The lights above

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If you’ve come to see an outfit post, I’ve failed you. The following images are purely egotistical. These lights were hanging in the corner on the Act As If set, so like the completely vain blogger I am, I dragged Ugly Mug over to take photos of me. Apparently I’ve kicked bashfulness’ ass; I now take photos in front of an entire music video crew.

By the way, if you’re asking if I can talk about anything but the set of the Act As If video, yes I can. I can also talk about going to New York. If you’re asking if I can talk about anything other than Act As If or New York, no I cannot.








This is what happens when The Fan Files comes up behind Ugly Mug and starts taking pictures of him, taking pictures of me. It’s hard for me to pretend to look cool when my best friend is laughing at me.




*Photo Credit: The Fan Files

Is it weird that I call them by their blog/business names? I assume they appreciate the shameful shameless promotion.


And then I did my best impression of having a migraine.



I hope all those in the U.S. have a fun (and safe!) 4th of July! Eat some food, bake in the sun, blow things up; the usual.

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Diana said:

    Great photos!
    One question: What do you celebrate on 4th July? Everybody posts something about it and I don’t know the reason…. (-;

  2. Rebecca said:

    The fourth to last photo is truly amazing! And you look lovely. Getting used to the lipstick look?

    • As long as I remember not to lick or bite my lips too often haha 😉

  3. Wonderful pictures!!!!
    Love the lamps and the picture with the migraine expression is very good!!!

  4. I love these photos! Those lights are awesome! And very pretty lipstick!

  5. Sarah said:

    Love the photos hun, great lighting! Thanks for your lovely comments xx

  6. lyndsey said:

    You are seriously too gorgeous! All of these photos are stunning. The lights are such a lovely touch!

  7. lia said:

    Amazing photos….great job…

  8. Martha said:

    Omg! You have a great sense of humor….love it! The pictures were fab, the lights were no competition for your poses. Thanks for visiting my blog…I am going to follow you because you had me at egotiscal 😉

  9. Amazing photos and the lights are great!

  10. Marloes said:

    Fabulous pictures! Great look and love the setting:)


    Great GIVE AWAY at my blog!

  11. Dannie said:

    Ooh, this is tooo good 🙂
    I loove your hair and makeup- soo edgy and effortless

  12. racheltr said:

    AMAZING Photos, you look absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

  13. Linda said:

    Oh my word…these have got to be the best photos you’ve had taken yet! So dramatic and dark. I love this.
    Hope you had a safe 4th as well!

    Trendy Teal

  14. LINA said:

    The pictures are amazing! You look gorgeous!

  15. Joyce said:

    Ooo this photos are awesome, I love the lights and the entire vibe of this photoshoot 🙂

  16. This is absolutely crazy shots~! Love the red lipstick, so gorgeous on you~! )

  17. Amazing snapshots!! you look stunning.


  18. GORGEOUS. I’m glad you kicked bashfulness’ ass.


  19. Hefner said:

    Hi! I still won’t marry you. Please stop asking.

  20. Nataya said:

    cool or laugh, you look georgeous. Are you a pro model? That’s good inspiration to take pic under cool lamps and with brick background.

  21. becky. said:

    you’re smiling! gorgeous.

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