Friday favorites

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Last weekend, Ugly Mug was in town (yay!). This weekend, The Fan Files is in town (yay!). Two visits from my favorite people two weekends in a row? Double yay!

What are your weekend plans? Baking, perhaps? Carving pumpkins, maybe? Watching Christmas movies embarrassingly too early in the season, possibly? How about a mix of it all?

I’m going to do a little dancing, a little shopping, maybe a little of the combination above.

  • Listen to this: The Heavy. I thought I was hearing this brand new band for the first time. I was psyched. I wrote it down right away to share on Friday Favorites. Then, I looked them up on Spotify to listen to them all day long and it turns out they are the How Do You Like Me Now?” band. So not a new discovery. More like you missed the train by a few days discovery. Anyway, just because they have been around for a while, does not mean that you shouldn’t listen to them all day long.

  • Watch this: Pitch Perfect. I saw this last weekend and I cannot recommend it enough. Can we all agree that Rebel Wilson is quite possibly the one of the funniest women alive? Do yourself a favor and go see this movie. It’s even worth the $10-$12 to see it in the theater.
  • Eat this: Apple Butter. This is entirely different from pumpkin butter. I swear. But just as good. And more acceptable to eat out of the jar with a spoon. I am currently making my second batch right now (we went through an entire jar in a week). Mix it in with oatmeal, slather it on toast, top your cottage cheese, or really, just eat it with a spoon. I won’t tell anyone. I’ll be right there with you.

  • Wear this: Wasteland. I drool just a little bit while window shopping at Wasteland. I have to physically have someone pull me away from this store when I pass by. It’s a fact that I will walk away sad because I cannot buy everything in the store.

  • Blog love: Beach and Dress. Karina has such simple, sleek style. I can tell you that I wasted spent a lot of time at work going through her blog today. And now I am super envious. No one likes to be envious alone, so I apologize for introducing you to Karina. Prepare to hate her because she’s beautiful. And stylish.

Friday Fail!!

Why do I continue to embarrass myself?

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  1. Haha, I love the last picture of you! I think it’s great when bloggers post pictures of themselves being silly. 🙂

    Ah, we have so many apple trees; I need to make some apple butter.

  2. hahaha you’re so funny in that last photo!
    The apple butter sounds delicious!!! And the blogger you introduced us has great style!
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!

  3. Rebecca said:

    That last picture is so cute! For my weekend plans I hope to get some relaxing time in! Things have been so busy and I would love to just sit with a cup of tea!


  4. Andrea said:

    Your blog is awesome!!! The last photo made me LOL!!!

  5. Andrea said:

    I saw Pitch Perfect last weekend, and loved it! I laughed so much. Me and my friend couldn’t stop quoting it to each other, so funny. And wow, that apple butter looks really delish. I’m really into seasonal recipes, so I might have to try that out. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Apple butter! Oh my gosh, it’s so good. Great list of recommendations. xx

  7. cheyenne said:

    haha, that picture.
    great post, these are some awesome recommendations!
    i really want to see ‘pitch perfect’ (:
    xo, cheyenne

  8. Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said:

    obsessed with apple butter
    Xo Megan

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