Friday favorites

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  • Listen to This: Alabama Shakes. I think you know by the name alone that this is going to be a band that you will enjoy. This band will make you forget you’re in traffic and not care that the clock at work is actually going backwards. So enjoy. If you don’t, I still will.

Read This: The Glass Castle. *Spoiler alert if you click that link. I for one, don’t mind spoilers. Sometimes I look them up before I read or watch something. I don’t like surprises. That’s why I’m glad I read this before it is made into a movie. Now I know I will like the movie; because I like the book. So read it, see the movie, compare the two.

    • Watch This: Jessica Simpson’s Baby Shower. I had something completely different lined up for this and then I saw this on Perez Hilton. Her baby shower was breath taking. I am in love with everything; the theme (Charlotte’s Web), the decorations, the crafts. It’s gorgeous.
  • Eat This: Avocado on Toast. No, it’s not groundbreaking. Yes, it is amazing. I put avocado on everything, but this is probably my favorite way to eat it. And by eat, I mean scarf it down. The secret is a pinch of salt and a lot of pepper. (Tomatoes optional. It will still taste like Heaven without).

  • Wear This: Chaser. Do you love vintage tees? Then you will love Chaser; Edgy, rock and roll tees. Once the new online store opens, my wallet will be empty, but my closet will be happy. I am dreaming of summer, vintage Levi shorts, and Chaser tees.

  • Blog Love: Vintage Process. She’s gorgeous and effortlessly chic. Need I say more?

Happy Friday Fail!

*and a preview of my second Coachella outfit. don’t tell me that my face doesn’t make you excited to see it, or the fact that I look naked!*

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  1. Leonor said:

    I want that toast!!


  2. First of all: I had to click the link for the book and I’m glad to say I am going to order it because it sounds like it’s a very interesting real life story. I had never heard of this book, so I’m really happy you commented on my blog!

    I find your photo at Coachella quite hilarious (you do look really naked).

    xo Joana (

  3. Marisa said:

    Holy moly that baby shower was gorgeous over-the-top in the best way possible! Charlotte’s Web themed anything is an absolutely enchanting idea. I’ll admit, I’ve never tried avocado on toast…but now I want to 🙂 So simple and looks completely delicious!

  4. Kristian said:

    Naked or not you sure look like you are having fun!

  5. Glad I found you or actually you found me first ha ha! Just scanned your blog and already in love! We had to read the Glass Castle in high school and I don’t remember the precise details but I remember it being different and enjoying it for the most part. That’s cool they are making a movie, I really enjoy that they are starting to make way more movies out of books (or so it seems). Movies, I feel like, have started to get really repetitive, I constantly see a preview and think, “Uh, I’m pretty sure they’ve already made this movie twice in the last 5 years”.. So thank goodness the movie industry seems to finally be taking the hint, why try to start from the ground up when there are AMAZING stories out there that have already got a sound track record of love that will bring something fresh to the big screen?! 🙂

    Also, I’m taking you do these “Friday favorites” most fridays, or at least I’m hoping you do. I for one am a huge sharer so I definitely enjoy others who like to do the same! So thanks!

    ❤ Lindsay

    • It’s a new feature. I’m so glad you like it!
      Thanks for the support 🙂

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