Matching is for suckers

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Look Ma, no matching!

If I was cool, I would have said “suckas” in my blog title, but since I’m just totally rad, I say “suckers.”

Now that we know that I value my education and using the English language correctly, let’s talk about print mixing. You need to be brave. When people give you the second glance, and not in the “dayum” way, or flat out tell you that you do not match, as in your mom (hi, mom!), you question your outfit. Then, I remember that the more people who question my outfit, usually means that I like it more. Suck on that suckers suckas.


*Shirt: Forever 21. *Shorts: c/o Francesca’s Collections. *Boots: H&M. *Bag: Claire’s


I might have a problem with wearing my sunglasses everywhere but on my face. I’m not going to lie, sometimes they are used as a non-face accessory.


Sick of this bag yet? I’m not. I am, however, lusting over this on over at Threadsence, but alas, it is out of stock.

Let’s also talk about my majah (a la, Rachel Zoe style) skank face. Or, let’s not. I think it was sunny. It is definitely not because I was in a not so fun mood, because we all know that I am a bowl full of sunshine; all the time.

By the way, my aunt calls everything skanky. She’s awesome. So, that’s where that came from.




We found this giant concrete tube and thought, “Oh, artistic photos, here we come!” We were wrong. So wrong, that this is the only one you get to see. I look like I’ve never been inside a giant concrete tube while someone is taking my picture before, aka, majah confused face. Which sometimes looks like a constipation face. Too much information?




All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Leah said:

    I think this “matches’ perfectly well! Mix ’em up, lady!

  2. LOVE this outfit! That shirt is amazing. And I love the way you put everything together!

  3. TJ said:

    um, what?! could you be any cuter, girl? completely obsessed with these fierce photos, and this outfit!! perfect!
    xo TJ

  4. Lucija said:

    amazing! I love this!
    stop by me, I would love us to be friends!


  5. oh my goodness this is so much fun. that tee is AWESOME!!

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! This is a really cute outfit. I also love your hair, I think it is very naturally pretty.

    xx Nikki

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! It’s always fun to run into other blogging Hanson fans. There’s talk of a world tour including US dates for 2013, so I’m sure they’ll be in your area again soon!

    Oh and I totally thought the pattern on your shorts was candy corn at first, which was pretty exciting. Haha.

  8. couldn’t agree more!matching is totally for woosies !;) looooooove the outfit, wanna steal your shorts !your face is stunning, it reminds me of a cooler version of lana del rey!:))

  9. Love this!! The t-shirt is totally chic and I agree with you…sunglasses are awesome accessories 😉

  10. Carrie said:

    Very fun print mixing! Glory in those stares … they just don’t know that they should be envious of your style. 🙂

  11. Haha! Suckas vs. suckers = either way, you are rad. And I’m digging the mixing. I always want to do more stuff like this, but then I revert to matching my shoes to a color in my top, and omg all of a sudden I’m following the fashion rules of my grandmother. Anyway. Thanks for stopping by my blog — yours is awesome and I look forward to snooping around for some more fashion inspiration.

  12. Rachel said:

    I love these pictures, great outfit, really unique and a lot of fun!

  13. I love love love your hair!
    Love your outfit!

  14. Theresa said:

    Loving this!!! (: Great outfit.


  15. Lynn said:

    Great blog and great pictures! I, too, like to be bold with mixing prints.


  16. Sarah said:

    You’re cracking me up. For the record, the weirder people in the ‘burbs think I look, the better I know my outfit must be. If I felt like it, I would make a chart about this phenomenon.

  17. OMG YOU ARE GORGEOUS! you could wear a paper bag and make it look good haha! awesome look! Hugs from California! xx,
    The Golden Girls

  18. cecylia said:

    are you a model? Such a pretty lady, I adore your shorts!

  19. I was very pleased to find this site.I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

  20. love your shorts, I like Francesca’s collection they always have nice stuff!

  21. Serina said:

    Love the rucksack especially! I’m a sucker for a leather bag. Thanks for your comment x

  22. Dunya said:

    I am a huge fan of the clashing prints, not sure I’m confident enough to pull it off just yet! But really like this outfit, and I pretty much always use sunglasses as a non-face accessory..the one photo I have of me with them near my face is when I was just taking them off – they are for bigger and better things than protecting my eyes..! Love the rucksack too! Just a week in to my blogging, would really appreciate a comment, you might like what you see and follow too! I hope so, plenty of ideas and places to come : )
    Thanks, Dunya

  23. Love your print mixing and I’m always a little weirded out by the stares when I mix prints! This is a great look!

  24. Outi said:

    Hahaha lol girl i just love your writing style, it shows your great personality and sense of humor. I’m all grins and smiles when reading your posts 😀
    Oh and i totally agree, matching IS for suckazzz…You should’ve typed it that way, then you would’ve been a real gangsta 😛
    Your outfit made me wanna mix prints like this instant! :]

  25. You have a special way to show the trends that are better for you.

  26. I totally feel better about my outfit the more eclectic/non matching they are. Weird looks equals sartorial success for the day.

  27. I love the pattern mixing going on here! And I can’t say I’ve even been in a concrete tube before, so kudos to you! 🙂

  28. Erin said:

    Great shorts, you have beautiful locks too! Lucky girl.

  29. Your blog is so cool ! I love this post and your hair look great !

  30. Joy said:

    Very cute shorts! Love the outfit!

  31. Saci said:

    love the shorts 🙂

  32. Well I love the mix of edgyness and cuteness in this outfit and the way you describe it haha, that t shirt is awesome

  33. Elana said:

    Ah, your posts make laugh so much. But let’s talk about the shorts. They’re awesome and they have the coolest print. End of story. Also, I wholeheartedly support of the spelling of “suckers.” I’m a nerd. …and I have an unhealthy love of proper grammar.

  34. Awesome look and gorgeous photos! You have such cool, edgy style! 🙂

    take care, Daniella xox

  35. Your writing, my girl, is just awesome! This post made me laugh 🙂 and I love your non-matching look! x

  36. Timna said:

    Thanks for your comment! 🙂
    Really cool photos and I love your shirt!!
    xx Timna

  37. cheyenne said:

    great outfit! those shorts are brilliant – i actually just found out about fransesca’s collection earlier this week, they have some lovely items.

    and i love print mixing! but you definitely have to be brave – wich i’m not. i already freak out when i’m wearing more than two different kinds of colors. but it looks so great on you! i’m going to have to step it up a little and try to be more adventurous when it comes to outfits, haha.
    xo, cheyenne

  38. Gaby said:

    such an amazing outfit, love the mix of prints! 🙂

  39. Love this. Love your blog!! I’m your newest follower 🙂

  40. I don’t think this print mixing looks crazy at all! The top isn’t even an all-over print so it’s a perfectly good idea to pair patterned shorts with it. This is so cute!

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