Friday favorites

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If you didn’t catch that: Thank God it’s Friday. That God the week is over, I’m ready for the weekend! Yeah it’s a real acronym. Ok, no it’s not. It totally should be though because that’s what everyone is really thinking.

  • Listen to This: The Lumineers. I am especially obsessed with the song “Ho Hey”. I bet you that you will be too after listening to it. If I lose, I’ll come over and do your laundry on the 32nd of every month.

  • Read This: Teen Girl Petitions Seventeen Magazine to Stop Airbrushing Models. I don’t like to push agendas on people, because to each their own, but this girl seems like she likes to. And it’s a good thing. My two cents; photographs should depict real people. That’s why personal style blogs are so amazing to read. None of my pictures are Photoshopped or airbrushed (they are colored) and, at least by the looks of it, the blogs I read aren’t either. It’s time we celebrate real people instead of setting an impossible standard. If you agree, here is the link to her petition.

  • Eat This: Roasted Garlic + Caramelized Veggie Tostadas. I don’t know why I continue to read Jessica’s food blog during lunch. I must like a drool stained, sticky desktop. And yes, this is the second week in a row I’ve posted one of her recipes. I am obsessed with her blog. These look like the perfect companion to soak up all the alcohol that many of you will be drinking this Cinco de Mayo.

  • Wear This: Thread and Stone. They have the best jewelery. And a gorgeous Look Book, with a video to match. The video was originally going to be my “Watch This” (but then I watched Justin Bieber’s new video, and how could I not?). So, watch, then buy, then wear.

  • Blog Love: Harper’s Happenings. So, I read a few “baby” blogs. I do not have children and am not close to having children. Does that make me creepy? Yes, it does. So, I implore you to read Harper’s Happenings so you can be creepy with me. No one wants to be a creep alone. If we are all creepy together, then really, it’s those who aren’t reading it who are the creepy ones, right? Besides, Mandy and her adorable daughter Harper are gorgeous and hilarious. I mean, look at this photo. I pine to be her friend one day. (There’s that creepy coming out of me).

Friday Faaaiiiil!

This is me trying to be cute, blowing a dandelion. I failed at the cute part, but damn if I didn’t win at the blowing part (I know where your mind is, just get it out!). I look like a moron, but I’m ok with that.

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  1. I LOVE the Lumineers. Heard about them a few weeks ago from a friend and am super obsessed with “Ho Hey” 🙂

  2. Linda said:

    I cannot believe you made me watch Justin Bieber’s new music video….okay, so maybe you didn’t make me, but I pressed play and then couldn’t stop watching…dammit!
    Haha, and the dandelion picture made me laugh xD I’ve tried doing those too, and failed miserably on the cute part. Ah well, we tried!

    Trendy Teal

  3. Leah said:

    I just love these posts of yours! I’m especially into the Thread and Stone bit. Very beautiful!

  4. thanks so much for visiting my blog! you didn’t fail at the cute part at all! also i totally agree that media should be depicting real people we are all beautiful in our own personal ways and that shouldn’t be covered up!


  5. I LOVE your humor, hahaha. And I liked the biebs better before he started this rapping kind of thing ^^ Just sayin. Oh, And I’m totally reading mommy blogs too… and I’m not planning on becoming one any time soon either! x

  6. shoutouttoyou said:

    Love to read your Friday favorites!! Thanks for sharing the ‘oh hey’ song, love it!
    xo Jony

  7. So happy to have discovered your blog – you are hilarious! And I love the variety in what you choose to write about! Looking forward to reading more…


  8. ooh thank you 🙂
    love your style, you look so pretty ❤

    • oh thank you : )
      i loove your style, you look so pretty ❤

      • sorry but i always write my name wrong :0 😀

  9. oh so many times I have tried the cute blow a dandelion photo….and failure everytime. glad to know I am not alone! 🙂


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