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Let’s take a break from New York and focus on Friiiiiiday! Friday means that there is only one more week until Ugly Mug comes to visit me! Ugly Mug up in my neck of California is a rare occurence; usually reserved for holidays, but I didn’t even have to beg him this time. He must like me.

Let’s start with something fun. Friday Fun to be specific. I kind of love .GIFs. I am amused easily.

This is what Ugly Mug and I look like sitting on rocks in Central Park. Interesting right? No, but the fact that it moves, that’s what makes it interesting to those simple minded folks like me.


Want another fun thing? Do you like this picture? Do you like voting? Please click this link (or the photo) and give the picture a quick “like” for me. In return, I will share some Friday Favorites with you. Oh, I already do that every Friday? Well, then you just get my thanks.

  • Listen to this: The Head and the Heart. Indie-ish. Country-ish. Rock-ish. They have it all. They are almost as good as my ability to describe their sound.

  • Read this: The Blogger Name Generator. Do you want to start a blog, but don’t know how to come up with a name? Fret no more! The lovely Kari of Juniper James shared this with me on twitter yesterday and I could not stop laughing. I fall under “Something having to do with style. Really, it could be anything.” One option is Sweating Style. I clearly picked the wrong blog title. Remember when you used to put together your street name and first pet’s name to get your stripper name (such a child friendly game, by the way)? It’s like that, but blog style.

  • Watch this: Celebrities Read Tweets About ThemselvesThis is old, but I am usually behind the times. It is from this year, so technically, for me, I’m in the future. Besides, Kimmel is on past my bedtime. I like when celebrities can take a joke. There are more videos, so watch and if you enjoy your co-workers hearing you stifle giggles because you’re watching this video instead of working, then click around for more versions.

  • Eat this: Quinoa Tabbouleh Arugula Salad. I have become obsessed with quinoa lately. If you don’t know what it is, just buy it, make it, and eat it. Don’t ask questions, just keep piling up on your plate. Jenny’s recipe is very similar to my favorite quinoa recipe, as shown to me by Ugly Mug‘s sister. I also add an orange pepper into the quinoa and lemon juice into the dressing. Not lying, I am craving this right now!

  • Wear this: Newspaper Print Nails. I’m going to try this this weekend. Mine will most likely come out a hot mess, but I know you can do better. I am really looking forward to using my fingernails as silly putty. Silly putty is the original copy machine.
  • Blog love: Olsen’s Anonymous. Do you want to dress like an Olsen? Yeah, me too. Olsen’s Anonymous posts street and red carpet photos of the Olsen’s and links for where to get similar items. I smell an obsession coming on. I strive for bag lady chic, so, pretty much the quintessential Olsen.

Friday Fail!
Most of my pictures end up look like this. I am very finicky.


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  1. Ali said:

    Ooooh, what a fun post!! I like this collaboration of things, haha! That quinoa salad looks very delicious. Haven’t tried quinoa yet because of the price, but I would really like to have it once. 🙂

    And I totally saw that video on Tumblr yesterday… hilarious!

  2. You look like you’re trying to pull yourself up by your booties. Hopefully you avoided the Blue Screen of Death when you rebooted. I’m glad KB hooked you on Quinoa. I’ve got to try the blogger name game and see what I’d get.

  3. cheyenne said:

    haha, love the celebrities reading tweets about them selves! and that quinoa salad looks delicious. i’m always on the look-out for recipes with quinoa, thanks for sharing!
    xo, cheyenne

  4. ellen said:

    Love your post- gorgeous girl! Head and the heart is a local band to me- so good right?? Great nails and always love an Olsen’s outfit post~
    Happy to have found your blog~

  5. Anni said:

    Thank you for being a blogger with interesting posts! I have been messing the blog name generator for 30 mins now and I am still very amused. 🙂 Definitely a new follower

  6. nika said:

    lovely post I especially like the name generator :)) nice! 🙂


  7. Lol on the blog namer….I would sooooo be “Louboutins and Crepes” 😉

  8. Cristel said:

    Die krantennagels zijn echt tof. Leuke post weer meis.

  9. I like the handling of different concepts in this blog.

  10. anthea said:

    Happy weekend! Love your recommendations 🙂

  11. Morgan Brooks said:

    I am a little obsessed with you and your blog love! I adore all of it! You are stunning.
    Fabulous post love!
    Since you have such wonderful style, Id love for you to stop by my blog and enter my $50 forever 21 giveaway and check out my latest posts!
    Morgan Brooks

  12. thankfifi said:

    you’d be a great Olsen! I voted for your photo too 🙂
    and in case you’re wondering my blog should have been called… Jacob Gin Truffles

    ♥ ThankFifi
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my post.x

  13. Nice recommendations, that video was so funny! And that salad looks delicious. 🙂

  14. whitney said:

    I love the blog olsen’s anonymous as well! That video of celebs reading tweets is awesome!

  15. Andrea said:

    great pics & interesting blog 😉

  16. Harriet said:

    The blog naming thing is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Heather said:

    Love the quinoa recipe! Will be trying it!!

  18. SHOP épique said:

    lovely inspirations. i should really try making some quinoa salad sometime 🙂
    would you like to follow each other?

  19. Erica said:

    OMG!! Where was the blog name generator when I was picking out my bloggy name?!! So many hours wasted pondering that name on my own… LOL! So freakin’ funny!

  20. Hadn’t heard the Head and the Heart before. They have a different kind of sound, I really liked it. I think I liked ‘ghosts’ a little better.

  21. Absolutely stunning pics! 🙂
    Just followed you on twitter, keep up the gorgeous photos too!

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