Falling for autumn

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Half of my closet is piled on an arm chair in the corner of my bedroom. It’s better than the floor, right? Instead of doing laundry and putting my clothes away, read: responsible, I spent the day baking, read: fun. That also means I spent the day taste testing, read: yum.

I am ready to kick Autumn’s ass, even though it’s still in the 80’s and sunny, not a multi-colored leaf in sight, and definitely not sweater weather yet. My Autumn to-do list includes baking as many pumpkin flavored treats as I can stuff into people’s faces, wearing a lot of boots and socks, going apple picking, carving pumpkins, getting the shit scared out of me at Halloween Horror Nights, and sticking to October Unprocessed.

Do you have an Autumn to-do list?




// Dress & Ring: Forever 21 // Hat & Boots: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Arm Party: Mix of Target, The Icing, & Forever 21 //

Clearly, I am not going to take off this hat for the entire Autumn season.

And I have been using ‘Autumn’ instead of ‘Fall’ because it makes me feel smarter.




See that wall behind me. It’s a piece of the Berlin wall, showcased across the street from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Kind of cool.

Speaking of museums, they make me feel dumb. Am I totally missing something or does a piece of wood bolted onto the wall not represent the future of the economy?

Then we found a room with a collage of tween idols and magazine covers, and I was back in my element. It was the only one I was able to explain to Ugly Mug. Booya.



Also, food trucks? Yes, please.





All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. dipitblack said:

    Beautiful pictures and i like your hat! On my fall’s list is a lot of baking too, and ofcourse drinking hot chocolate and eating brownies and I wanna find the perfect coat (hard job).


  2. joannie said:

    Oh my gosh! I work a block away from this! Awesome bracelets and boots! =)


  3. Well, baking is always on my to-do list, but specifically fall baking this time of year! Love the hat!

    The Glossy Life

  4. Jen said:

    Great photos! The dress is so lovely. Floral print dresses with tough-looking boots is my favourite look for fall, or for anytime really 😉 The Berlin Wall installation looks really neat- it must feel pretty powerful to be close to such a significant piece of history. Thanks for for sharing!

  5. Rach said:

    haha oh where to start – first i love the outfit! Second, I think i will switch to autumn as well, it does sound smarter! and third, you are cracking me up with that museum comment 🙂

    xo Rach

  6. Jolien said:

    For autumn I must have a hat and rock it as well as you.


  7. Kim said:

    half of my closet is on the floor, in the corner, on the bed and in the chair! i’m trying to sort through it all too. love your outfit! your hat is cute!

  8. Rebecca said:

    Really beautiful photos today! Kudos to Ugly Mug. Also I absolutely love your hat.

  9. RoselyC said:

    Your pictures are great. I really want to know what pumpkin tastes like. Is it sweet? Love your outfit.

  10. julia said:

    definitely don’t take off that hat, it’s perfect for autumn!

    xo julesinflats.com

  11. I wantttt thisss hattttt! So bummed its thrifted I will never be able to find a replica! Well- its very unlikely. Museums make me feel the same way, so no worries! At least you looked cute while you were there haha!
    Happy Monday!
    xo Hannah

  12. Love the dress! My autumn to-do list includes keeping on top of all my schoolwork! Ugh. But I guess I can add drinking as many salted caramel hot chocolates as possible too! 😉


  13. Morgan said:

    So cute!! And yes, “autumn” is so scholarly of you – especially due to the fact there are pics of you in front of a piece of the Berlin Wall in the same post. #smartiepants

    October Unprocessed sounds awesome – but kind of miserable – not for the eating part of it (I LOVE healthy, unprocessed foods), but for the cooking part. I hate cooking. I should fix that. Le sigh.


  14. Leah said:

    I adore this hat on you! So chic!

  15. Gorgeous outfit, love the hat! My Autumn Do To List also includes eating everything pumpkin flavoured!

  16. Sam said:

    Hi dear, thanks for visiting, wow, absolutely love your style, its charming and unique. Very pretty dress and love the hat, too cute!

  17. Sara said:

    Really like the way you styled the dress with the boots and hat (and I’m on the hunt for the “perfect” hat for Autumn). I also love that wall! Pumpkin treats are some of my favorite things about this time of year.

  18. toni said:

    The color of your hat is really pretty!

  19. Jessie said:

    love the location u picked. nice hat, dear!

  20. That is such a cute dress and I just love the way that you have styled it. I kind of think the Berlin Wall thing is awesome, what an amazing thing to take photos in front of 🙂

    Also, in the UK we say autumn, but because I read too many blogs I’ve started accidentally saying fall and I get chuckled at 😦

  21. Can’t say I have much in the way of an autumn list, because I’m just about to go into summer – but I guess I’d better get cracking on making a summer list 😀

  22. leah.s said:

    Love the burgundy hat! Perfect fall piece.

  23. Katie said:

    you are so beautiful. i love your hat ❤

  24. Melissa said:

    I’ve been meaning to create an autumn to-do list, but unfortunately school takes precedent over anything fun. :/
    I love this look a lot!!

  25. Kate said:

    Cute outfit, I love the hat!

  26. amalie said:

    gorgeous! such a cute dress x

  27. That’s a nice dress you got! Can’t believe the hat and shoes were thrifted..good finds! 😉 and FOOD TRUCKS!! i wish we have that here in the philippines too..haha

    Nice blog! 🙂


  28. Carolyn said:

    maroon and boots are the perfect fall combo!

  29. maria said:

    gorgeous. love the scenery too 🙂

  30. lily said:

    my entire closet is on the floor right now, so i feel you! love the background here.

    Fancy {No}Pants

  31. Eeeeck! I love that floral dress with a burning passion. You and your blog are lovely, and I am proud/glad to follow on Bloglovin’


    • and yes, I am in a long distance relationship and it takes everything out of me. but it’s completely worthwhile. am i right?

      • If it’s for the right person, it is definitely worthwhile!

  32. I really like you style floral dresses with that hat, so nice, I love all kinds of hats 🙂 and thank you for your comment on my blog. I added you to my bloglovin’ list 🙂

  33. Amanda said:

    Oh, I tottally need to organize my closet… so I know what you mean with having a pile of clothes on a chair… But eventually finds time and the power to do it =)… Ps. Im in love wit your hat!

  34. Dorien said:

    Lovely outfit! I really want to stay on top of my schoolwork this fall and bake lots of things ofcourse 🙂 xo

  35. Diana said:

    Love the pictures and the Berlin Wall…. In Los Angeles 😉

  36. I, too, am ready to kick autumn’s ass! I’ve been making a list of fall things to do for a while now, although it isn’t that huge because I’m worried I won’t have time to do it all. I’m definitely ready for tights and socks every single day. And pumpkin food for every meal!

  37. Jac said:

    Haha, I also prefer to use Autumn 🙂 The dress and hat are so cute!
    xo Jac

  38. Kate said:

    Sooooo pretty !
    I love the dress ♥

  39. Love the dress, love the hat, LOVE your hair! I always say “fall” but autumn does sound so much smarter! ☺ So glad you visited and now I’ve found you! I’m ready to get a bunch of stuff done this fall too…definitely some baking!

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