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It’s Friday! Finally! I’m on my way to reek havoc in Vegas for the weekend; Just my weekend usual debauchery. I apologize for any embarrassing photos on Instagram (seekingstyle) or tweets I may send out this weekend. In other news, it may be a good time to start following me on Instagram (seekingstyle) and Twitter.

Do you have any fun plans this weekend? Why do I keep misspelling “weekend” like the band The Weeknd?

      • Read This:The Hipster Bride. Sometimes I feel like a creep. Like when I read baby blogs when I don’t have children. Or when I read wedding blogs when I’m not even engaged. But then I don’t care. This blog is a compilation of the sweetest, and apparently hipster(est), wedding images I’ve ever seen. I’d like to gather all the women who planned these weddings to plan my future wedding.

      • Watch This: ‘Take This Waltz’ trailer. I’m not sure why I am a fan of tragic love stories. I think it makes me feel better about my own relationship. Then I remember it’s just a movie. So, apparently I just like to make myself depressed over nonexistent issues for fake people. I also really like Michelle Williams and Seth Rogan, and I’m sure you do too.
      • Eat This: The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook. Yes, eat this whole cookbook. I cannot imagine not loving every single recipe in this book. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it might be cookie dough, because, why not? So, I’m scared the buy this book because even though I have choices, it might very well end up being the only thing I ever eat again. Also, check out Lindsey and Taylor’s blog Love and Olive Oil for a lot more deliciousness.

      • Wear This: Nasty Gal. I am obsessed with this clothing site. I probably check it at least once a day and fill up my wishlist with things I lust over until my heart aches from the realization that my wallet is empty.

      • Blog Love: The Man Repeller. I’m sure you know about The Man Repeller. How can you not? She’s hilarious, real, and likes to dress to repel men. She’s basically my idol.

Friday Fail… in video form!

This is what I am like on a road trip. Just kidding, this is what I am like every time I drive in a car. True story, my friend (the one crooning along with me in the backseat actually) drove passed me on the freeway once and apparently I was singing like this (alone, mind you). Yup, I am that person. Want to go on a road trip?

My boyfriend puts up with a lot.

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  1. Iulia said:

    Really inspirational, love your suggestion. Following your lovely blog now.

  2. So jealous, have a terrific vegas trip! Can’t wait to see pictures upon your return (unless whatever happens in Vegas should just stay in vegas)…
    xo Hannah

  3. oh my gosh i LOVE This post!! i will actually be in vegas too this weekend (for work… boo :()

  4. have a great weekend!!! i am off to check out the hipster bride now!

  5. Diana said:

    Wow! Awesome post!

    Happy weekend!

  6. Leah said:

    This may be my favorite Friday Favorites yet! Your car singing is hilarious and thanks for letting a Michelle Williams fanatic know bout the new film!

  7. Linda said:

    Oh my, haha, have fun in Vegas! 😉
    And oooh, loving all these links you’ve put up. Definitely agree with the country song. Springsteen is so on my playlist ❤
    Going to check out the Hipster Bride site right now!

    Trendy Teal

  8. Mica said:

    Fun post – love the cookbook!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  9. Sabrina said:

    I loved the post it was great to

  10. Hannah said:

    Have an amazing time in Vegas, lady! Don’t get up to anything ‘Hangover’ worthy, though! As for your ‘feeling creepy’ I totally get you. I have been reading WeddingBee since I was twenty-one and through many relationship breakups – same goes for baby blogs – I don’t know why I like them…I just do! x

  11. Have a great trip! I had an awesome weekend too. Omg, I really love cookie dough, I’m definitely checking out the recipe book!
    Fang Ting

  12. Anthea said:

    Love man repeller and checked out her site!! Love hipster weddings too. I had a frank Sinatra vintage wedding 🙂

  13. Charity said:

    mhmm, just found you on instagram–I look forward to some Vegas photos! And I will definitely torture myself by watching that movie…I’ll watch anything with Michelle Williams. love her.

  14. hope you have/had a great time in vegas!!! love your blog! man repeller ❤ nastygal! ahhh ❤

  15. I wanna see ‘take a walz’ now: I love Michelle. Totally loving the manrepeller too: men don’t get fashion anyway, they only get bare legs in tight dresses, even if it’s the cheapest stuff and most gaudy/kitchy thing ever. We don’t dress fashion for men (or most woman don’t do fashion for men, they do it for other women)

    *MlleWanderlust ♕

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