Field of dreams

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Happy hump day! I always feel a little dirty saying that, but I really do mean “Happy day that is in the middle of the week and if you just get over this hump, the weekend will be here before you know it!” But, saying “Happy hump day” is a little easier.

So, I have pretty crazy dreams; so involved that when I wake up, lately, I’ve still felt that I am in them. Imagine waking up thinking that you are the Queen of the the clouds. Apparently, that’s where my mind goes when I sleep. It might be even sadder that I am a tiny bit disappointed that when I realize that I am not the Cloud Queen.

Enough about dreams. Let’s talk reality. So, you know those days when you just need to go chill in a field? Yeah, me too.


*Shirt: Bows & Arrows. *Pants: Urban Outfitters (clearance rack for $10, what, what!). *Hat: Forever 21.

Even I look confused as to why I am in this field. Sometimes, you just need a change of scenery. And there are only so many dirty alleyways in this city.

Back to dreams. Sometimes I do have those dreams that make me want to sleep forever. Like when I ran into Hanson at the park and they offered me the job of their tour manager. It also may have ended with the wedding of Taylor and I as well. Most of my best dreams involve Hanson in some way. I may or may not have an obsession with boy bands.

What have been your weirdest dreams?



And then I decided that standing was overrated and that I wanted to sit in dirt with bugs crawling up my pants, because honestly, wouldn’t anyone?


These pictures are probably making you itchy right about now. If they weren’t, now they are!



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All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Doris said:

    wow, you are so beautiful, I really love your hair. Great shots!

  2. I need that shirt in my closet!!
    Brooke @ what2wear,

  3. carri3 said:

    I like the deep red and pattern of your top. The field photos are pretty, too (hope it wasn’t too itchy sitting amongst the plants). 🙂

  4. yeasol said:

    cute top 🙂

    A change of scenery is so refreshing sometimes! I get excited when I see a whole bunch of trees and nature in general since NYC is definitely all concrete 😉

  5. You are too funny! I love these pictures! My weirdest dreams….well last night I dreamed we were being attacked by another country and then I was attacked by a bunch of snakes. Um, eeeeww..


  6. I tend to have really, really strange as well. Like I’m the president of under the sea. Just the whole of under the sea. Whatever that is. On another note, I love your top!

    Courtney ~

  7. Mia said:

    Love this mix and pics!:D

    With love,Mia

  8. anu said:

    I really like your photos! I know it is so hard to take good photos when the sun is shining. Cool!

  9. kirstinmarie said:

    You look awesome, and these photos are amazing. Happy “hump” day to you too! The weekend cannot come soon enough!!

  10. Adrian said:

    I have these weird dreams where all my teeth are falling out! When I wake up I always check to make sure that they’re all still there! LOL

    xx Adrian

    PS I love your style! 🙂

  11. Lovely shots! I’m loving the field- such a nice outfit for that area- the pattern of the shirt reminds me of some sort of ancient tribe. It’s great!

  12. Kat said:

    amazing photos! you look sooo cute 😀

  13. anamocca said:

    Love the fact that you have your own unique style of clothes and blog as well!Very cool!
    stop by

  14. Awesome pics! Great blog. Come by and let’s follow each other! Stay in touch ;)!

  15. Stina said:

    Ok, this post made me laugh 🙂 I was liking the field but then you mentioned bugs and itching and my vision of it did change a bit, haha.

  16. Photography is amazing! I think you did a right thing to shoot in a field! It’s actually a dream of mine to find a pretty meadow and have a photo shoot! You look lovely, and the pictures are very pretty!
    Good luck!

  17. Linda said:

    These pictures are actually making my eyes water. Haha, my allergies are so bad right now, thinking about sitting down in the grass is making me itchy and sneezy!
    Anyway, love that hat and your printed top. So unique.
    You always rock everything and have modeling down to an art. Love these photos!

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    Trendy Teal

  18. Rebecca said:

    My weird dreams are too depressing to blog about, sounds like you have an amazing imagination though! And you look rather lovely too.

  19. annie said:

    Love these photos! Even if you were itchy and there were bugs…they look amazing! And what a cute top 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  20. i hate waking up from great dreams…i always try to fall back asleep, but it never works! i love the pattern on your shirt!

  21. Katie said:

    Haha! I loved reading this post because I identified with EVERYTHING you talked about. I never say hump day because I always feel sketchy saying it! I dream all the time, sometimes I’ll have to ask my husband in the morning if those things really happened or if I just dreamed them. And, my sisters and I used to LOVE Hanson! Great pictures by the way- that top is fabulous.

    • I do that too! I’ve even told stories of dreams thinking they were real (obviously, they were more realistic stories haha) and then I realize that it was just a dream.

  22. agnesdeer said:

    Love the style of this pictures, really looks like a field of dreams! And love your hair, btw!

  23. Jessica said:

    i remember when my teacher used to tell us happy hump day and we would all giggle hahah! i totally understand needing some new scenery sometimes sometimes it doesn’t always turn out as planned though!


  24. loving the fit! that red is amazing.
    and love the places you find to shoot at

  25. Fydez said:

    I absolutely love your top, it’s very nice! X

  26. Lauren said:

    Lovely pics! I can never remember my dreams sadly…

  27. Love your look and pictures!You look stunning!
    Amazing blog:-) Check mine and let me know if you would like to follow each other:-)


  28. Sam said:

    Hi dear, thanks for stopping by, these photos have been taken extremely well, I like the location and different interesting shots, you look adorable!

  29. Arden said:

    Incredible! I love your top… Compliments to your photographer! xx

  30. Laura said:

    Wonderfully wierd field of dreams, the photos are outstanding =) btw loving the casual vibe of your outfit and the print of your top.

  31. Shawna said:

    Loving these cute random field photos! And your top is amazing, perfection, awesome…. you get the point! Great casual Summer look 🙂

    ❤ Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  32. These pictures are so pretty! I love the setting. It’s so summery and perfect. That crop top you’re wearing is awesome too.

  33. jen said:

    such wonderful photos! i love them. you are darling!

  34. katastrophe313 said:

    Love all these pictures and your captions of them, haha. Kills me.

    xx, Katrina

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