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Friday, friday, friday! Ugly Mug is in Sacramento!

We are going to go apple picking this weekend, and while my mom swears to me that I have been before, if I was too young to remember, then it doesn’t count, so I’m really excited!

Of course I’ll make Ugly Mug lug around his camera all weekend. I’ll have to pay him back with a homemade apple pie, or two.

  • Listen to this: Miley Cyrus: The Backyard Sessions. Ok, just get over it. Yes, it’s Miley Cyrus, but this chick can sing. She has a couple acoustic ‘backyard sessions’ on her web site and I love that she is singing old school soul. If this is any indication of her new album direction, I am totes excited. What? It is Miley Cyrus; I had to be a bit of a teeny bopper there.
  • Read this: How Sweet It Is. I’ve featured many of Jessica’s recipes here, but besides her cooking skills, she is just straight out hilarious. Even if I am not interested in the specific recipe, I end up reading each and every one of her posts and because of how entertaining they are, I almost want to make the recipe anyway, just to see if that’s what gives her, her… jenesequa! The answer is most likely yes, because how would Caramel Apple Grilled Cheese not make you the most awesome person ever? Or at least a genius.

  • Watch this: Identity Thief trailer. I will watch anything with Melissa McCarthy. Adding Jason Bateman just means that I need to see this movie even sooner.
  • Eat this: October Unprocessed. Or don’t eat this? October is being recognized as October Unprocessed. I’ve mentioned here before that I tend to eat this way anyway, but signing a pledge makes it a lot easier to stick to, even if the internet would not know I cheated, I would know. And if you know me, I hold a lot of guilt. I’m Catholic, what can I say? I’m not saying go buy a cow and grow all your own food, but semi try it for a week or so, and you’ll see that you feel better. And your pants will fit a little better, and who doesn’t want that?

  • Wear this: Calico. I am not going to tell you how to spend your money or where to shop. But if I was going to tell you how to spend your money or where to shop, I might point you in the direction of Calico. And since I know you would appreciate my direction, you might want to buy me a thank you gift. And since you would already be at Calico, you might as well just get me this. Not that I am going to tell you how to spend your money or where to shop.

  • Blog love: If You Seek Style. Caylee can wear anything and it looks amazing. I could theoretically wear the same thing and look like I got dressed in the dark, while on heavy medication, on laundry day. Is it wrong to want to go Freaky Friday on her so everything can look that good on me instead? Maybe not wrong, but yes, creepy. What else is new?

Friday Fail bitches!

That was a little Jesse Pinkman for ya. I caught up on Breaking Bad last weekend, can you tell?

Sometimes I can a little impatient when Ugly Mug is setting up his camera.

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  1. Ooh we are SO loving this!!!! We love the original song by Melanie Safka, and we have to say..Miley did it justice!

    ox from NYC!


  2. Keit said:

    Phahahah, I’m currently spending my night with Breaking Bad and burritos, good life 😀

  3. I’d love to try October Unprocessed, but unfortunately a university cafeteria doesn’t really have that option. >_<


  4. COOL vid:) and thanks for sweet words about my Nice inspired post. I highly recommend you to visit there, Its AMAZING and the climat is divine.

    If you want to see some more pics from our journey in Europe, check out my new post:)

    have a great weekend

    LOVE M

  5. Clara said:

    Well, this friday’s fail is not so failed… But always funny ya!

  6. wow! I love it! everything is beautiful 🙂

  7. Ashlee said:

    okay…i have seriously never listen to miley cyrus. but her rendition of that song was awesome!

  8. Sarah said:

    I think there have been several times you’ve sucked away half an hour of my time by posting too many things I want to check out. Hehe. Good job?

  9. Gallie said:

    omh i love your blog! i like how many fun stuff i can see in your blog!!

  10. abigail said:

    it’s so nice to see you promoting october unprocessed! ah if only we could get people to move towards life unprocessed, but a month is a great place to start!

  11. Amanda said:

    Oh apple picking sounds like fun… Im proud to say that I listen to Milley she has a great voice… Omg that movie Identity thief looks like a must!

  12. Well, while you’re on the unprocessed topic, I was actually quite pleasantly surprised by that way more unprocessed version of Miley Cyrus! She looked adorably glowing and really does have a lot of raw natural talent. I would love to try the unprocessed challenge! I did by senior thesis type thing in college on the locavore movement, and am a vegetarian, and love new healthy eating things! Thanks girl, hope you’re having an awesome weekend!
    xo Hannah

  13. Bonnie said:

    Loveee shop calico! Great top ❤



  14. I’m not really a big fan pf Miley,but I kinda like that song ❤

  15. fashboulevard said:

    Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I’ve got some exciting news on my blog involving my latest project with Giuliana Rancic. I’d love if you’d swing by. xo

  16. Andrea said:

    i love miley! she looks even better with the new hair and she is an amazing singer!

  17. i agree, some bloggers just have the ability to make anything look stylish and beautiful! i also LOVE the blog how sweet it is her recipes are all so delicious and quite simple! thanks for sharing. xo.

  18. Juliette said:

    Nice post!! would you like to follow each other?x

  19. TJ said:

    Okay, I may get flack for this but I actually totally adore Miley Cyrus. And if this is the direction she is taking her music, I am really excited! Adore!
    xo TJ

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