Friday favorites + a giveaway

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Another weekend! They seem to be coming faster these days. That can only mean that I am getting older. They say that time moves faster when you get older. Who is “they” by the way? “They” that always have these slick sayings? I would like to meet them. They seem wise.

Giveaway time!

Remember that super cute, totally awesome camera necklace you were jealous of in my last post? Well, you have a chance to win it and make someone else jealous! Also, don’t forget that through the end of June, the promo code “SEEKINGSTYLE” will get you 25% off at Violet Bella!

To enter, you must:
1) Leave a comment telling me what your favorite item is at Violet Bella
2) Follow Violet Bella on Bloglovin’

Bonus entries:
1) Follow Seeking Style on Bloglovin’

(Please leave additional comments for each with your email address so I can contact you if you win)

Entries will be accepted until Friday June 30th at 11:59 AM PST.

  • Listen to This: The Civil Wars. Folk-pop goodness. I have never run into a bad folk-pop, boy-girl, singer-songwriter-musician duo. The Civil Wars are no exception. Listen. Enjoy. Thank me later.

  • Read This: 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity. People are jerks. Plain and simple. But sometimes, just sometimes, people find it deep down in their tiny black hearts to be kind. This was floating around online this week and it definitely made me smile. Also, if you haven’t heard what happened to Karen, the bus monitor, read this. Jerks (total disgusting jerks). But now, read this. Kind. Sometimes, just sometimes.

  • Watch This: Breaking Bad. I’m sure you already watch this. Who doesn’t? Rhetorical question, because the answer is no one. It’s the best show on TV, maybe ever. And forever. I am behind a season though, so don’t spoil it! It kind of gives me nightmares. These are nightmares that I welcome though because they are well produced nightmares. Just like the show. Which is why it is the best on TV.

  • Eat This: Strawberry, Basil, and Goat Cheese Panini. Um, BRB, drooling right now. Strawberry, basil, and goat cheese? Yes, please. Sometimes I feel like Joey Tribbiani (Friends, anyone?) because I have a deep love and appreciation for sandwiches. Everything is better between two pieces of bread. Name it, I would bet this panini that it is better between bread. I think I need to eat this everyday for the rest of my life.

  • Wear This: Shop Goldie. A one stop shop for all things cute, trendy, indie, stylish, (I hate all those words by the way, but sometimes they are necessary) and so forth? Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. Check out Shop Goldie. BRB, after I finish scarfing down my Strawberry, Basil & Goat Cheese panini, you can find me spending hours window shopping at Shop Goldie.

  • Blog Love: A Beautiful Mess. Elsie is everything I would love to be. She’s gorgeous, creative, smart, crafty, and a business woman. She’s basically everything good all rolled into one. Elsie, and her sister Emma, post regular outfit, recipe, DIY, and craft updates. Check out Emma‘s blog and their shop too, Red Velvet! Be careful, you’ll become slightly jealous of these girls.

Happy Friday!

Here’s a fail for you!

Sometimes the sun is in my eyes. I do not like it.

And no, that fuzz is not arm pit hair, it is hair from my head. And now I said arm pit on my blog. Classy.

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  1. aww.. love this post! faith in humanity restored, possibly the best sounding sandwich ever to try and more talk of the best show.. nice!

  2. Naina said:

    a) I’d also like to meet this ambigious ‘they’, I’ve wondered the exact same thing. I feel like they are an elite cult of baby geniuses or something.
    b) I’m glad you said arm pit. It’s a very taboo body part, and I personally feel so bad for it.
    c) You’re so adorable.

  3. Emmy said:

    LOL on the arm pit comment…heehee….and how heartwarming was that Subway picture:)

  4. I saw the 21 pictures page a few days ago and it was probably the highlight of my week. It’s nice to feel like empathy and kindness aren’t vanishing from the world 🙂

    Castle Fashion

  5. lona said:

    Great pictures! and blog motive – is it free? how can i make simmilar layout?
    and i have to say i like this blog so much. maybe you’d like to follow each other?
    Kisses, Lona

  6. Jessica said:

    the camera necklace is super cute! i will have to take a look at the photos that will hopefully restore some hope in the human race hahaha im just kidding sort of…im pretty cynical admittedly but there is always good to see also!


  7. Chelsea said:

    love these images! the civil wars are definitely a favorite of mine 🙂


  8. so hard to pick one item, but I think I like the Autumn Mix tape as my fav. I’m following Violet Bella on Bloglovin.

    fashionplatecheapskate (at)

  9. babette said:

    Great pic from Subway. Never knew that. Beautiful message!

  10. Tessa said:

    My favorite piece from Violet Bella is the Heart of a Sailor Necklace!!! The giveaway necklace is very cute too!!

  11. Marloes said:

    My favorite piece from Violet Bella are the Long Bohemian Leaf Earrings! So cute!
    Follow you and violet Bella now!
    Your very funny! Arm pit….;)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! Love following you! Hope to see you more on my blog 🙂


  12. raven said:

    The subway pic is so nice.
    My face form Violet Bella is The Little Ballerina Necklace.

  13. I tried to email you back about the comment you left on my post about the hat pattern I wrote, but your email isn’t linked to your blog! 😦

    “That hat is for sale in my Etsy shop if you’re interested!

    P.S. I’ve heard YouTube is a pretty good resource for those who want to learn to knit. ;)”

    Also, I think you’re super adorable. :3

  14. Erica said:

    I loved the book store sign in the faith in humanity article. Great link. 🙂

  15. So many great links to click on!! Loving the pictures to restore our faith in humanity!! 🙂

  16. Love that camera, and also the promo code (obviously)! And the Civil Wars are awesome, as is your post!

  17. Raquel said:

    Thanks for your comment!
    Love your look!

  18. um, breaking bad is one of the best series i have ever seen. it STARTS SOON OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! apparently this next season is going to be intense.
    that is all.

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