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I’d like to apologize in advance for the amount of photos you are about to be smacked in the face with. Let’s just lay all the cards on the table; I am a style blogger, which is a fancy way of saying, I take photos of myself and post them online for people to look at and compliment me.

I’m just kidding. Obviously there is more to this blog than wanting compliments. I want people to send me free stuff.

 Disclaimer for those who cannot read sarcasm: The above is all a joke!

It was a beautiful day at the beach and I was so excited to take photos in a totally different environment. It’s really inspired me to find different types of areas for photos. I mean, how many more dirty alleyways can you handle?

Also, we were at the beach to attend the birthday party of my best friend’s ex-boyfriend. And his new girlfriend was there. So, you know, that was awkward. But that’s a story for another day perhaps. But these gorgeous photos, thanks of course to Ugly Mug, came from that day. I would happily endure endless days full of awkward moments for such beautiful photos.

Would you be upset if I split this post in two? Honestly, I could not narrow down the photos.

Now that I have shown how ridiculously shallow and self involved I really am, here are the most hyped photos ever.



// Dress: Brandy Melville // Kimono Jacket: Crossroads Trading Co // Bandeau: Forever 21 //

Also, I am in love with Brandy Melville. Have you ever walked into a store and thought, “I wish this was my closet.” Those are my feelings towards Brandy Melville. Unfortunately, they don’t have a store here, so you better believe that I am going on a shopping spree this weekend at the Santa Monica location.

And I wasn’t even asked begged paid to talk them up. That’s when you know it’s real love.













To be continued…

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Molly said:

    The natural light is flawless in these photos & so is the location.
    The kimono is pretty too (:

  2. You crack me up girly! I love your sarcasm. That’s my most used language 😉 Love that pretty white dress and the kimono! Gorgeous photos!

  3. Regina said:

    Wow lovely photos!

  4. Clara said:

    Brandy Melville is one of my fav shops. We have about 5 stores in Rome so I’m very lucky 😛
    Often wearing their stuff on my blog so if you want to check out I’ll be very happy 😀

  5. Morgan said:

    LOVE the one of you from above lying on the sand – gorgeous!

    And don’t be ashamed, I think it’s safe to assume the majority of your blog readers ALSO enjoy taking pictures of themselves and receiving compliments (myself included). 🙂


  6. Amanda said:

    ooh you shouldn’t apologize for the amount of pictures… the pictures are absolutely breathtaking =)

  7. Kim said:

    Hey thanks for the comments.. you’ve got yourself a new follower. Hope you liked mine too…. totally laughed allowed at the “Obviously there is more to this blog than wanting compliments. I want people to send me free stuff.” good humor.. and AMAZING photos 🙂

  8. These are such gorgeous photos! I love shoots on the beach, and the lighting is just magical. Also, I laughed out loud at multiple points in this post! haha

    The Glossy Life

  9. Samma said:

    Really love the way the light has been used in these photos! Particularly the photos where you are backlit, it makes your hair look gorgeous! So natural and beautiful!

  10. luvvleighb said:

    I was expecting more…Just kidding! But that lighting was too perfect not to love every photo you and Ugly Mug were able to capture on the beach! I love it! And your sarcasm always cracks me up! Fluency in sarcasm is my style!

  11. WOW! uhm yes these photos are amazing hype them all you want! oh wow. and the dress is PERFECTTTTT in this situation. i love this soooo much.

    i’m going to put a few images on my tumblr at – they will of course link back to you and the post. let me know if you mind that i’ll take it down if you hate me for it.

    ❤ katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  12. issa said:

    great photos! come by and enter our $100 shopbop giveaway!!

  13. Leah said:

    Jesus. Stunning! Seriously.

  14. Linda said:

    Such a pretty, summery dress! That floral kimono adds the perfect romantic touch.

    Trendy Teal

  15. nico said:

    I love your sarcasm! Honestly, I love these photos so much, especially the lighting!!!

  16. Marella said:

    You look stunning!
    Gorgeous blog dear, following you on BLoglovin! HOpe you’ll follow me back! ❤

  17. wow, these photos are really beautiful!

  18. Kelly said:

    I’m so jealous at this pictures! They are so amazing. It’s like magic 😛

  19. Marlen said:

    these pictures are BEAUTIFUL, i love the shots where the sun is coming through your dress. so so gorgeous

  20. Always inspiring with tasteful and subtle details.

  21. missdaja said:

    I love the sarcasm.

    You are gorgeous. The photo of you laying in the sand with your hand in your hair (about the 4th pic) is BEAUTIFUL! My fave.

  22. i wouldn’t mind some free shit myself….. my bank account is running a bit low….

    super, super into your beach kimono. fucking hot.

  23. beautiful pictures…thanks so much for stopping by my blog. without you doing that, I never would have found your blog!

  24. Sparkle said:

    wow. u look so pretty.
    and the photos are amazing!


  25. ourdailydress said:

    Ugh, I want that kimono. And do you ever get told you look a little like Lara Stone?

  26. Maria said:

    These pictures are gorgeous!

  27. Ashlee said:

    can i have your kimono? please? 😉

  28. Cee said:

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous – no wonder you shared so many! And that kimono. LOVE.

  29. Gorgeous!!!
    The sunset, the hair, the dress, the ridiculously fabulous sarcasm…it all works beautifully 😉

  30. Anna said:

    I would love to live the near beach. It looks so beautiful. Also I would definitely ahve this many photos also. You are so gorgeous!!!

  31. Sarah said:

    Gorgeous photos, and gorgeous you! 🙂

  32. Lilli said:

    wow beautiful photos!! xoxo

  33. Sadie said:

    Such beautiful photos! You look gorgeous! The dress is so lovely 🙂 xx

  34. ahh, you are too funny! beautiful photos, loving that dress!

  35. The dress is so perfect! x

  36. Outi said:

    Haha i can totally relate to the horrors of going through your first posts ever…I bet that yours aren’t even half as bad as mine though…:P

    You’re so beautiful, do you do modelling or something? Cause you definitely have the face for that…:)

  37. Outi said:

    Ooops i was supposed to be commenting on the latest post, so the beginning part of my comment refers to that, sorry for the (possible) confusion 😀

    • I knew that you were referencing the other post 😉 Thanks for your kind words!

  38. nika said:

    Beautiful pics, you look stunning!


  39. Great lighting and great photos!


  40. Esther said:

    love the photos! so beautiful!

    Esther xx

  41. christen said:

    GORGEOUS. love these photos. you + your man = dreamteam


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