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I think the first sentence of my Friday Favorite posts always announces that it is Friday.

If you don’t know it’s Friday, something is wrong with you.

I thought yesterday was Friday, so imagine how bummed I was when I remembered it was Thursday. But then I was happy again because Thursday is my favorite day. And I got to see this little girl. She is the sweetest.

  • Listen to this: Atlas Genius. I just like this band. Like, really like them. Like, like them so much that I need a full album. An EP just won’t do. So, listen, like, and support so we can get a full length album. I dare you to listen to the song below just once.
  • Read this: “Alan Garner” Twitter. @AlanHungover This is the funniest fake twitter account ever. Examples: “That awkward moment you say “what?” three times, and still have no idea what the other person said, so you just agree.” and “I love how, in scary movies, the person yells out, “Hello?” As if the bad guy is gonna be like, “Yeah, I’m in the kitchen! Want a sandwich?” Everytime I read through this Twitter I laugh and hold the phone up to someone’s face. Like so close to their face their eyes cross. So, this time, I thought I’d share respectfully.

  • Watch this: Abbie Evans. Is she not just the most adorable thing in the world and she is only expressing what we all feel. Raise your hand if you are so over this election. Yeah, me too. Abbie too. I watched this quite a few times. I’m not creepy. I swear.
  • Eat this: Pumpkin Whoopie Pies. Do yourself a favor. You’re always doing everyone else favors, aren’t you? These babies, er, whoopies, awarded me second place at my office bake off this week. I would have won first, but someone brought cake pops. You just cannot beat a cake pop. Even if it is the most awful cake pop ever made in history, it will still be the perfect bite of deliciousness in your mouth. So, basically, other than cake pops, this is the most amazing dessert.

  • Wear this: Dylana + Natalie Suarez x Modern Vice “JETT” boot. The most perfect boot. I’ve been wanting to scream about these for this category of Friday Favorites since they came out in August, but since I am always obsessing praising the Suarez sisters, so I felt the need to spread the love a little. But, I cannot be silent any longer. The JETT boot is perfection. Can you be in love with a boot? There are TV shows about people in love with inanimate objects. I might be becoming one of them. And I don’t even have a pair of these boots. I am in lust with them. Specifically the oxblood pair. Watch this video. It’s shoe porn.
  •  Blog love: Visionary Dreams. San Francisco sure knows how to churn out those bloggers, huh? How wrong would it be if I just copied all her looks? Would she notice? Would you notice? Would I care or would I be too distracted by how amazing I look? Danielle has just the right mix of everything all rolled into one.

Friday Fail!

So, I look like a nasty, nasty b-word here. All because someone walked in front of the camera. BUT, I can promise you that I was over exaggerating. I am not a b-word. I swear. Not to strangers at least. if anything, I am way too nice to strangers. And to people I don’t like. So, if I’m really nice to you, sorry, chances are that I don’t like you. Man, that really makes me sound like a fake b-word.

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  1. You crack me up every time! That last pic is pretty much EXACTLY what I would look like too. I have one of “those” faces that cannot hide emotion whatsoever. I get in trouble a lot with it, sadly. Also, I just got a cake pop maker from my mother in law and I have to agree that they are the perfect dessert! I was eating them straight from the machine with no frosting or anything. No shame!

    Strive to Thrive,

  2. That twitter account just made my day and I would have awarded you the best dessert because I LOVE all things pumpkin!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  3. Rachel said:

    love this today 😀 xoRachel

  4. Chelsea said:

    That song is really good! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. HAHAHA yes. The last picture. Also, I wish those pumpkin whoopee pies would just get in my belly right now! Happy Friday! xo Hannah

  6. Haha! That last photo is priceless. I would feel the SAME way 😉

  7. Amanda said:

    How wrong is it that I cannot get the Hello Kitty jacket out of my head =) I love it… it looks sooo cozyy and warm mm =)

  8. Karina said:

    hahahahah I cannot stop laughing at the tweets you shared! I’ll be definitely following. And the Friday Fail is such a fun part of this post as well. I just love your Friday favorites.

  9. Woah, those pumpkin whoopie pies look delicious! Thanks so much for your comment on Clothed Much!


  10. Love this! I would’ve voted for the Pumpkin whoopie pies. What’s wrong with people? I’m over the election too. Really over it! Have a great Sunday!

  11. Sam said:

    Hi dear, thanks for your visit, I love reading your interesting mix of media loves, it was great fun!

  12. Martina said:

    Those tweets are awesome!!!! Loved the first one, I feel so identified!

  13. I love those yellow cookies! This is a great post!

  14. haha! i think i always say “yay for it being friday” or “it’s finally friday” in my friday posts ahaha!

    Sandy a la Mode

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