Ignorance is bliss

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I wanted to be an actress when I grew up. I was am just as clumsy as Lizzie McGuire, so why couldn’t I be the one on TV?

I wanted to be a singer. A pop star doesn’t need vocal talent, that’s what auto tune and lip syncing is for.

I wanted to be a dancer. I was a pro at memorizing Backstreet Boys routines, even the ones that involved chairs.

I was confident that, without formal or informal training, nor any natural talent, I would end up on a tour, backup dancer or opening act, no matter, and then of course that exposure would lead me to movies. I practiced posing for the paparazzi, but who doesn’t do that?

It was simple; all I had to do was be discovered. Perhaps in a school talent show that I never entered, a neighbor hearing me sing from the backyard, or maybe if I strutted down the grocery store aisle enough times, I’d catch someone’s eye; someone was sure to spot me in my small Northern California city, right? When we are young, it all seems so simple to be whatever we want to be. Ignorance is bliss.

It still is.

I still have dreams. More realistic, but dreams nonetheless. Now though, now I know that I need to work for them, not expect them to come to me. All that’s left is to decide what I am working for.

What do you want to be when you grow up?


// Pants & Boots: Thrifted via Crossroads // Denim Vest: Thrifted (and altered) via Goodwill // Top: H&M // Arm Party: Target, The Icing, & Forever 21 //

The above pose will forever be obligatory in all posts. It’s my model pose.




Maybe I am still strutting to catch that one person’s eye. Um, literally, we were strutting walking down Melrose Avenue. Be honest, blogging is one part community, one part expressing yourself, and one part showing off. There’s no shame in being confident that you have something worthy of sharing with others.




I am still holding out hope of becoming a princess though. That dream will never die.



Also, I never thought I would wear any type of animal print.

Never say never.

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Go girl! When I was younger, I wanted to be a writer. I guess I kind of got to do that through blogging . . . sort of. I love your look today. That denim jacket is stellar!

  2. Katie said:

    why you are so beautiful ❤ when i was younger i wanted to be a princess.

  3. your lips are so amazingly perfect, said the creeper that looks at a gorgeous outfit and notices your lips…

  4. Sassi said:

    I want your pants!


  5. RoselyC said:

    You would be a great model, you do some serious posing. When I grow up I want to be a writer. One of these days Ill finish one of my stories I have been working on for the last four years or so :s

  6. racheltr said:

    Gorgeous style! I love these jeans 🙂 and too funny! I also wanted to be an actress and pop singer from watching Lizzie McGuire… then I realized I have no talent in either! I still don’t know what I want to be though when I grow up 🙂

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  7. Sounds like you and I shared a lot of out dreams growing up, lol! Sucks to grow up and realize most of us have to actually work for a living. Great pictures


  8. i absolutely love this outfit….and i’m sure your show would have been way better than lizzie’s….although it was pretty awesome
    brooke @ what2wear

  9. Yes! The “As Long As You Love Me” chair dance! My friend and I learned that one, too! This outfit is awesome, by the way. So rock n roll.

  10. Clara said:

    I absolutly agree with the dancer and the animal print thing but the thing I was looking forward to being when I was young (and I still do) is RICH. I was a very pragmatic girl 🙂

  11. Amy said:

    You are adorable. So glad I found your blog. Love your style!


  12. Melissa said:

    I had the exact same mentality when I was younger. I love this outfit. You really do look like a rockstar!!

    ❤ Melissa

  13. cheyenne said:

    i was exactly the same. i love how carefree everything was back then.
    when i was really young, i wanted to work with dolphins haha!
    xo, cheyenne

  14. Have I ever mentioned how much I love your blog?

    Oh, a thousand billion times? Cause that’s not creepy at all.

    Honestly, though. I am so obsessed with this blog. You always have the quippiest , must enjoyable little anecdotes, and your photos are high quality and always really well done and fun to look at. I just look forward to coming here every single time.

    I TOTALLY had the exact same POV as you when I was younger. I honestly thought that if I reached 18 and wasn’t famous, my life had been a failure. I mean, if Britney could do it by 16, couldn’t I?

    Um, fail.But that’s OK. You’re right – now I know I have to work at it. Just know that in my eyes, you’re already super famous and successful.


  15. Absolutely in love with this look! I always wanted to be a writer and actress, and I got one of them down at least and am actually looking into the other one as well! Love your hair by the way.

    Alexandra xo


  16. Jen said:

    Love this look! So rock n’ roll, but with a bit of a girly twist. I think I still dream of being a rockstar, but my inability to carry off animal-print pants is a bit discouraging 😉



  17. Let’s all be princesses. It’s a legitimate dream.


  18. Keit said:

    When I was little, my dreams were just like yours, and just like you I waited for them to come true 😀 A bit surprised when they didn’t 😀 Especially the actress part, I was sure that was in the pocket!
    Now, I have no idea what I want and it’s kind of limiting -_- Cool rocker look!

  19. Mica said:

    Love your leopard print jeans! 🙂

  20. Of course, I still have dreams, always having hope that all of them will come true! Those printed denim pants are amazing! I love these shots, I may pin one of these to my blogger board! Have a nice week.xx /Madison

  21. TJ said:

    Oh gosh, I still dream of being an actress. A part of me is keeping that door open, but realistic goals are good too. We should always aim high. Perfect!!
    xo TJ

  22. Chaucee said:

    Umm, YOUR HAIR is amazing.
    And thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog!

  23. Tonya said:

    Those boots are too cute. I love the whole rocker, edgy look! It looks great on you 🙂

  24. Claudia said:

    Amazing!! Love this outfit so much! I love how subtle and edgy the cheetah print is! If I wear cheetah or animal prints as pants I like it to be kind monocromatic and dark 🙂 Thank you for your comment! I follow your blog now!


  25. luvvleighb said:

    Haha loved your analysis of blogging! Especially the showing off part! And you are discovered! I discovered you in the blogging community! But you need to start wearing a crown to be a princess 😉

  26. nico said:

    I loved this post! Great outfit and fabulous back drop. Oh and the story along with this post is fantastic! I always wanted to draw the comic strips in the Sunday paper when I grew up. Big goals right? Where abouts in Nor Cal are you from? I love living in Northern California.



  27. Romy said:

    Beautiful pics!

    xx Romy

  28. anna said:

    your outfit rock my dear!! love it!!;)

  29. Hannah said:

    I can definitely relate to this post. As a kid, I had quite the entrepreneur in me. I thought it was so cool to run a business and I was going to have the one that everyone knew about! Nowadays I don’t have that sort of career path in mind. I don’t really know what I want – I’m just taking life as it comes.

    You look stunning in these photos! Ain’t nothing wrong with strutting your stuff. lol
    I love the way you styled these leopard print pants – it’s a little wild and classic at the same time. You’ve got a great sense of style! 🙂

  30. Katrina said:

    Ahhh love love love this! Definitely a good idea to embrace the animal print 😉

    xx, Katrina

  31. Love that rocker look!

    And too cute and funny about your childhood logic about your goals.

  32. I love all the poses in this post; you have some great poses, no joke. You’re so pretty!
    And the line about wanting to be a princess cracked me up.
    When I grow up, I want to be a writer.

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