Coachella: day 1

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I survived Coachella. I don’t mean that I just survived a three day music festival, I mean that I survived camping in 104 degree heat in the middle of the desert for four days. I survived in a sauna tent with 6 people, waking up no later than 7 a.m. each day because I was choking on my own sweat. I survived dance parties, sunscreen in my eyes, dirt in every crevasse of my body, and UV rays stronger than if you were on the sun itself. And it was the best weekend ever.

If you have not been to a music festival, and if concerts, camping, and dirty, sweaty people are your thing, I highly recommend going to at least one in your lifetime. It is an experience that you cannot miss. I will be going again.



*Dress: Target. *Shoes: Thrifted via Crossroads. *Vest: Forever 21. *Hat: Fashion District in LA

I wore this outfit the first day of Coachella. I actually bought the dress the day before I left as a last minute outfit change because the shorts I was planning on wearing didn’t fit and in my last minute panic mode to buy out the travel section of Target for my Coachella survival kit, I passed this dress and knew it was the one, for day one. (Run on sentence for the win!)

Do you see how closely packed all the tents were? I would step out of my tent in the morning and basically into our neighbors tent. We had no choice but to make friends.

Those feathers are earrings hanging off my necklace. It’s as close to a DIY as I am going to get. As much as I want to be, I am just not crafty.

The first day was awesome. Breakfast was had, morning beer pong was played (the girls played “hydration pong” with water, while the boys lived dangerously on the edge with beer), pictures were taken, concerts were seen, and dance parities were had.



A few tips for you music festival virgins:

  • Bring a lot of water. If you are positive that you are bringing enough, bring more
  • Bring baby wipes. Even if the campsite has showers, you will not want to waste your time standing in line for hours. Baby wipes work miracles even on the most dirt crusted festival goer
  • You will not see every band that you want to – whether it is because of scheduling conflicts, your own drunken self, or the heat literally not letting you get up. Don’t stress. Enjoy what you can
  • Learn how to stuff your bra with granola bars because food is not permitted on festival grounds and the vendors on site are expensive.
  • On the food note, go back to your camp for dinner. It’s a chance to re-charge and regroup
  • Keep your phone off at night or when you are with your party to save the battery. You’ll need it when you separate to find each other


Professional cameras are not allowed on festival grounds, so as much as I wanted to document all the amazing (like, ah. mae. zing) fashion that was walking around me, it would not have been great quality with my point and shoot, and honestly, I wanted to focus on having fun and not on what other people were doing.


I like to touch my lips a lot in pictures.

Day one band highlights include Wallpaper, The Givers, Grouplove, and The Black Keys. Check them all out if you haven’t all ready.





All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Ally S. said:

    Despite the conditions, you look great! Great job!!!

  2. Aw! So jealous! Glad you survived! Hope you got a good tan out of all of that heat! Love this multicolored dress girl!

  3. That dress is extraordinary! The internet has, of course, been awash with Coachella fashion, but I think I like your paired-down-but-still-super-hip-and-with-nice-attention-to-detail ensemble (shall we talk run on sentences?Haha). I am also prone to be bummed when festivals (or museums or art galleries) won’t let you use cameras. But, you’re right, most of the time I have fonder memories of those places cause I just went with the flow, rather than wanting to get shots of everything I find compelling or noteworthy. Welcome home to running water and temperature control!

  4. racheltr said:

    Love your skirt and your braid! So so cute! 🙂

  5. Last year I went to Sudoeste TMN,a music fest from Portugal it was one week with the same conditions of you and I love it .Snoop Dogg,Janelle Monae,Kanye West,Sweedish House of Mafia,David Guetta were some of the singers wich I enjoined to see.Great look dear!!kisses following you

  6. I am soo jealous and I love the whole ensemble!
    Brooke @ what2wear,

  7. Ashley said:

    Loved your Coachella outfit! I went to Coachella back in 2004 (Muse and Radiohead) but I stayed at a home nearby :). Can’t imagine how hard it would be to camp there! I am hosting my first giveaway (Bliss skin care products) on my blog if you’d like to check it out.



    Southern (California) Belle

    • It was hard but I think it made the experience that much better. But I haven’t gone and stayed at a hotel/house so.. that could change my mind haha

  8. Linda said:

    Ahh, so jealous you got to go! Sounds like an amazing time 🙂
    Haha, I’ll keep the stuffing granola bars tip in mind.
    Your dress is one fabulous last-minute pick! I love the print on it. And yes, the denim vest is the perfect addition to it ❤

    Trendy Teal

  9. Hilary said:

    Love your outfit! Looks and sounds like a fun time!

  10. love your dress and attending Coachella is on my bucket list for sure!

  11. that outfit is soo perfect for coachella! wish i could have gone!!

  12. Marina said:

    I love love love the dress! This outfit is awesome! Love it! Really beautiful photos!


  13. Laura said:

    Missing summer.


  14. Leonor said:

    wonderful dress!


  15. wytane said:

    I have very nice quality photos, love them all.
    You look great in that outfit, so jealous you’re bathing in sunshine in Coachella while I’m still dwelling in the rain here in UK. x

  16. You look fantastic in this. Great last minute purchase. Sounds like a fun time (though the camping part to me sounds a lot like my Sturgis experiences. lol!)

  17. Great photos:) I wish I could have made it to Coachella.

  18. Ashley said:

    Love the look and thanks for sharing your tips! They will come in handy if I ever get to Coachella myself! xx

  19. Wow, it sounds amazing! Maybe a little too corwded and sweaty for my liking, but I bet it was an amazing experience. You look super cute too… Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  20. Sarah said:

    look great and love the denim vest! sometimes last minute buys are the best ones!
    xx Sarah

  21. you lucky girl getting to go to coachella! Must have been so much fun. Love the print on your dress x

  22. Corinne said:

    Awesome outfit, love the pattern and bright colours! Looks perfect for a festival. Sounds like it was really fun… although not sure how I would have done in the heat! 🙂

  23. Bre said:

    Great outfit and I am happy to hear that you survived Coachella!

  24. Karo said:

    Great style . Love it 🙂 I am sure that you had great time during Coachella 🙂

  25. infintitely jealous you were at Coachella! And you look amazing. I’ve done Bonnaroo twice, so I totally know the feeling of waking up in a tent before 7 am suffocating!

    side note: super psyched you stumbled on my blog and left a comment, you’ve got a new fan! love your style and hilarious commentary.


  26. Jenny said:

    Your outfit<3 Looks like you had an awesome time at Coachella! 🙂 Love these pics!

    xx, Jenny

  27. Charity said:

    This is my favorite of your Coachella outfits! Looks like you had SO much fun. And I don’t know how you stayed looking that good under the conditions you were in…share your secret, girl! 😉

  28. I LOVE this look – so cute! I have been trying to get to Coachella for several years now and every time I see an awesome Coachella outfit post like this I’m dying to go even more.

  29. Alice said:

    I really like your style – great festival look. 🙂

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