Why i bought overalls

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I thought I would share a different kind of post today. It has absolutely nothing to do with the lack of post planning, photo taking and editing on my part. None. Ok, some. Or all. But you get a story out of it. Story time is good, no matter how old we are, right?

This is the story about….

Why I Bought Overalls

 I am 26 years old and I own a pair of overalls. I do not live on a farm, nor do I partake in fly fishing. I bought denim overalls, to wear on my (then) 25 year old self, as a fashion statement. But, what kind of fashion statement do overalls make?

“I love my denim so much so that I desire, not only my legs be covered in it, but my torso as well.”

Hm, maybe, but not the statement I was looking to create. In all honesty, one day I thought, “Hey, overalls used to be cute; they should come back in style.” Be careful what you wish for; it’s not just a saying, it’s a truth. What did I notice soon after my wish to the Style Gods*? Overalls were popping up on all my favorite bloggers – The Man Repeller, That’s Chic, Blushing Ambition, Natalie Off Duty. And yes, they did happen to rock the denim off those overalls (figuratively speaking). I, of course, did not want to be left in the dust, especially being the sole creator of the resurgence of overalls. After a juice box some cheap wine and a night of Googling (and oogling) current overall styles and exactly where I could snatch up a pair – I settled on Forever 21; affordable trend Heaven. Blindsided with excitement and future visions of just how I would be styling my new go-to for hipster chic with the likes of Leandra and Natalie (and obviously becoming bbff – best blog friends forever – with them), I paid my twenty bucks and hightailed it home. I hung my new purchase in my closet (two weeks after I accidentally on purpose left them in the shopping bag on my bedroom floor) with dreams of denim hugs.

And there they hang, to this day. As much as I have tried, I cannot pass for anything but the slutty farmer’s daughter in these denim contraptions.

“Throw a blazer over them!” I thought. Well, that looks like the slutty farmer’s daughter has been playing dress up in her dad’s church clothes.

“Be brave! Wear a bandeau underneath for Coachella!” I urged myself. Back to the slutty farmer’s daughter.

So, there they hang. Tag still intact. I bought overalls at the age of 25 because I thought I was on the edge of an (re)emerging trend. Note to self: Not all trends are for you. Don’t be so quick to swipe that plastic. And put away the cheap wine.

*Style Gods (n.) – AKA “Bloggers Extraordinaire”. Think Leandra, Rumi, Emily, Kelly, Karla, Natalie: Shall I go on? 

So, there is my story.

After all that, I am not afraid to admit that maybe pant overalls, such as Natalie’s, may not be a bad idea.

Someone stop me.

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  1. Um, this post was all sorts of glorious and totally hilarious. You, my dear, are so funny! Look on the bright side… I think this halloween, you have slutty farmer’s daughter in the bag! 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Haha, oh lord, I’d never buy overalls. I’d look like a slutty farmer’s daughter’s blue pumpkin. It’d be a mess. Maybe just with a t-shirt and a scarf…? Maybe…? Who knows.


  3. Bahaha I have several of those purchases in my closet and Leandra makes my life!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  4. Morgan said:

    I mean those girls can really rock some overalls. I totally remember when they popped up on Man Repeller and thinking – “I loved overalls back in the day – these should totally be a thing again,” and then quickly snapped out of it. I just can’t do it. But I applaud you for taking the first step and purchasing them. 🙂 Keep trying I say. You never know when slutty farmer’s daughter might be totally chic. 🙂


  5. RoselyC said:

    I remember wanting to be on trend with overalls but I was 12. I wanted to wear overalls so bad and I couldn’t get my mother to buy them for me. So I borrowed some from my best friend and wore them proudly.Now I cant believe I wore overalls.

  6. First of all – love your writing! I couldn’t help but giggling and thinking of the sliver of my tiny closet dedicated to pieces I’m sure I will figure out how to style one day!

    Pink Chai Style

  7. abigail said:

    this is making me lament my blog post from santa fe where i wore shortalls and a tube top and was all this is cool again! spoiler alert, i look like a slutty farmer’s daughter. but i felt like a kid again so i say go for it and bust those puppies out even if it’s just for a friday fail!


  8. i love this! i’ve been searching for a pair of well-fitting overalls for as long as i can remember. there’s something about them that is just so appealing!

  9. Sabina said:

    I never thought of buying overalls even though they’re trendy right now because… I don’t know, I guess they just weren’t me. My style is just a little too girlie, but if they appealed to you after a few swigs of vino (just like some cute person at a party might) then a sudden sobering up is no reason to write them off. If some pics of bloggers like Natalie (love her) in overalls inspired you, give those pics another look. Then maybe you’ll get some ideas on what to wear them with to make them work for you too. If not there’s always eBay or your local donation bin and you helped someone else leave their comfort zone and take a fashion risk.

  10. Hahaha omg cant believe overalls are making a small comeback! I saw them on the spring runway in bright pink! Cant remember which collection now!

  11. This is so interesting. I completely understand that aspirational buy thing – I do it all the time. Actually, what I do, is buy something that works ONCE, randomly, when I’m in the mood. And then never works again.

    I think the key to the shorts overalls might be a bit of bagginess. That way, they’re not “slutty farmgirl”, but just sort of grungy. Maybe try tearing a leg a little, or brushing white paint on? And then wear a baggy tee underneath – nothing short, tight or cropped. Baggy tee, pointy heels, and really really low key hair. That’s what I’d try.

    I’m being preachy.

    I actually have no idea how to style anything haha. Usually, I just look disheveled and sort of homeless.

    Love your blog! Sorry for the ramble!


  12. I for one, would LOVE to see a slutty farmer’s daughter. I think you could TOTALLY ROCK that look!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  13. Ashlee said:

    story time is always good. i LOLed at this. you can totally pull off the short overalls or the long overalls. slutty farmer’s daughters be damned.

  14. Sarah said:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been a fan of overalls, even when I was wearing them, but I can totally understand the idea of making them cute. I just can’t do it. At all. Maybe you’ll be able to prove me wrong really soon, now. (: At any rate, I enjoyed reading this post whether or not I like overalls.

  15. Keit said:

    Hahahhha, you’re hilarious. 😀 Overalls can be hard to style, it really depends on the overalls. I like them because they’re ultra comfy and mainly because of Buffy 😀 She wears them a lot 😀

  16. Haha I’ve definitely made a few of those purchases in my time, but overalls are one thing that I used to LOVE as a kid (who didn’t?) and I just honestly don’t know how to style them now. I wish I could give you some tips! The only thing I can think of is doing a Canadian tuxedo of sorts and wearing an elegant chambray top underneath with the sleeves rolled up and adding lots of jewellery!

    Alexandra xo


  17. We went to an all-girls high school growing up and my younger sister wore overalls EVERY opportunity we had a jeans day and all weekend long. I still can’t think of them the same way!

  18. at least you can always wear a jumper over them! love you’re writing – you always make me smile

    ♥ ThankFifi
    Thanks for your comment today – I think that lip colour is my new fall fav 🙂

  19. at least you can always wear a jumper over them! love your writing – always makes me smile

    ♥ ThankFifi
    Thanks for your comment today – think it will be my fav fall lip colour 🙂

  20. luvvleighb said:

    Hahaha you are too hilarious! Now as a follow up to this post, you know you need style them and post photos right?! Maybe cheap wine can help with that!
    PS. Another one of my favorite bloggers, not quite fashion, but still totally stylish, Taza from Rockstar Diaries wore overalls last year! Emma from Emmadime even did a little fashion post on her! Totally rocked them!

  21. Kiki said:

    LOL…well, I love overalls and I’m OLDER than you. Whether I would actually dare to wear them now…ah, never say never, if they come back into fashion big time, I’ll probably be parading them up and down my street. Posing for pictures. I’m crappy like that. 😉

  22. Lindsay said:

    ha..I loved this post! I talked about the “comeback” of the overall recently as well. And I don’t know how those ladies pull them off but they do. Me however, could never. I hope you decide to rock them soon and do a post..I’d love to see your take on it! 🙂

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