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“Excuse me? Have you done this before? Most people text so we don’t have to hear them talk,” Said a man sitting behind me on the bus to the woman next to me, who was talking on her phone.

I was a little surprised he had the audacity to interrupt her personal phone call, basically to tell her to hang up. Do we have the right to request complete silence from strangers in public? In public, during the day no less. Some notes: The bus ride was at 6 in the evening, only an hour, she had been on the phone for maybe five minutes, music was playing, and others were talking just as loudly to each other.

I understand there are limits. If this woman was yapping away during the two and a half hour bus ride from midnight to 2:30 a.m. after we had all been on a train for four hours, yes, I would understand someone asking her to politely hang up the phone. But who died and made this man the king of the bus from Sacramento to Stockton?

Maybe I am just too polite, but people seem to be forgetting their manners when they walk out of the door in the morning.

The best part was her response: “You cannot text to a house phone.”

It was then that I forgave her for sitting next to me, on a half empty bus, while eating a Big Mac.




// Dress: c/o Dahlia // Necklace: Brandy Melville // Hat & Boots: Crossroads Trading Co // Denim Jacket: LA Fashion District //

Speaking of manners, is this not the most prim and proper dress you ever did see? What am I doing wearing such a lady like dress?

Sometimes I like dressing like a girl.
Or a nun, as someone at work called me.

“Actually, she looks like Madeline,” He was then corrected.

I feel like I am writing a story with all these quotes.

Now prepare for photo overload.






Little tidbit: I would love to write a children’s book one day. I don’t have the story, theme, or plot in mind, but dammit, I will do it one day.






Also, I am willing fall to hit California. I am willing it to come by wearing hats, denim jackets, and necessary socks.

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. I love this look! 😀 The dress is so pretty!
    and I get annoyed as much as anyone when people talk (only when it’s loudly) on the phone, but you can’t expect them to not do it…it’s one of the things in life we have to just deal with XD I would never tell someone to stop, how annoying

  2. ewa said:

    thankx for visiting, i follow your blog on bloglovin1

  3. Maybe not so much the “nun” look as the catholic schoolgirl decorum. Very modest yet so attractive.

  4. Leah said:

    Gah, love this look to pieces on you! So great!

  5. Prim & proper… perhaps… but definitely CUTE!

    As for Mr. Manners… RUDE! I am so glad that that lady stuck up for herself.

    Oh, and I can see the Madeline, too!

    Personally, I love the stories. Some probably think I tell too many on my blog? Oh well.

  6. I love this dress on you…the peter pan collar is great! Also, I get annoyed just like the next person, but that man sounds reallllyyy rude lol!

    The Glossy Life

  7. i love madeline so naturally i love this dress hah and I probably would have smacked that man on the bus…..speaking your mind is one thing, being rude is completely different!
    brooke @ what2wear

  8. Excuse my language, but whatta dick! Seriously, get over yourself man on the bus! I love your dress-the pockets are adorable. I love the hat too!

  9. Clara said:

    Omg you dress have pockets! ok maybe this is not so amazing but anyway it’s soooo nice!
    And yeah, that woman destroyed that man! ahah, you could write this on your childbook!

  10. this is amazing! love the dress+hat+denim jacket combo!! 😀

  11. Wow, what a douche!

    I love this dress, and I laughed at the nun comment because I was told that just this week. 😛


  12. Morgan said:

    omg I am willing fall to hit California also – maybe if we all work together, we can make this happen! Today it is supposed to be 84 degrees in SoCal and you know what I’m wearing? Tights, knee high riding boots, a SWEATER skirt, and a denim shirt. Eff summer weather in October!

    Also, I adore your lady-like dress. Super Madeline cute. 🙂


  13. That is so incredibly rude!

    Love your dress, though! It does indeed remind me of Madeline… but she was the best, so it’s a complete compliment!

  14. What a gorgeous dress! I was sold when I saw the pockets. And the lighting in these pictures is so beautiful.
    Haha, the lady’s response to the man about texting is priceless!
    You do look like Madeline.

  15. Can’t believe what I read! That man was the only one who should have closed his mouth…
    By the waaaay, I love your outfits, the pictures, the dreeeess ❤ I saw your pictures at Dahlia facebook 😉 congrats! And thanks for you comment 🙂

  16. Kay C. said:

    Love the dress & love your looks, so stylish! Followed on bloglovin’ (:


  17. I see you’re loving your hat too 😉 love the colour and the denim jacket – I’m still not ready to hang mine up either…

    ♥ ThankFifi
    Thanks so much for your comment today 🙂

  18. milynn said:

    I love your dress! and what a rude man! I definitely agree with you that some people just leave their manners at home when they leave the house!

  19. Bethany said:

    Actually, you can text to a landline phone, and it’ll read your message in an automated voice. Its prett fun haha. One I sent “boots and cats and boots and cats” over and over so it sounded like the voice was beatboxing. Lol


  20. Jen said:

    I love that dress. And I hope fall it’s Las Vegas on the way to California. I really want to start wearing tall boots.

  21. Melissa said:

    That conversation is too funny. People are ridiculous. I love this look!! Everything about it is so perfect.

    ❤ Melissa

  22. I’m amazed at people….it’s at moments like that when for a split second, I am speechless. I would give anything to come up with “you cannot text to a house phone”. Classic–I’m texting that one to my brain. Love the dress!!

  23. Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂 I love your style it’s so fresh!! I’ll definitely be a regular here now that I discovered your amazing blog!

  24. nico said:

    I love your outfit! The denim, the boots, the collar, everything is oh so chic. Do you live in Stockton??? I grew up there and visit often!


  25. Hahaha, her reply was great! I never talk on the phone while on the bus, but then again, I don’t mind other passengers doing it as long as they’re not super loud.

    And I love the way this dress looks with the denim jacket! I’d have never thought that was a good combo!

    Hope you’re having a great week! ;D


  26. Mari_Ab said:

    At first I agree with you about polite people, just few people are in this way.
    I absolutely love your outfit, especially your dress. You look like into a fairy tale.
    And to end my comment I’d like to thank you for visiting my blog and the sweet comment 🙂

    To the next post 🙂

    p.s. I follow you and sorry for my bad english, I’m Italian unfortunately!

  27. Ok, so I know you may or may not believe me, but I have a dress ::just:: like that, except it’s like 40-50 years old. I call it my “nun” dress or “boarding school” both of which I’ve never done. Mine zips up to right under the collar, and yes I said zips. I mean no offense when I say it’d look really nice with an ornamented religious necklace.

    You’ve pulled yours together so well! LOVE that cute hat.

  28. Sue said:

    I am loving this look on you! the hair looks gorgeous 😉

  29. amalie said:

    such a cute dress!! i love the collar x

  30. Yes about the manners… my god some people! I have dealt with more than a few the past few weeks.
    You look totally cute. I think the hat and boots balance the look…

  31. Taliah said:

    Love your dress with the peter pan collar and mini bowler hat! lovely. and as far as the rude man…im sure i would’ve gave him the side eye for that. I hate witnessing rude interactions. he could have kept that to himself. jerk.

  32. I should’ve guessed that you were here in California when that happened because no one else in the world (besides maybe New York) would be that rude to a random stranger. But that lady is awesome and so is your dress. And I love your hair, too!

  33. The phone call…not rude. But the eating big mac right next to you….weird!!!

  34. your dress, even though it’s prim, looks so chic in how you styled it with those boots and the bowler hat. ❤

    ps. i don't mind people texting or talking on the cellphone in public transportation. what annoys me is when they do in a movie house. haha!

  35. I LOVE this look and I love your story! I would have forgiven her at that point too!

  36. Ako said:

    absolutely great look!!! I`m delighted 🙂

  37. Selena said:

    hahah! funny guy. your photos are amazing

  38. That guy sounds like a piece of work! As for the dress, I love it, and would totally wear it. You look beautiful in these photos. -xx/Mads

  39. Amanda said:

    oh I seriously need that dress in like every color! IT s super gorgeous!

  40. Fun, simple, lovely and so great was my experience here.

  41. Bettina said:

    This dress and hat are darling! And, wow I can’t believe that man asking her to text instead of call. If others are talking and yapping on the bus and she’s not screaming on the phone, there’s really nothing wrong with her chatter.

  42. What absolutely beautiful photos! I love your hat and the colour and style of your dress is gorgeous! Thank you for my comment xx

  43. On a kind of related note…it really bugs me when people stop in the middle of a sidewalk to text. They look so goofy standing there in the middle of a busy sidewalk with their nose buried in a phone.

  44. Quincy said:

    I’m dying over the dress and you look absolutely gorgeous in it! Such a great item and color for fall.

  45. oof, I think I’d be more offended by the big mac! Either way, I love the simplicity of this outfit, and holy cheekbones lady! You are simply stunning.

  46. cheyenne said:

    ‘you cannot text to a house phone’ perfect reaction!
    and that outfit is adorable, i love the dress + colar!
    xo, cheyenne

  47. Msanhle said:

    Haha the lady’s response made me laugh hard. Brilliant! And you look great with your chic style. Wish it could be warm enough here o dress up like that. :S

  48. Your hair is so pretty! I love peter pan collars but I have yet to get a blouse with one yet!

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