Friday favorites

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  • Listen to This: Jason Mraz “I Won’t Give Up”. This is my song right now. It’s the type of song that makes you curl your upper lip and shake your head like you’re disgusted with it, but really, that’s how you feel a song. I’m one step away from putting my hand in the air; church style.
  • Read This: Zooey Magazine. I stumbled upon this earlier this week and cannot stop visiting the site. I keep sneaking peaks at the digital version throughout work. Can you be in love with a magazine? I’ve seen those TLC shows where people marry their toothbrushes and whatnot. I think this is much more sane.

    • Watch This: “Gangster Squad” TrailerRyan Gosling? Emma Stone? 1920’s Era? Did I mention Ryan Gosling? I’m buying my movie ticket and getting in line now.
  • Eat This: Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie N’ Oreo Fudge Brownie Bar. I’m sorry. I truly, honestly apologize. I have no other words. Please do not hate me for posting this and in turn making you bake a whole batch of this insanity and then eating. the. entire. batch. Calories don’t count on Friday right?

  • Wear This: Willow & Clay. These posts are really just an excuse for me to keep track of the new, fun things I find throughout the week. If I forgot about Willow & Clay, I think I might cry. Click through to see all the beauty and find out why. Money grows on trees on Friday’s right?

  • Blog Love: Top Rouge. I would like to wear everything in her closet. She’s lucky she lives on the other side of the country. Because I would totally break into her house and steal her clothes. Ok, I wouldn’t. That would be a crime. But I would be tempted.

TGIFriiiiiday Fail!

Sometimes I am not camera ready.


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  1. Amy said:

    That cake looks so yummy

  2. That Fudge Brownie Bar looks amazing, I should try to make that.

  3. Amberly said:

    Hahaha awesome photo. Gangster Squad looks so freakin good! I’m a Sean Penn fan myself. Happy weekend!


  4. Linda said:

    Haha, girl I always love your Friday favorites! They make the start to my weekend even better 🙂
    OMG, the Ryan Gosling movie? Yup, loving it. I mean, its Ryan Gosling. Duh.
    Lol, and your last photos is perfect xD

    Trendy Teal

  5. Sarah said:

    Hey hun thanks for the lovely comment 🙂 Love Trop Rouge & that slicey thing looks delish! xx

  6. maria said:

    Thanks for sharing all these awesome links! I actually will be writing for Zooey mag pretty soon, isn’t their magazine awesome?!

  7. oh I totally want that Oreo desert!

  8. Oh my god. Those brownies do look amazing!

    P.S. thanks for commenting on my blog :).

  9. Sparkle said:

    oh i think any movie with Ryan Gosling can’t be bad.. at list for your eyes : D lol
    and i can definitely imagine me wearing willow & clay-so classy!

    love this post!


  10. stilettosorpajamas said:

    Loving it !

  11. Hannah said:

    That cake looks delicious. I am totes blaming you for my carb overload when I inevitably bake those brownies.

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