Sheer obsession

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If you’re looking to get fat, you should bake and eat these brownies immediately. They have s’mores inside of them. Yes. You should probably make them even if you don’t want to get fat because they are brownies with s’mores in the middle. Let me say it one more time: There are s’mores in the middle of these brownies.

I have a slight obsession with reading food blogs. I love to look at pictures of food. Am I alone here?

The result of this obsession is baking, which I love to do. Unfortunately, the result of that is me eating said baked goods. Fortunately, I am a really good baker. That was straight bragging, not even a humble brag. No need to lie.




Dress & Sandals: Thrifted via Freestyle Clothing Exchange (Brand: Forever 21)// Purse: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co (Brand: Lucky) // Arm Party: Mix of Target & The Icing

Summer uniform right here: Breezy dress and sandals. I am a bit sad that it has started cooling down because that means I’ll have to add a sweater into the mix soon. Then I remember how much I love sweaters and get excited.



I tend to gravitate towards sheer dresses and tops. I think it adds the feminine touch that I am often missing in my wardrobe. I also just happen to enjoy showing off my undergarments.



Can I get a hallelujah for the upcoming three day weekend (which I am making into a four day weekend)? Just the thought of it has already put me in a good mood and it’s still a week away. I will be in LA (because where else do I go?) for the weekend and we will be celebrating my belated birthday. Plans are still up in the air, so if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to share. If you have suggestions and don’t share, well, that’s just mean.



You know you twirl when you wear dresses.



And that concludes my photo overload.

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Pretty pictures and dress! Knowing there’s a long weekend coming up is definitely keeping me going 🙂

  2. Linda said:

    Love that dress and those sandals!
    And mmmm…I think I could deal with a couple more pounds or so…those look deliciouis *_*

    Trendy Teal

  3. Lol!!! You’re probably my favorite blog to read…I mean, there are a lot of fabulous bloggers with killer style but you have wit…and that wins every time in my book.
    Love the sheer because yes…what’s the point of spending money on undergarments if you can’t show them off…

  4. you look so cute! and I also love sweeties 🙂

  5. Sue said:

    hi! thanks for your lovely comment 😉 Loving this dress, is so cute on you!!

  6. soanthro said:

    LOVE this dainty dress and your wrap bracelets!!

  7. Anaivilo said:

    Oh that dress is so cute and I loove the bag!:D

  8. Cardigan Crew said:

    This is beautiful! Love your twirling pic 🙂
    I too love sheer in the Summer time. so feminine and sexy!

    Also – I’m having a Bauble Bar giveaway on my blog today. Be sure to stop by!

  9. Sparkle said:

    gorgeous dress.


  10. Morgan said:


    2. love your breezy dress and sandal combo.

    3. Urth Cafe in LA for a latte and Sweet Lady Jane’s for some trifle. 🙂


  11. You always make me laugh! Love the dress! I’m so excited for the long weekend too!

  12. RoselyC said:

    I don´t mind putting on a few pounds if its brownies we are talking about. That being said, can I please have your ring? Its gorgeous!

  13. MeghanM said:

    I actually snorted at “If you’re looking to get fat…” And now I’m off to get a brownie.

  14. Thank you so much for your commet
    I love your outfit is so nice


  15. Keit said:

    I want to get fat, here I come brownies ^_^ You’re not alone in this, I love staring at food photos and watching cooking channels, sadly too lazy to actually cook something 😀
    Pretty dress!

  16. This is so chic! Love your dress, such a lovely colour and print! 🙂

    Take care, Daniella xox

  17. flor said:

    nice look! loved the bag,
    follow on bloglovin?

  18. maria said:

    I love the first line. hysterical. love this look

  19. cute dress! perfect go-to summer outfit for sure.


  20. Eryn said:

    Lovely outfit!!

  21. I looove the dress and those sandals are amazing too 🙂


    I really like your blog and Im following.

    If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration…check out my blog:)

    Have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria at

  23. cristina said:

    I love your bag!! the outfit looks nice and fresh perfect for summer!

  24. wow ! you’re so beautiful<3 gorgeous photos and dress:)

  25. Theresa said:

    I get you with the food thing… I love pictures of food… Biggest advocate for food porn right huurr. haha xD
    Love the dress~ Very pretty! ^_____^

  26. Kimmie said:

    Such a pretty dress! Perfect for twirling 🙂 You look fabulous.

  27. That dress is gorgeous 🙂

  28. Tara said:

    That’s such a lovely dress, Jennifer! I thought I was over sheer items, but after a shopping trip – or two (!) – and upon seeing your dress, I think I may have changed my mind…
    Also, thank you for your comment – it is greatly appreciated – and I just thought I’d mention that your blog makes me laugh ever so much! Now – if you’ll excuse me – I’m off to stuff my face with brownies!

    Best Wishes,


  29. Diana said:

    Great photos! Love the outfit!

  30. Loving your outfit from head to toe but especially your accessories. The handbag and sandals are my fave.

    Sincerely Daja

  31. Kristen said:

    Love the dress and will have to try the brownies!!

  32. I love food blogs too but just don’t seem to have time to make any of the delicious recipe 😦


  33. Jupe said:

    Sheer is definitely trendy adn fun! I like the pattern on this one, and that spectacular ruffle at bottom.

    ❤ Cambria

  34. Allison said:

    I love everything about this outfit! The dress the jewelry the bag and the shoes! so cute!

  35. Wow! Pictures are just amazing! ❤

  36. Wow you have such high cheek bones…your gorge!! lol I also love your dress too.

  37. Irina said:

    Cool outfit!! ❤

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