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One week left until Ugly Mug and I go to New York, also known as the longest week ever. But, I’m really excited for the weekend and next week! It’s going to be filled with birthday parties, family parties, crafts (uh, yeah DIY herb garden here I come) and packing (I enjoy packing. It’s the unpacking I don’t enjoy). All in all, I’m stoked that the weekend is finally here. Yes, stoked. I am forever stuck in the 90’s.

The winner of the Violet Bella giveaway is Sarah! Congratulations Sarah!

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  • Listen to This: Marcy Playground. You might recall a little ditty called “Sex and Candy”. See what I mean about being stuck in the 90’s? I still bump this song; as much as you can bump alternative soft rock. So guess what I was when I saw they had a new album out? Yup – stoked. It doesn’t get any better than 90’s alternative rock. Except when it reemerges in 2012.

  • Read This: Food Gawker. I. Am. Obsessed. I know I use that word a lot, but this time, I really mean it. I check this app everyday. And night. Like multiple times. It’s a sickness. I love to look at food and read recipes. In fact, I’m – yup – obsessed with looking at food and reading recipes. I check out cookbooks from the library. And read food magazines. And watch The Food Network. Join me. (They also have a web version)
  • Watch This: Viva Forever. The world is going to be blessed with a Spice Girl’s musical. What?? Is this really happening? The stars have truly aligned. I must see this musical. You must see this musical. But for now, this promo will do. I cannot tell you how many times I sang and danced to The Spice Girls wearing my Scary Spice inspired outfits and then watching the movie – which by the way, I still own on VHS and can recite word for word. Now all we need is another reunion tour because the 2007 reunion tour was an insane dream come true. You weren’t doubting for a second that I went to that, were you?
  • Eat This: Fruited Cheesecake Flag. I love the 4th of July. It is my grandfather’s birthday, so we have always had a huge family gathering. It’s a day full of food, barbecuing, swimming, and ends with my dad putting on the best private firework show in our backyard – by best I mean, on a piece of plywood, making up firework names and histories in the best announcer voice. My dad is clearly more awesome than yours. So in honor of one of my favorite holidays, make this. Oh, and eat it.

  • Wear This: Hallelu. This is my new favorite way to waste time at work. There are so many items I am lusting over. Now if only money grew on trees, I’d have the cutest wardrobe, and Hallelu would be sold out of everything.

  • Blog Love: The Moptop: I stalk this girl’s blog. I have never disliked anything she has worn. She has the perfect mix of boho, vintage, and just overall awesomeness. Visit her blog and let her know I sent you to stalk her!

p.s. If you need more proof than I’m stuck in the 90’s – I am currently watching episodes of Melissa and Joey on Hulu. As in Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. Quintessential 90’s. Like I said, nothing is better than the 90’s – except when it reemerges in the present day.

Friday (camera!) fail!

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  1. I like outfit with shorts! And photo of girl in the flower crown and cakes)))

  2. That’s so crazy that you shop hallelu, the actual boutique is in the city where I went to college…I spent a lot of time there!!!

  3. I LOVE looking at food/recipes too! Yum yum yum!

    OMG Spice Girls! I’m another huge fan who can recite word for word from Spice World! And I, too, went to their reunion tour! It was amazing (although really short- they were about 30 minutes late starting the show) and I definitely never ever ever thought that I’d get that opportunity. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll get to see the musical live but I hope maybe they’ll release a dvd of a live show or something.

  4. and why not? the 90s had a lot of naff but they also had a lot of good – enjoy!

    ♥ ThankFifi

  5. babette said:

    To bad that I see this competition to late!

  6. Tonya said:

    Ahhh You are seriously the sweetest!!! 🙂 I love that you stalk my blog, it’s definitely a huge compliment! Thanks again for making my day ❤

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