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Do you ever correlate your favorite clothing stores with types of people from high school?

Forever 21 is the popular cheerleader. Urban Outfitters is the hipster that everyone wants to hate, but they can’t because they are just that damn awesome. Abercrombie and Fitch is the douchebag football player that all the girls follow around, and later spread his overwhelming cologne when they wear his letterman jacket. Free People is the effortless hippie chick that everyone gets a long with, even if they can’t live up to her standards. You see what I mean, right?

And Crossroads is everyone’s best friend. They have to be; they have something for everyone.

So, when planning to meet Sarah from Crossroads to have brunch and go shopping, I was totally nervous. As smooth as I like to believe I seem on the interwebs, I am a super dork and don’t feel I make the best first impression. So, like the said super dork I am, I made Sarah scones and pumpkin butter. I figured that even if I made a bad first impression, at least she would leave me having something nice to remember me by.

But, you guys, that didn’t happen. Sarah was so cool that I think her coolness effected me a little and just by association of hanging out with her, I was cool for a moment too. Basically, we had a great time, ate yummy food, and bought some super cute clothes.

Check out our Saturday shopping date over at the Crossroads Trading Co blog! After reading it, you’ll want to be Crossroads’ BFF too.


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  1. Jac said:

    What a great feature, loved it 🙂
    xo jac

  2. bahahaah i have pretty much the same stereotypes about stores…….sad but true!! Can’t wait to see what you got!!!
    brooke @ what2wear

  3. Melody said:

    I love crossroads! I just found out about them this summer while I was in Brooklyn. I found lots of good stuff.

  4. haha I used to do that too, you’re so right! Great photo 🙂

  5. htitus said:

    I need to go check out the Crossroads on Arden! I’ve only been to the one in Roseville. Sounds like you always have good luck there! ❤

    Colour Me Classic

  6. Dani said:

    so true! such a cute post.

  7. What an awesome afternoon! I wish I lived near a crossroads! And what a nice haul!

  8. so pretty dear!!
    thanks for your comment and follow you!!

  9. cookies said:

    wonderful photos
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit ❤

  10. such a beautiful picture!!

    ps. we are now having a wonderful Kenzaa give-away!

  11. maria said:

    aw this is adorable. love the pic. and you’re right about the cliques of the stores hahaha

  12. oh my gosh…perfect. i have never shopped at a&f, but your description seems spot on!! i’m glad you had a great time!

  13. Ashley said:

    So pretty, love that pic!

  14. Omg your comparisons are so true! Also, making scones is not dorky, its super super cute!

  15. Love the feature! And you are so right about comparing certain stores to people in high school! That is hilarious! And I was laughing when you described yourself as a super dork and brought scones to the meeting. Well, it was a fantastic plan! Glad you didn’t need it though!

  16. G.TA said:

    I wish we had one in Singapore!! You look gorgeous..=`)

  17. Felicity said:

    This sounds completely awesome! We need Crossroads in the UK! Love your blog, now following (via Bloglovin’)! If you get a chance, please check mine out too x

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