Investing in the weekend

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Things I learned this weekend:

I’m sad the Olympics are over, even if I did only watch if for a combined 37 minutes.

Country is the best music to listen to when you drive twelve miles in forty-five minutes because of an accident on the freeway.

Sangria gives me a headache. Okay, six or seven glasses of sangria gives me a headache.


*Dress: Thrifted via Freestyle Clothing Exchange. *Vest: Thrifted via Goodwill (altered) *Boots: Target

I like sangria.

When I have a vest on, I like to take it off.


I have a weakness for babies. That’s not something new, just reaffirmed.

107 degrees is really hot.


I am jealous of Miley Cyrus and her new haircut.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted my vest open with my hair down, or buttoned with my hair up. So I switched halfway through the day.


I love the look of cut offs and sweaters, no matter how much of an oxymoron it is.


I am not ashamed to admit that I like Ashton Kutcher movies.

I am well aware of my intense farmer’s tan.

I’m not going to admit that this happened, but pictures are worth a thousand words for a reason.


Congratulations, you made it to the end! Hey, check out this fun video! If you think you’d like to see me just being me, then you might like it.

There was a lot going on in this post. Thanks for sticking with me!


All photos (and video footage/editing) credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. This post is awesomely all over the place. Your video is pretty cool too… make-up, chilling, shopping, hair flipping! I am voting for ya! When do you find out who wins?

  2. annie said:

    Love the denim vest with the dress & ankle boots – such a cute look! And those are some great lessons you learned 🙂

  3. Lindsey said:

    I love the dress, and your necklace too!

    I am also sad about the Olympics being over, even though I only watched for about 10 minutes. 😛


  4. i love this outfit so much i think i should go ahead and just thrift a denim jacket i don’t mind cutting the sleeves off of. sometimes it takes a push or forty to get me to do something. also, you look like a completely different person with your hair up!

  5. abby said:

    love the video, love the outfit, and as always love your commentary! i feel the same way about sangria and babies. and don’t you dare pull a miley on that gorgeous mane of yours!


  6. iLOVE said:

    Love the necklace! I’m a sucker for graphics these days!

  7. what a cool and preppy look!!
    i love your liberty dress
    so cute

  8. Steven said:


  9. Amanda said:

    I love reading the text in between your love OOTD photos =)… I love sangria it makes me think about my time as an exchange student in Sevilla =) great times… I think six or 7 glasse would give me a headache as well hehe =) … I can’t drink that much hehe =) and oh I love the dress and freaking love the video, great editing u look so cool and gorgeous

  10. perfect summer look! with a 90s touch xoxo

  11. I find the EXACT same thing with sangria – there must be something in it…

    ♥ ThankFifi
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment today.x

  12. the dress and the vest: perfect pair.

  13. You are good in tying a bun! I suck at it =(
    I like your denim vest. Looks good on you =)

  14. Ah but no music suggestions! haha Love em! Love your outfit too 🙂

    I love Miley’s haircut – don’t think it would fly in an office and how would you ever grow it out?! Oh to be a grownup :p

  15. Susie said:

    I am SUPER sad the olympics are over. Boo.
    You look super cute here! Loving the florals/denim.

    Sea and Swank

  16. I’m sad the Olympics are over too! I love the look–the dress is so pretty and love the vest and booties with it!

  17. luka said:

    love your style, you are very pretty<3

  18. Melody said:

    haa.. a lot of sangria gives me a headache too, that doesn’t stop be from drinking it though. I like both ways, with your hair up and down!

  19. I like the open vest/hair down look more myself. That triangle necklace is cute too!

  20. omg, you are sooo funny!

    Hey, quick question: What software did you use to edit your video? 😀

    Thank youuu

  21. N.Elle said:

    Great post 🙂
    Lovely outfit!

  22. leyla said:

    i love your messy bun and i love sangria. at a favorite local tapas bar, i tried white wine sangria recently and i have to say that i love it even more than the regular red wine sangria. it’s the only way i can enjoy wine without getting a headache. stay cool!

  23. Keit said:

    Got farmer’s tan too, I think it’s totally original, as far as no one else has it, we’re fine XD Sad about the Olympics too, although I usually turned them on the telly, only to go somewhere else and do some stuff with the Olympics noise in the background 😀

  24. Love how you paired the denim vest with a dress:)

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, yours is fabulous, now following you!


  25. agatha said:

    nice! beautiful pictures

    thanks for stopping by, please do again 😉

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