Friday favorites

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Is it sad that I am really excited for the fall TV season?

I like TV. Does that make me a loser? It’s Friday Favorites, so we can be open and honest with each other, right?

On that note: Britney Spears on X-Factor. Genius. Her facial expressions make my life. That coming from a completely (non biased, of course) life long Britney Spears’ fan.

What show are you looking forward coming back? I’m a Grey’s Anatomy fiend, myself. I fall asleep to reruns.

Congratulations to Olesia for winning the Crossroads giveaway!

    • Listen to this: Blind PilotDo you use Spotify? If not, you’re making a mistake. If so, then you know it will list like artists based on who you are listening to, or recommend new albums. Enter, Blind Pilot. They are the type of band whose album you listen to on repeat. And that’s what I do every time.

  • Watch this: “Edward and Bella” A Bad Lip Reading of TwilightDo you like Twilight? Yeah, me either. Then my sister showed me this: A Bad Lip Reading of Twilight. If this is what the movie was actually like, it would be my favorite movie. In other words, it is hysterical. Don’t take my word for it. Watch it. It’s 3 minutes well spent. Well, maybe 9 minutes after you watch it again, and then show it to your friends.
  • Eat this: Banana Bread Brownies. Are you obsessed with banana bread? Just me? Are you obsessed with brownies? I know the answer is not just me. Did you ever think to put them together? Shelly did. And that is why I love Shelly. But from afar, because I don’t know Shelly and my love for her might be inappropriate. But my love for these banana bread brownies is not. The amount of drool now on my keyboard is though.

  • Wear this: Our Wandering Minds. All I will say is that I need this skirt in my life. Also, that you might have a few of the same statements if you browse their website. You and your wallet have been warned.

  • Blog Love: Another Day to Dress Up. If I could copy every single one of Megan’s outfits and not be called a fraud, I would. How cute is she? She has the perfect ability to mix girly and masculine pieces and not look anything but beautiful.

Friday Fail!

I like my close ups.

Same time, same place next week folks.

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  1. abigail said:

    another friday, another favorite post! and banana bread brownies?! what a sweet way to end the week!

  2. Morgan said:

    omg the Twilight thing had me LOLing at work last week all day when I saw it. So amazing.

    And I LOVE fall TV and can’t wait for my shows to start (way more embrassing than yours) – mainly Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, The Office and Fringe. Shhh don’t tell anyone I like teenie bopper TV, ok?


    • Oh, I am plenty teenie bopper – but with my music haha And to be honest, I had to force myself to stop watching The Secret Life of an American Teenager because it felt inappropriate for me to in my mid twenties haha

  3. Selma said:

    I love that most of my favorite TV shows start by the end of this month. So excited!!! Fall TV is the best!

  4. RoselyC said:

    Thank you for introducing Blind Pilot its such a great band now I cant stop listening to their music. I love the type of bands that their entire album is great not just that one song.

  5. I love Grey’s Anatomy too!! I feel like everyone is leaving though, McSteamy is leaving right? Gossip Girl is ending too!

  6. that Edward and Bella bad lip reading is so damn funny!! I even played it like 4 times,nghahahaha.

  7. Haha the Twilight bad lip reading is hilarious. My friend showed that one to me just last week. Those banana bread brownies look absolutely delicious too. I need them in my stomach right now.

  8. Lindsey said:

    The Twilight vid is hilarious! I posted it on FB last week and nobody really watched it. I’m glad someone understands the hilarity!


  9. anne said:

    I love the Twilight video!
    It’s so funny 😀
    You are right, I spended 9 minutes watching
    Would you maybe like to follow eachother?
    Love, Anne

  10. Apoorva said:

    Haha! Love the comment on Briteny! I am so looking forward to it too-coming from another life-long fan of hers!
    Following you via FB now, could you share the love? 🙂


  11. Amazing post. Your blog is great. I totally love it!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  12. Eline said:

    that’s such a wonderful song! I saved it to my favorites immediately!
    And o, her blog is so pretty. She has an effortless style!

  13. simone said:

    that outfit is great! very nice jeans and shirt 🙂

  14. Just checked out Blind Pilot on Spotify — loving them so far! And, that Edward & Bella version is hilarious.

  15. Amelia said:

    I don’t get good tv out here. It’s one of the things I really miss about life back home. I used to get excited for new seasons of stuff starting and colder weather so that I could have days on the couch! I tend to just watch the box set of friends on repeat through fall and winter now! Hehe 🙂

    Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    Come say hey at! 🙂

  16. love it!
    I can see the ingenuity and good taste that inspire you to do this job.

  17. amanda said:

    i repressed how much i was anticipating the grey’s premiere because i couldn’t handle the fact that i was gonna have to wait 4 months…so stoked!

  18. ronan said:

    i can’t believe that lady got dubbed the ugliest woman! that’s a joke. i didn’t know people could publicly be that horrible :s :s ah anyway. i love this post, HELLO banana bread ❤ thanks for your lovely comment! x

  19. i don’t watch grey’s anatomy, but my roommate is absolutely obsessed. it’s all she ever talks about!

  20. Miriam said:

    Your outfit is super cute. I’m definitely going to make those brownies, they look delicious!

    Eau de Violet

  21. 😀 😀 I love the twilight bad lips, so much fun 🙂

  22. love the floral looks 🙂 it suits you x

  23. Elisa said:

    Hi! Thank you for writing such a nice little review about our store in this post 🙂 We’re so happy you like our clothes. Great blog!
    The Wandering Minds team xxx

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