Friday favorites

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If you’re reading this, I am currently driving down to Los Angeles for the weekend. Actually, that might not be true. If you are reading this between the hours of noon and 6 pm PST, then I am currently driving down to Los Angeles for the weekend. And if you happen to be reading this on Sunday night, then I am driving back up to Sacramento.

And there’s my schedule for the weekend, feel free to stalk me.

  • Listen to this: Cher Lloyd. Those Brits sure know how to make pop music, don’t they? Pop music is my not so guilty pleasure. A pop concert is the most fun anyone can have. Don’t argue; you won’t win.
  • Read this: Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB). If you have a blog, you want to read this. IFB provides fantastic articles and tips about blogging, at all levels. I’m sure you’ve heard about a little something called the IFB Conference? Yup, the same people.

  • Watch this: Act As If “Oh My My” music video. Ladies (and gentlemen?), I present you the music video that Ugly Mug and his team wrote, produced, directed, and edited. I am super proud of my boys! And not to brag, but the right side of my body, neck to knees, is in the opening scene. Like I said, not to brag, but it’s kind of a big deal.

  • Wear this: Evil Twin.You know when you find a brand that just perfectly embodies what you are feeling? That. Evil Twin is just killing it.

  • Blog love: LP Fashion Philosophy by Davie and Erica. Oh they are so cute. Too cute. So cute that you want to read their blog everyday. So cute that you want to be their fashion frenemies so you can raid their closets.

Friday Fail!

Um, I look like a child who just got caught doing something naughty.

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  1. Janet said:

    Love everything about this post and your blog is great!!! Following you now on bloglovin. Follow me??
    CHANEL handbag giveaway….to one lucky winner August 31st.

  2. Evani G said:

    I don’t remember knowing that you were from Sacramento?! I am too! Sorry if we’ve already come to this realization and I just forgot or something. Lol Have fun in LA! Love that cher lloyd song!

  3. great blog dear ❤ It's so pretty <3<3<3 I've also a blog 🙂 If do you like also we could follow each other 😀

  4. Holy amazingness!! Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies look completely sinful.

  5. Elsa said:

    Wow, your style is great! So is your blog, this post was really good! Min to check out my blog?

  6. hannah said:

    hope you have fun in California !

    those cookies look delicious!

    wanna follow on facebook and twitter ?

    Elegantesque Blog

  7. Can I say the cookies seems too yummy to resist!? Love it! 😀

    But anyway, I would like to invite you to the new BASI network!

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    I really hope to see you there.It’s just a click away and you can make this world a better place.

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  8. Victoria said:

    I totally agree: the brits definitely know how to make pop music! I’m loving Cheryl Cole’s “Call My Name” at the moment.

    Those cookies look unbelievably delicious.

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