyle! I will try my best, depending on how well my phone stays charged, to post tweets and pictures throughout the weekend.

I am going total hipster on Coachella’s ass. My planned outfits are an exaggerated version of my style, but let me tell you, my new style philosophy might just have to be “Dress everyday like it’s Coachella.” If everyone lived every week like it was Shark Week and dressed everyday like it was Coachella, I think we’d have a more peaceful world. Just throwing that out there.

Just a reminder, less than two weeks left to take advantage of 25% off an item at Francesca’s Collections with the promo code “SEEKING“. Check them out!


*Skirt: C/O Francesca’s Collections. *Shirt: Thrifted via Goodwill. *Boots: Thrifted via Crossroads. *Tank: Forever 21. *Belt: Found in my closet.

Speaking of Francesca’s, how cute is this skirt? I normally don’t gravitate towards colorful, flirty pieces (I dress like a boy most days. It’s OK, I like it), but this is adorable. Yes, I had to “boy it up” a little, as I said when I picked it out, but it definitely works.


I’m working on trying to become more comfortable in skirts, shorts, and dresses, so I was surprised how comfortable I was in this all day.


Does anyone have any last minute tips for putting together a Coachella survival bag? Besides an entire bottle of SPF 90 sunscreen for each day, I’m just assuming I’ll need a lot of hand sanitizer and some baby wipes. I predicted this weekend will be particularly dirrty. Yes, with two “r’s”. Christina Aguilera style.




Excuse my translucent legs. Don’t worry, in a couple months, they’ll be nice and sunburned.

I wore this outfit this past weekend in LA and we happened upon a $5 sample sale at Urban Outfitters. Who got in the hour plus line to wait? I did. Who found a loop hole to get up front and bought a sandwich to pass the line? I did. Who scored $5 BDG jeans? I did. Thrifty tip #4662: Go to sample sales.

You don’t know how hard it was for me not to title this post “Boats and Hoes“!


This picture is border line crack head, but that’s alright. I like it.

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Robin said:

    How fun for you! Have a great time! Love the army green with the red printed skirt!

  2. Annie said:

    Oohh have SO much fun! It must have been so fun picking out outfits 🙂 Love your skirt, especially with that olive green jacket, so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. I love this outfit, the skirt is so cute!! It’s nice seeing you in a skirt but I know what you mean about dressing like a boy, I did that through high school and college, but now I’m a girly girl…but I still do enjoy dressing like a boy some days 😉
    You are going ot have so much fun this weekend…jealousssss!!!

  4. E. said:

    an adorable skirt!

  5. Enjoin Coachella fest and a lot 😀
    You look amazing!!
    Thanks for your visit,I will follow you.kisses

  6. Carlina said:

    I love your writing style- it’s AMAZING!! haha, so excited to hear all about Coachella- werk it, lady!

    x carlina

  7. Em K said:

    I’m so jealous you’re going to Coachella!!!! I’m sure you’ll have a blast! Love your cute little red skirt 🙂

  8. Annimal said:

    Thanks for meminding me to re-watch boats and hoes, that’s a killer jam!!

  9. Love the way you styled this outfit 🙂
    Brooke @ what2wear,

  10. kady said:

    so i think im obsessed with you. first of all.. your skirt is to die for! secondly, have a fucking blast at coachella for me.. as ill be sitting in bumfuck egypt bored off my ass this coming weekend. <<< jealous!

  11. Such a cute skirt! love your entire outfit.
    Have fun at Coachella!!!
    Lets follow each other??

    Maira and Diana

  12. OMG, i cant believe you are going!!! that is so great!!!! I want to go so bad, a few of my friends did, but 12 h plane ride was just not an option for a long weekend!!! hope you have fun

    By the way, HOT pics

    Love K

  13. Great outfit. And I love your red hair (I’ve always wanted mine to be that color).

    You’re so lucky you got to go to Coachella. Tickets sold out on me the pst few years, but when I went a while ago it was ah-mazing!

  14. Linda said:

    I love how you wore this skirt! 🙂 Its such a cute piece.
    And no way, I’m so jealous!!! I want to go to Coachella so bad…sigh. Have fun though, can’t wait to see the pictures you get from there! 🙂

    Trendy Teal

  15. Hannah said:

    You look so cute in that skirt! I especially love it contrasted with that awesome shirt. I hope you had an amazeballs time at Coachella, just a little bit jelly here! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, too.

  16. Marina said:

    You have great blog! I like it! This skirt is awesome! Really great outfit! Love it!


  17. Love this jacket! So jealous of everyone who got to go to coachella 😦

    Thanks for your comments on ThankFifi.x

  18. Hehe I enjoyed reading every bit of this, and of course your photos were great as always. LOVE that olive shade of green on you, suits with red tone hair perfectly. I hope you have a blast out there – I wish it was festival season here already ♥

    Oh and thank you for the comment ! x

    Indie by Heart

  19. jocye said:

    The skirt has such a cute print, I love this outfit! Ahhhh I soo want to go to an urban outfitters sample sale, I would totally wait in line for that 🙂

  20. Kristian said:

    I feel like such a hick! I am not sure I have ever even seen a sample sale and before this year have never heard of Coachella. But your plans AU d fantastic as does your shopping savvy. plus, I am loving the styling of that skirt. Fu. Details.

  21. Marisa said:

    Urban Outfitters sample sales and Coachella…heck yeah! Loving this outfit to bits…that skirt is perfect!

  22. Roisin said:

    You look so gorgeous! Have so much fun at coachella too.. Xx

  23. love this look
    the contrasting color is amazing
    I love the color of the jacket
    & then the skirt makes it pop
    great look 🙂

  24. Cymone said:

    STELLAR!!!!! I love this, the skirt is super adorable and I love it paired with the army green button up 🙂


  25. Erica said:

    I adore the little sail boat print on your skirt. This outfit has such a lovely color combo.

    xo erica

  26. Dress everyday like it’s Coachella.. haha but what about the people who wear next to nothing to the festival??

    That skirt adds a nice pop of colour to your outfit. That shirt looks almost like a parka. Great styling here, especially love that second photo

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