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This Friday Favorites is inspired by New York! Because I’m in New York!

TGIF, right? Definitely right, because that means I’m in New York!

  • Listen to This: John Lennon “New York City. I love this sound. Old school, original, alternative, good ol’ Rock’N’Roll. This sound makes me picture a band playing in the garage; actually, like my dad did when I was growing up. They don’t make music like they used to, that’s for sure. How ironic is it that my first recommendation for my New York inspired Friday Favorites is actually from an Englishman?
  • Read This: The Sartorialist. The basic idea is, this dude takes stalker photos of people who dress really well. Actually, it’s awesome. Regular people on the street in their everyday fashions. Although he started in New York, he travels around the world and it is not unlikely to see photos from the likes of London. He’s so awesome that you can read it in blog form or book form.

  • Watch This: Seinfeld. I know that I usually provide ground breaking, totally underworld recommendations here in Friday Favorites, and this is just an old 90’s sitcom, but it’s a must in this New York inspired post. I watch more old sitcom reruns that new shows. They don’t make sitcoms like they used to; everyone is so sensitive these days that the media strives to be boring super politically correct. Let’s bring back funny. Until then, I’ll stick with my Seinfeld reruns. If you click the photo below it will take you a YouTube search of “Seinfeld”. I literally could not choose just one scene to share.

  • Eat This: Frozen Hot Chocolate. I am hoping to have this once a day while we’re in the city. Maybe twice. I’m not sure I am going to need any other food, actually. I don’t think any other words are necessary. It’s self explanatory.

  • Wear This: Beacon’s Closet. I cannot wait to go thrifting in New York. I cannot image a better place for thrifting. I’m hoping to visit Beacon’s Closet and find many more thrift stores along the way. Any New York thrift store recommendations?

  • Blog Love: Flashes of Style. Bonnie is definitely one of my daily blog reads. Her style ranges from vintage inspired cuteness to indie bad assness. Her photos are taken all over the city, and I would be lying if I did not admit that it would be awesome to run into her this week. I would also be lying if I did not admit that that is a tad creepy on my part.

The worst Friday Fail in Friday Fail history. I am not ashamed of trying to avoid raccoon eyes.


What did we learn today?

1. I am in New York

2. They don’t make music or sitcoms how they used to

3. Raccoon eyes, nor the preventing of, are not attractive

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  1. Hi Jennifer!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and, consequently, leading me to yours! I love your style– you’re absolutely striking! Can’t wait to see how your adventure in New York unfolds!

    Smiles and all the best,

  2. Linda said:

    Have fun in New York 🙂
    Haha, love this installment of Friday Favorites! Mmm, frozen hot chocolate sounds so good right now

    Trendy Teal

  3. Ughh raccoon eyes are the worst, right?!! I’ve been working hard to prevent them in this 100+ degree weather 😉

  4. Eliza said:

    Love the John lennon song, very cool and old skool
    loove the satorialist, i love that his site is in a book form ♥
    and LOL, looooooooooove SEINFELD!
    I’m with you, to this day I rather watch seinfeld than new shows today. Shows today try to be funny and ugh it comes off horrible, like dry humor, though I do watch modern family and happy endings, those are pretty funny shows, thats really it. the 90’s had awesome classic tv shows ♥ I just wanna go back in time. </3
    I looove Bonnies style too ♥

    Thanks so much for your wonderful comment on my illustration post! 😀

  5. Joy said:

    Haha nice post!!!!<3

  6. E. said:

    I’m in New York, too! Check out my blog to see some of the thrift/vintage stores I’ve been to (and Serendipity is pretty great!)

  7. Jessi said:

    Great post. I love flashes of style. One of my fave blogs.


  8. kuti said:

    enjoy your time in new york… yes, me too.. i love flashes of style.. she is pretty awesome..btw, thank you so much for visiting and lovely comment on my blog..


  9. Lol!! Enjoy your time…New York is intoxicating…drink it all in!

  10. Amanda said:

    I totally agree they dont make sitcoms like they used to… Omg sienfeld is one my favorite shoes… I LOVE Kramer… heheh and I love Bonnie as well =) What a lovely post— Hope u are having a great day =)

  11. jamie said:

    love scott from The Sartorialist! and who doesnt love some good ol john lennon? 😉

    xx james

  12. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my bog, i hope you stop by again soon.

    I love your blog and have just read back a good few pages and really like this Friday feature!

    Doll on fashion

  13. Molly said:

    Wow you are in New York.
    I love the Satorialist book it is great for style inspiration.

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