Friday favorites

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Can we all agree that Hilary Duff makes great movies?

Yes, we can.

Um, yes, I just so happen to be watching Beauty and the Briefcase on Netflix as I write this post. That’s besides the point.

I think that is all that needs to be said. This is a Friday Favorites post after all.

  • Listen to this: Mumford & Sons “I Will Wait”. Men with mustaches and banjos. Is anything else necessary? Like, ever? No, I didn’t think so. I may be a bit obsessed with their first album, so I am super stoked for this new one. Give it a listen!
  • Read this: Threadsence Blog. Not only do they have the cutest clothes, but they have the cutest blog. Need a music recommendation? They have it. Hungry? Get new recipes here. Interior decorating ideas? Yup, Threadsence.

  • Watch this: Ruby Sparks Trailer. I am in love with this movie and I’ve only seen the trailer about 6 times. Don’t make me feel dumb. Please watch it and and tell me you love it too.
  • Eat this: Banana Oat Bars. Blah blah blah – healthy – bah -oatmeal. Yeah I know what you’re thinking, but stop. Instead, think: Delicious. Nuke this for 30 seconds in the morning and it tastes just like banana bread – but without all the flour and sugar. Yes, that is the stuff that makes banana bread so good, but I swear, this is just as good.

  • Wear this: Dra Clothing. Why Is everything I want sold out? Oh, because it’s all cute. That makes sense. What doesn’t make sense? You’re not already shopping there.

  • Blog love: Fashion Toast. All you need to do is look at the picture below. Believe me when I tell you it’s worth checking out Rumi’s blog. Chick is Legit.

Friday Fail!

Ugly Mug does strange things to me.


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    • She had a baby! She’s recording music and just signed a TV deal so basically 2013 is the year of Duff! haha 😉

  1. um yes, I will also be seeing the Ruby Sparks movie! thanks for sharing.


  2. I want to marry each man in Mumford and Sons. Also, Beauty and the Briefcase is a solid movie!

  3. What a great post! I really want to watch that movie now! Going to bookmark that recipe, too!

  4. I’m so excited for Mumford and Sons’ new album! I love their music. And I really want to see Ruby Sparks, too.

  5. I’m also an avid Fashion Toast follower! I’m a fellow Sac blogger and I’m crushing on your blog! Love your long flowy hair.

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