Party like it’s 1990

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I am officially on the other side of 25 now. That means that I am closer to 30 than to 20. That shit is scary. But also, a little comforting. I almost feel like a legit grown up, as opposed to a child pretending to be a grown up. Almost.

So, cheers to that?




Dress & Sandals: Thrifted via Freestyle Clothing Exchange // Purse: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Denim Jacket: LA Fashion District // Arm Party: Mix of The Icing and Forever 21

In other news, I like thrift stores because I find dresses like this one. Totally 90’s in every single way and I couldn’t be more in love. I might have already worn it three times in the week that I have owned it. But I might not have. You’ll never know.

I think you know.


I bought a pair of sandals from Target a few days earlier, then I found these sandals at the same store as I found this dress – on the same day. Fate.

I proceeded to return the more expensive Target sandals. Thrifty Tip #46224: Don’t stop looking even after you’ve bought something new.



Confession, I took photos of this outfit on Friday. I did not appreciate my under eye bags, expressionless face, and lack luster poses, so we retook the photos the next day. I liked them much better. It is no coincidence that I added the arm party the second day. Arm parties have magical powers.


Also, I realize I am a year and four months late to the arm party train. A year and four months fashionably late. That’s how I roll.



All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. So cute and inspiring. I especially love the dress. Cute blog!!

  2. Damianne said:

    Your blog is so nice! And I love this dress!


  3. Cardigan Crew said:

    Absolutely gorgeous pics and outfit!

  4. Bree said:

    You look stunning! That dress is beautiful on you!
    Happy 25th ❤

  5. That dress was a great find! Very 90’s-tastic! I really like your new sandals too. I always find the best shoes at Target. Especially when the seasons change and there’s a ton of clearance shoes.
    Happy 25th birthday too! Hooray!

  6. Fab 90’s dress and welcome to the “other side”…if it makes you feel any better…you’ll always be younger than me 😉

  7. Lindsey said:

    Wow, I totally thought you were like, 19 or 20! I always tend to think bloggers are younger than they actually are. Weird. Love the dress though! And hey, you’re a pretty great-looking other-side-of-25-year-old. 😉

    Et tu, tutu?

  8. Alison said:

    I love this dress! The print is great!


  9. I love finding things at thrift stores, it’s much more exciting than normal shopping! I’m also closer to 26 now and it’s getting a litttttle scary, I agree!

  10. You’re so stunning! I love the dress–and your thrifty tip! I guess you never know when you’ll stumble on something better!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Hope to have you again.

    Oh, and things are GREAT on this side of 25. 😉

    the Reverie blog

  11. Simona said:

    You look so gorgeous ! Happy Birthday, don´t worry it´s just a number 😉

  12. htitus said:

    Freestyle did you good! I am majorly diggin’ on cut of that dress. nice post

  13. B. said:

    You are beautiful and i love your dress!

  14. Louise said:

    Love the dress! You look like 20 anyways so you can always visit the inner child, and act crazy, without looking weird 😉


  15. This dress has 90’s written all over it! I used to wear mine with my D boots and way too much black eyeliner!

    Luxx Mint

  16. love the dress 🙂 looks great on you

  17. Maria said:

    Such a pretty dress! I know how you feel about age. I turned 29 this year and had a mini melt down that it’s my last year I can say I’m in my 20’s!


  18. That’s an adorable dress. x

  19. fashionably late is a good thing! i love this dress on you, and finding a pair of similar cheaper sandals is fabulous!!

  20. lindsaypalmore said:

    I love your dress! I’m all about rocking the arm party too 😉

  21. Taliah said:

    That dress is perfection!! Love the dip in the back…i need to visit this store! And on another note, i’ve done the same thing, reshot outfits because the first try wasnt good enough! lol. So i feel you. Love your style!

  22. love the dress. totally rad. how’s that for a 90s saying? or was that 1980s? i don’t even know. But I do know that I like the arm party!


  23. Ah beautiful photos! I love your dress, thank you for your comment! xx

  24. Raji said:

    Congrats on being that side of twenty five, I hope you enjoy and make the most of it
    You have such a lovely style and this look is gorgeous

  25. Thanks for not telling me when your birthday was. Now I feel like a horrible person.

    • It was Tuesday. You knew… but I told you it wasn’t. I lied and you believed me. I blame you.

      • you’re a sick sick person. :0

  26. Kayla said:

    I hear you! I’m turning 25 in October…time is flying. We have to joy every minute.

  27. zarna said:

    Haha, yes! Cheers to that!

    Loving the high/low piece 🙂

  28. Ana said:

    I’ll turn 26 soon, so I definitely understand that feeling…. I love your dress. It’s adorable!

  29. what a perfect dress! I would wear that everywhere if i could , thanks for stopping past my blog!

  30. Tonya said:

    Soo pretty! 🙂 I love the high-low trend thing that’s going on. I think it’s such a fun cut for a dress. And I love anything floral print!

  31. L&D said:

    I love your dress and great pictures ! 🙂

  32. Remy said:

    omg, this dress is so gorgeous (and HOT!). Love those beautiful tendrils, too!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a love note!!


  33. I totally feel your pain! I turned 25 in December and it was an experience. I’ve come to grips with it….except I refuse to beleive I’m going to be 26 at the end of this year! Where is time going?! Thanks for visiting my blog! Darling little blog you have here, really enjoying it ❤

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