Coachella: day 2

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I’m probably the only blogger still doing Coachella outfit recaps huh? And I still have one more after this. It’s the blogger equvialant of keeping your Christmas lights up until April. Which I secretly wish I could do. But only with the fancy white little lights. The big colorful ones should come down at an appropriate time. I must subconsciously want to be back there. Like every weekend. Ok, it’s not subconscious. I do want to be back there. Like everyday.

The big hat is back! I bought this last fall and never wore it. But, honestly, if you can’t wear a giant hat at Coachella, then where can you wear it?

This was by far my favorite look of the weekend. I had a floppy hat, a maxi skirt, and a floral bustier. What more do I need in my life?


*Hat: Gap. *Bustier: Urban Outfitters. *Skirt: Pac Sun. *Boots: Thrifted via Crossroads.

My hair is a little nappier, skin a little dirtier, and eyes a little more under eye baggier than in the first round of photos. It was the second day, which felt like the second week, so I think I get a pass.

By the way, I totally deemed this my Florence and the Machine outfit and planned to wear it the second day because that’s when she was playing. In reality, she played the third day. Oops.


I must confess that these photos are lying to you. I did not wear those boots around all day. I wore them the entire first day, but when I put them on and my feet started screaming bloody murder, (not a true story) I had to switch them out for sandals for the rest of the weekend. But, I thought they looked good, hence why I planned to wear them in the first place, so you get the original outfit.


Showing off your arm pits is sexy, right?


The hat did turn out to be a little troublesome all day long, and by night, it seemed pointless to wear a huge floppy hat, so I switched it out for the hat I wore the first day. There are pictures of this outfit with that hat, but they are not appropriate for this blog, which I deem family friendly, because I may, or may not, have had liquid sustenance that night, and that may, or may not, make my face a little more than red and my eyes a little more than droopy and blood shot.



Second day band highlights: Childish Gambino (Yes!), AWOLNATION (Alyssa crowd surfed during AWOLNATION: Watch this awsomeness), The Head and the Heart, and Radiohead.



All photos credit of Alyssa

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  1. racheltr said:

    Cool! Love your hat and bustier!

  2. Leah said:

    You look so laid back and cool. Nice!

  3. I hate when you plan outfits but something goes wrong so you’ve gotta change them throughout the day! nevertheless, every girl needs a big, floppy hat – and you look great in this one!

  4. Gorgeeeous :> I wish I had that body haah I could wear crop tops / bustiers too ❤ Nice look !

    thanks for stopping by hun'!
    Indie by heart

  5. You are rockin that bustier,i love it!
    Brooke @ what2wear,

  6. Roisin said:

    Gorgeous gorgeous outfit again! Xx

  7. Very cute outfit! Loving the maxi 😉

    btw, Thank you for visiting my blog!


  8. Linda said:

    Haha, I’ve always been prone to leaving our Christmas lights up until April anyway…
    Love the sexy armpits shot xD Haha, this floral bustier is just perfect for Coachella fashion!

    Trendy Teal

  9. comingunstitched said:

    Fantastic outfit. I love the bustier. And those boots- even if they kill your feet 🙂

  10. I don’t mind you reliving your Coachella outfits at all! You look so boho appropriate. Love it!

  11. I am so envious when I see the blazing sun in your pictures! Lucky gal – for the sun, Coachella and your gorgeous lips!

  12. First pic is stunning<3 Awesome photos and look 🙂 You're beautiful 🙂

  13. I love this outfit! Its too cute and im so jealous you went to coachella!!!! ❤


  14. floral bustier + floppy hat = coachella perfection

  15. I love your outfit, it seems perfect for a festival. I especially love the print of your top! I like hearing about coachella and all festivals, they seem interesting 🙂 x

  16. great pictures! that flowery bustier is very pretty and it looks great on you. loved the big hat as well! 🙂
    i went to a music festival in Denmark (Its called Roskilde, maybe u heard about it) a few years ago and i CRIED so much when i left. i had so much fun and heard such awesome music. the vibe was perfect! so i get the way you feel…

    XO jannine

  17. kathleenlisson said:

    I like the hat. What kind of trouble did you run in to? Was it too windy or hot for a hat? Or did it get in the way of watching the bands?

    • It was just too floppy and kept getting in the way haha It was great for when the sun was out for keeping my face in shade but by the time it was dark, there wasn’t much of a point to have it flapping in my face for no reason

      • kathleenlisson said:

        I think that’s why I just can’t get into wearing floppy sunhats.

  18. Gita said:

    Hey Ho! Thanks for your lovely comment :).
    Love this outfit and the fact that you have been at Coachella :). I could totally see myself wearing every single piece. Keep up the great style :).


  19. Marina said:

    love your outfit !!! is amazing!!! :D:DD:


  20. I absolutely love your Coachella outfits! And I’m so jealous ’cause I’ve never been there… maybe one day ;p

  21. LOOOVVVEEE this look! Esp the crop top! *jealous* I want to go to coachella! I’m hoping to save enough up to go next year!

  22. Mandy said:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I love how you steered away from the typical festival aesthetic of denim cut-offs but still managed to look incredibly edgy and feminine at the same time! Adore this outfit, Jennifer. 🙂

    ❤ Mandy xx

  23. Hannah said:

    You look so beautiful. I just love how you followed your own style with it instead of cloning every other festval outfit. Plus, wide brim floppy hats are always rocking 🙂

  24. Megan said:

    Perfect Coachella outfit… love the hat on you 🙂

  25. Lucy said:

    I love this outfit, the bustier is gorgeous!

  26. Marisa said:

    What a Coachella perfect outfit! The bustier is incredibly gorgeous…I only wish I had the body to rock a piece like that. Loving that hat too…I’m such a sucker for oversized ones like that. xx Marisa

  27. Morgan said:

    Thanks so much for stopping by A Daily Dose! I’m loving the hat!! Lets follow each other!! 🙂

  28. aliciafashionista said:

    Such a great Coachella outfit! Looks super cozy and stylish, definitely a great Florence + the Machine look (even if it didn’t end up that way lol). So jealous of your Coachella experience, I’m for SURE going next year. Already booked accommodations so we HAVE to go!

    • Wow, you booked in advance! But that’s awesome! You’ll have so much fun!

  29. Your bustier top is fantastic. I really want to find one like that for the summer so I can wear it with many high-waisted things! You look so pretty and summery in this outfit.

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