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Does tryptophan really make you sleepy, RE: the Seinfeld episode that Jerry drugs his date with turkey so he can play with her collectible toys? I don’t know if it’s from all the food, the excitement, or staying up watching movies with my family, but I am really tired after Thanksgiving dinner.

I can assume those who celebrate Thanksgiving are full of turkey and pie and enjoying this long weekend.

      • Listen to this: The Kills. A little eerie. A little beautiful. A lot of my going back for more. I’m quite fond of the song below.
    • Read this: The Burning House. This is one of the most unique blogs I’ve come across. If your house was burning, what would you take with you? Your answer could say a lot about you. I ramble off the usual: family photos, my purse (that hopefully contains all the important items it usually does), as much as my old Backstreet Boys memorabilia I, and whoever I can convince to take a second trip, could carry, my full closet of clothes, of course. Basically, I am materialistic and would have to start clearing out my house before the house caught fire. What would you save?

  • Eat this: Mustard Brussels Sprouts. I did not know until I typed the name of this dish that the “Brussels” in Brussels sprouts is plural and capitalized. What a sophisticated vegetable. Now, I know most of you will fight me on this, but get over it. I gorged myself last night and I need to be a good influence on myself. And mustard makes everything better anyway. Don’t believe me? Dip a potato chip in mustard. Yes. Back to the Brussels sprouts. I like these. You will too.

  • Wear this: Naomi and Lavender. Probably one of the coolest clothing companies to exist, ever. Just throwing that out there. Also, their Black Friday sale is online. A Black Friday sale without lines and people trampling over me? I am so there. Also, double whammy with the Cyber Monday sale. Like their Facebook page to see if you are one of the lucky fans to get up to 40% off during their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. If you’re going to do any shopping this holiday weekend, don’t forget about Naomi and Lavender.

  •  Blog love: Raspberry & Rouge. This chick has got it. She keeps it simple, like I do, but she looks much cooler doing it. I find myself lusting over each piece she wears.

Friday Fail, ya’ll!


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  1. a very inspiring post dear!!
    love the different pics

  2. Jen said:

    The Kills are one of my all-time favourite bands! Midnight Boom is my favourite album of theirs. And those brussels sprouts look amazing- thanks for sharing!

    Good luck getting over the Thanksgiving hangover 🙂

  3. Its so nice how you list out what is good!! Love them:)


  4. Daphne said:

    following you on Twitter<3 @MonaTinashe & @BeAllTheRage

  5. Jennifer said:

    Brussels sprouts, don’t like them, but they are so healthy.


  6. I love Brussels sprouts!
    Have a wonderful weekend dear.

  7. maria said:

    the kills are amazing!

  8. You’ve got the best stuff on here! I hope you’ve recovered from Thanksgiving! 🙂

  9. what a great post to end the weekend. love the kills SO much! Also, can’t wait to try those brussels sprouts, they looks so delicious! hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving. i haven’t found that i am tired after eating turkey, but some people are!

    xox, amber

  10. Anna said:

    Nom Nom Brussels sprouts taste so good. It was one of my favorite dishes for Thanksgiving this year. I’m so tired from eating and shopping. i hope you get a lot of rest also.

  11. Chelsea said:

    Wow, once again! What a rocking post! The Burning House – what a cool idea! And isn’t Pink amazing in that video!!!! I wonder if she’s always been able to dance like that and was just saving it for a special occasion! AMAZING! I hope you had a great Thanks Giving!

  12. MlleW said:

    liking your recommendations..I’m checking out Naomi & Lavendel at the moment and gonna check out the Burning house too. As the Dutch female blogger: I like her style but I see so many girls like that in my country that I often look for inspiration from girl bloggers from other countries to see how they wear it…

  13. Just a suggestion about the meal: when you eat Brussels sprouts ( or any similar vegetable), diggestion is hard and your stomach ends plein of air , so try to eat them for lunch, not for dinner!!!

  14. Those brussels sprouts look delish! You look so cute and I love that you are one of the few bloggers that smile.

    Stay fab,

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