Is this real life?

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My favorite part of the weekend is Sunday, specifically late morning.

My ideal way to spend a late Sunday morning is brunch, a good farmer’s market, and thrifting. That sounds like an ideal way to spend any morning actually.

I go to LA a lot. Sometimes twice a month. Long story (extremely) short, long distance relationships are hard. But spending a Sunday like described above, even if for that one day, makes it feel like real life. When I am in LA, I like to partake in old married couple activities. I love going to the grocery store, cooking, going to the movies, having game nights with friends; it makes the short visits seem more real, rather than spending the day at Disneyland or cramming in every possible activity that by the end of the weekend, you felt like you didn’t spend any quality time together.

This day though, this was a good day.

And then we ate our farmer’s market fruits, pita, hummus, cheese, and sliced meat off a cutting board. That alone made it a great day.

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//Dress: Target // Boots: Thrifted via Crossroads // Bracelets & Ring: Forever 21/The Icing //Necklace: Pac Sun //

I need to ask you a serious question. How many pairs of ankle boots do you have to have before you   officially have a problem? Specifically, black ankle boots. After picking up these babies at Crossroads, I may now have four pairs of black ankle boots. Four doesn’t seem like that many, but when they are all black and people cannot tell them apart, it may be a problem. It may be a problem I don’t think will stop anytime soon.




I am getting more and more comfortable taking my outfit photos in public instead of hiding in alleyways. I feel like they come out more natural and I move around more, so instead of Ugly Mug getting frustrated because he is taking the same photo fifty-four times, he get’s frustrated because I won’t stay in the same spot for more than fifty-four seconds.




“Take a picture of me eating a sample!” Oh, blogger life.




Yes, I will get a new purse! Ok, that was a lie. I am a one purse woman, honestly. It’s too much work to switch between two purses.

How many purses do you regularly use?


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Bree said:

    Wow you look super beautiful! Love the fun, flirty dress! ❤ Love how you've paired it with the boots too!

  2. Clara said:

    Really, you don’t want to know how many purses I have and use regulary, but insted I’m a one pair of shoes woman 🙂
    I love your style, so natural and particular 🙂

  3. a really cool laidback look! i love it.

    Putri Soe

  4. Lois said:

    love the outfit!

  5. Eryn said:

    Adorable outfit!

  6. Sherrie said:

    LOVE the print of your dress, as well as your accessories & hair 🙂

  7. RoselyC said:

    Boots are amazing so having four pairs seems reasonable to me. I posses one purse which I rarely use. I usually carry phone and keys on my jeans pocket and that’s all the space I need.

  8. These shots are so great! And I’m definitely a one purse kinda’ girl too- cognac color so it goes with everything (or so I choose to believe 🙂 and small so it’s impossible to just keep adding to the chaos that is already my purse!


  9. Robin A. said:

    Oh man, before the baby I switched my purses out a lot. Now I have a big tupperware bin of purses out in the garage that never see the light of day. Oh babies.

  10. mlleW said:

    boyfriend would be happy seeing his girly in her ridiculously cute dress and cuter self…yeh, long distance relationship get extra passion in shorter times (ok, baloney talk when you miss him but it makes it more valuable the time together). I’d love to visit LA one day

    *MlleWanderlust *

  11. That dress is so cute! I love your black ankle boots too. I really wish I had a pair of black boots like yours for fall!

  12. Kristian said:

    Amen to everything you just said. The Boy and I are only 30 some miles away, but it is still hard to do long distance.

    You look great in these btw. Love that necklace.

  13. Cute post! I love that dress. I prefer not to count how many ankle boots I have. This sounds like a question I’d rather not know the answer to 🙂

    ❤ Josephine

  14. luvvleighb said:

    I am developing a deep love for ankle boots too….
    And I love the farmers market! It has the best fruits!

  15. Beautiful outfit!
    You know, they say a woman never have too many pairs of shoes and they may be all black ankle boots, but you know that they have a little difference somewhere.

    Have a great week,
    Manu Luize

  16. Ty Azarov said:

    Wow, I love how you spent your Sunday. It’s bettter than sight seeing. I feel that a relaxed day allows you to enjoy life better rather than having an itinerary. I have been to an LA farmer’s market and I feel halthy just by strolling through the market and I didn’t even pick up anything;)
    It’s okay to have the same ankle boot in the same color lol. Mine is a nude pump that nobody could ever tell apart haha!
    I think I can be classified as a one purse woman as well. I just change purses when the items start to spill out and that takes about a year 😀
    I am now following you. If you have the time, would you please check my blog?:D Please stop by my blog:D I welcome lovely guests!!

    You can also check out some of my looks on!!

  17. Julie D. said:

    I don’t think you could ever have enough ankle boots! But then my one and only pair are all falling apart so I may just wish I had 4 pairs like you.
    Great outfit by the way.

    Hudson East

  18. Jill said:

    Cute style – great transition between summer and fall.

    XO Jill

  19. diana said:

    such a great sheer dress! i love it.

  20. Jolien said:

    I don’t know how many pairs define a real problem. I have only three pairs and my parents have since long exclaimed me to be completely bonkers.
    I could never be a 1 bag woman… It would be such a shame to not use/ exploit other beauties!
    I really really like the dress you’re wearing in the post and your hair is just amazing!
    Also, thanks ever so much for commenting on my blog. It means a lot!


  21. Tracey said:

    I love the jewelry and the dress is adorable!

  22. MissEcl said:

    You look great in the pictures! I wish I feel more comfortable taking pictures in public.. 😛

  23. Grace said:

    i love everything about your outfit. and i can’t believe that dress is from Target!! i love it so so much.

    thanks for leaving love on my blog. i really appreciate your sweet comments! you have such great style and an awesome blog to read~


  24. Love farmer’s markets! This look is just perfect. I definitely need a pair of booties!

  25. Thanks ! ^^ I really love your look ! ♥

  26. Tanja said:

    Really love this pictures! Seems like you had a cool Saturday 🙂 Your outfit is awesome, I really love it! And wow, those ankle boots look really good, need to buy me a pair this year as well 🙂

  27. TJ said:

    this outfit is just too fabulous! i love it’s simplicity. and all of these photos are breathtaking!
    amazing post, girl!
    xo TJ

  28. Lilli said:

    Sounds like a perfect day! Lovely style.

  29. Roxy said:

    Thank u!!! I lve your blog too!!!
    realy cool outfit!


  30. Jen said:

    Sounds like our ideal Sundays are quite similar! Nothing beats a delicious late-morning brunch followed by markets and thrifting. Really doesn’t get better than that 🙂 I love the colour palette and print of your dress- and the bracelets and necklace are killer too!

    Thanks for the kind words on my blog earlier- just started following you 🙂


  31. Oh! I am a one purse person, too!!! It’s so much hassle to swap back and forth so I use one until I’m tired of it… months… and then swap to another one for more months!!!

  32. Kristen said:

    Love this outfit! great boots!

  33. Claire said:

    I love your necklace, looks like they don’t stock it anymore though! Your boots are ace, I’m on the look out for a new pair for Fall/Winter. I’ve just moved from Australia to California, and so excited to do some excellent shopping yay!

  34. Lorena said:

    Nicely done !
    updated, fresh and simple.
    I think you may have a problem after the 6th pair of ankle boots 🙂

  35. lol! you are so funny!!! about the whole picture taking in public!! haha!! im easily embarrased myself and always try to look for non crowded places! haha! i LOVE LOVE!! your outfit btw!!! and thank you for visiting my blog!!! im about to follow you now!

  36. nico said:

    Jennifer, as always, I adore reading your fun and quirky posts! Right now I live with my boyfriend, but previously ALL my relationship were long distance and I know how difficult it can be to spend quality time together, I am so very happy that you were able to have a wonderful time with your man in LA! Any chance you’ll be there in November? I’m planning to make a trip to the rose bowl flea market (plus arizona) it would be cool if we could meet up and fight over pairs of thrifted black ankle boots! Hahaha. Hope all is well with you and I am excited for your next post!


  37. Wow, that does sound like a good day. You look so beautiful and relaxed. And you can never have too many shoes, as long as you can tell them apart. Just make sure you don’t walk out wearing two different shoes. lol

  38. christen said:

    lovely photos as always. and yeah, really who has time to switch out purses?!


  39. Jupe said:

    So boho chic, you look like a movie star!

    ❤ Cambria

  40. You look gorgeous! I love the dress and necklace, but even more so, the back drop! Farmers markets are the best. Also, that morning sounds perfect! I hope you have many more just like this!
    xo Hannah

  41. cheyenne said:

    that does sound like a perfect sunday!
    the pictures are gorgeous, love the summery feel to them 🙂
    xo, cheyenne

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