Waffles, dinosaurs, seinfeld, oh my!

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Welcome to another tour of New York City; I’m Jennifer and I’ll be your guide today. We will visit New York landmarks, including Central Park, The Museum of Natural History, and the most exciting, the coffee shop from Seinfeld.

Ok, that was weird. But all true. Except that I am not a tour guide.


*Dress: Thrifted via Crossroads. *Boots: Charlotte Russe. *Shirt: Forever 21. *Backpack: Claire’s.


I hope you like this backpack, because it’s in a lot of my upcoming photos. It was great to use on vacation and then great to use everyday because I am lazy, and never switched back to a real purse. I think I like backpack’s more than purses lately. It means I can carry around more unnecessary junk, like gas station receipts from gum and four month old bills from The Gap.

Yeah, I wear socks with my boots. Sometimes they show. Oh well.

Let me just talk about the elephant in the room before you start to question. The shirt around my waist is purely an accessory. It was not even chilly. It certainly was not going to get chilly. What I am saying is that it was not placed there for the future use of warming myself. It was use because I wanted to revert back to my days as a seven year old in the 90’s with my sweatshirt around my waist. Warning, I may repeat this.

I wrote way too much about that, didn’t I?




Pretending to be on the phone is going to be my new go to pose.

Central Park is gorgeous. And huge. It made my feet hurt a little, but I all I wanted to do was keep walking through it. Plus, we discovered a waffle cart that beat Bobby Flay in a Throwdown, so basically, it’s the most magical place in New York.



We snuck in some learning on vacation. Just kidding, I already knew that dinosaurs aren’t real. That’s what I tell myself because I am terrified by the thought of them.



Oh, and I lied (for the second time in this post, sorry), the following is the most magical place in New York. I do not care that it was only the outside sign used in the show, this place is the pinnacle of Seinfeld; my favorite show. Highlight!




That is how I felt the whole time I was in New York

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Leah said:

    Personally, I love the shirt around the waist thing. Annnddd I may be looking into attaining that backpack as well. I luh it.

  2. it´s simple but significant the way you express yourself!

  3. cheyenne said:

    i neeed to go to that coffee shop one day!
    and central park is one of my favorite places on the planet.
    i was there in april and it was absolutely gorgeous!
    xo, cheyenne

  4. So, so jealous of you right now. NYC has been somewhere I wanted to go since I can remember. It is mystifying to me. You look so perfect there and I don’t mind seeing more of the backpack–I rather like it!

  5. Elana said:

    Aah! All of these photos are great, but the thing I’m most jealous of is by far the Seinfeld coffee shop. Now THAT’S a piece of history. I love reading your posts, they’re hilarious. And of course, I’m loving the 90’s grunge look. More backpack please!

  6. Your NYC posts make me laugh! Love the pictures and your outfit. I’ve been to that Seinfield restaurant when I stayed at Columbia for a conference last winter. How cool!



  7. that dress is so cute! and seriously girl… i want your hair!

  8. thx for your coment Jennifer;) You are so pretty;) Fantastic pics;) + I add to watched 😉

  9. Hey Jennifer!
    Thanks for commenting at my blog! I’m your new follower on bloglovin!
    You have gorgeous hair by the way!

  10. Thanks for stopping by our blog!!! Loving the dress in these pics, SO cute….you are beautiful:)

    Molly and MacKenzie

  11. Daniela said:

    I’ll be in Central Park this weekend 🙂 Can’t wait !

  12. heather said:

    HEYO! central park! Awwww you were in the neighborhood I grew up in. I grew up on the upper westside not to far from Tom’s Restaurant. My parents still live on 110th st 🙂

    LOVE your jumper!


  13. kellen said:

    Love the look! the Romper is adorable!

  14. Alexa said:

    Love this outfit ❤ you look great! These shots are beautiful

  15. Tonya said:

    LOVE this look, the grunge feel to it is so cute! And New York looks amazing!! I want to go there someday…

  16. Kat said:

    I am so jealous! LOVE NYC. It’s just kind of pricey to get there from LA. Lovin’ ALL your NYC posts 🙂


  17. hahah you are the cutest tourguide ever!!! lovely blog girl

  18. Maria V said:

    Absolutely beautiful – so naturally effortless. Adore your sense of style & photography!

  19. Louise said:

    Great post! As alwas I loved your comments. Great dress 😀



  20. anthea said:

    Love your pics! New York is a crazy place! Did you feel overwhelmed at all by the number of people there? (Was just there a few weeks ago!)

  21. lia said:

    great photos…

  22. Carina said:

    Ugly Mug did a great great job, as usual the photos are all beautiful! And I so love to read your posts, always so clever and funny 🙂

  23. love the romper 🙂


  24. Meghan said:

    I love the shirt tied around the waist look–I tried to rock it once and a random strange man made fun of me! Glad I’m not alone!

  25. daisy said:

    such a cute outfit! i really miss new york! wish i was back there visiting! (:


  26. Lovely pictures, you look great!
    do people tell you you look alot like Jennifer Garner?

    • I’ve never gotten that comparison before, but I like it! I have gotten Hillary Duff which is a complement to me as well, but I don’t see that one lol

  27. You are gorgeous, I love these photos!

  28. Joyce said:

    oh my gosh, I so want to visit New York (or anywhere on the east coast) And your outfit is super awesome, so perfect for a vacation day. Your dress is really pretty 🙂

  29. anna said:

    You look like such a cute tourist. I love your outfit, the florals look very 90’s. Actually, I have to agree with you about the shoes. I can’t stand them without socks.

  30. Nikki said:

    These photo’s are lovely, makes me want to visit New York SO much:)
    Your outfit is so pretty, I love the denim shirt tied around your waist, it looks great! Xx


  32. Ellie said:

    Fab photos, looks amazing! Love the dress 🙂 x

  33. Kristian said:

    Looks like you had so much fun!

  34. These photos are too cool, I’m dying to do the same sort of thing with different sights in Boston. Love the look!!

    xx, http://soanthro.com

  35. Love your dress! Floral summer dresses are such a go-to for me and this one feels very NYC!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my outfit post ~ If you get a moment I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest!



  36. Un look increible. Estas guapisima. Unas fotos increibles.
    Un beso

  37. cassie said:

    Ah I like so much your dress!! Love the style! I’ve visited NY in January and now that I’m looking your photos I’m so jealous!


  38. These pictures are great! Looks like you had a lot of fun. I’m really loving that picture of you with the dinosaur.

  39. i love your pics and your look 🙂 great job and have a good time on holyday 🙂
    thanks for the nice comment and i hope we can follow each other!
    kisses 🙂

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