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Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, that was last week? Let’s revisit the holiday with these photos that have seemingly nothing to do with the holiday. But, nay, these were taken across the street from my house. A house that was filled with family, food, and football for the holiday. Too much food, actually. Most of us were so full from grazing on the appetizers all day that when it came time for dinner, a lot of plates were left unfinished. You know what that means? Leftovers!

I had pie, cake, and stuffing for breakfast about four days in a row. I like to eat healthy, so I made sure to have a few grapes on the side to balance it out.

Also, Black Friday? I don’t participate. My mom and Aunt went out at 2 a.m., when my cousins and I were winding down from our movie marathon tradition. I value sleep. And also knowing there would be a big chance that someone would finish the pie if I went out all day makes it a deal breaker. My cousins and I did end up thrifting a bit later in the morning after the crowds went home.

The best part about Thanksgiving though? Having a “Friendsgiving” later in the week. My waistline might have done a bit of expanding this past week.




// Sweater, Skirt, & Boots: Thrifted via Crossroads // Ring: Forever 21 //

I know I am on the Crossroads Style Council, but I can promise you that I do not style exclusive Crossroads outfits on purpose. It just happens. It’s happened before and it will happen again. I usually find a full outfit on the same shopping trip, so there’s your proof proving how awesome thrifting in general is.

Thrifty Tip #9583: Look for pieces that work together and get an entire affordable outfit. Then mix and match!




Also, this maxi skirt is pulled up over my bra.

Multiple people mentioned that I looked like I stepped out of Home on the Prairie with this outfit and hair style. And to them I said, “Good.” The more people don’t understand my outfits, the more I know that I do.

How do you feel when someone questions your outfits? 



And then I ran away and twirled.

Truth be told, I was feeling a little “Sound of Music” in this outfit.





All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Marina said:

    Love that outfit! The colour of the skirt works awesome with the sweater. And your hair..ohh..beautiful!

  2. I love your attitude–“the more I know people don’t understand my outfit, the more I know that I do.” That is just a masterpiece my friend. I love your maxi–it is the perfect color!

  3. Your hair looks awesome like that! I had left overs too for about 4 days now….delish aren’t they:)


  4. Cute, good thinking turning that maxi into a dress! Ugh I hate when people (usually my older family members or husband) make odd comments about what I wear. It’s not for YOU to understand, it’s for all my other women-folk. Anyway, snacking all day on thanksgiving (and every day) is my favorite! I’m not big on turkey anyway, so I just make myself a tapas-style plate and never let it get empty.

    Strive to Thrive,

  5. Beautiful look!
    Love the dress! And your hairdo is beautiful!


  6. This look is so adorable, and fun and fancy-free. I love it.

    Keep an eye out on my blog later today. I’ll be featuring this as one of the looks I love today.


  7. Hooray for a nearly all thrifted outfit! I love when that happens. I think these colors look really pretty together and I like how you’ve worn the skirt as a dress. When people question my outfits I just shrug haha. People usually don’t say anything to me anymore though! The boyfriend knows I wear what I want and he doesn’t question it anymore!

  8. first off you look absolutely beautiful in these photos!!! especially in the last portrait of you!!!!
    second love how you’ve styled your hair!!!
    lastly, ❤ that black sweater!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  9. Rachel said:

    looks like an amazing time! i love that dress and boots, fun sweater as well! and good for you for poo-pooing black friday! its not really worth it anyway 😀 xoRachel

  10. Your pictures are so awesome….I love your braided hair-do. So cute! I would have chosen a movie marathon anyday over ruthless Black Friday shopping!

  11. Morgan said:

    Totally twirl-worthy. Love it! 🙂


  12. i love this outfit! Your hair looks beautiful! And now I have The Sound of Music in my head…maybe i’ll watch it this weekend
    And woohoo for cousin traditions! I don’t go out on Black Friday either, ha ha

  13. whitney said:

    love this look, and love that lots of it was thrifted!

  14. Leah said:

    I usually feel mildly awkward/embarrassed, but then I notice that what they’re (typically) wearing is boring and doesn’t interest me one bit.

  15. Vanessa said:

    I really like your thrifting tip about looking for a full outfit. I seriously never thought of that! I also love the little half smile you do! I’m gonna work on mine. 🙂

  16. Femke said:

    “And then I ran away and twirled” Love that sentence! You go girl, don’t let other people who question your outfits and who want to follow the crowd bother you! You’re an unique human being, and that’s what you’re showing in your clothes, love it!

    xoxo, Femke
    By Button

  17. I love that you pulled the maxi up to make a dress! I think this is a great look! I’m all for Thanksgiving leftovers as long as it’s the desserts!!

  18. Kristian said:

    I like the colors of this outfit and the slashes in the sweater give it an edge.

  19. That is the loveliest shade of orange and it looks beautiful on you! I love taking maxi skirts and converting them into dresses. 🙂


  20. Kati said:

    Loving this combo! Let’s keep in touch, I’d love to!

  21. MissEcl said:

    You look so beautiful, and that hairdo looks perfect on you!! Great pictures!! <3<3

  22. pretty pretty! i love the photos. that orangey color screams fall!

  23. I love your hair like this! The colors are perfect for Thanksgiving, and my waistline DEFINITELY expanded over the past week. I’ll try your grape trick next time 😉

  24. Jac said:

    I’ve been getting more and more into thrifting. I love that I can find more unique items that no one else will have. Love the orange 🙂
    xo Jac

  25. Lynn said:

    hi Jennifer, thanks for the visit! we had out Canadian “T-gives” a while back but i’m still reliving all the wonderful food. yours sounded right up my alley, total yum delums. i gotta give props to your Mom + aunt for committing to the sales like that, way to go ladies!

    i adore your style and this outfit is too darling. the deconstructed sweater is brilliant and looks most excellent paired with your milk maid braids and that incredibly flowing dress… oh excuse me “skirt”! such a great idea, you diy’d the shiz out of it too. you’re beautiful! happy almost weekend.

  26. Pamela said:

    Love the braided hair and the floor length skirt.

  27. rachael said:

    that dress and those boots! i’m sold. thanks for visiting me, lady! 😉

  28. Alice said:

    Love this hair. I want to learn how to do braids like that! x

  29. Carlee said:

    Your hair is so beautiful. You should do a tutorial! I also love your skirt and ring. Great post.
    Almost Endearing

  30. Arden said:

    Your hair is incredible. xx

  31. Amanda said:

    Oh wow this is sooo stunning I love all the pictures! And the outfit is super cute!

  32. Vendy said:

    Lovely look doll
    Kiss and have an happy WE

    Follow me on:
    the simple life of rich people
    Instagram @thesimplelifeofrichpeople
    Twitter @simpleliferichP

  33. Megan said:

    Love this outfit! The maxi + dress + boots = perfection! Love the messy up do too 🙂 So glad I found you. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    ❤ Megan

  34. Paula said:

    Hi Jennifer, thanks for the visit! I love that you have a movie marathon on Thanksgiving. I wonder which movies you watched. Plus, you have a very positive attitude towards other people’s criticism on your clothes. I actually think you look more like boho chic/street style than anything else! x Paula

  35. Elsha said:

    You look very “sound of music” in these last photos:) the people who scoff creativity line this are usually the ones that lack it. At least in my experience that’s how it’s been. I love this whole look on you!

  36. allison said:

    Perfect Autumn outfit! I love the orange dress. I’m with you when it comes to sleep! Although this year I found myself out until 4 in the morning….

  37. Gaby said:

    You look amazing, I really like all the pics….
    Love your braid ❤

  38. Sam said:

    I really like this outfit! I love how you combine that dress (in that beautiful shade of orange) with that very nice and interesting cable knit. It seems a bit Margiela-esque to me :). Over here in the Netherlands we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but it seems like you have had an amazing holiday.

    XOXO, Sam

  39. Great look, great blog! I’ve partnered with famed Bev Hills dermatologist on a fab holiday giveaway! Oprah just named The Lancer Method Luxury Skincare Collection ($300) as one of her favorite things and I’m giving away one set to a lucky reader!

    Hope you enter. Good luck!
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane

  40. You have a great look and a great blog! ❤

    By the way, I'm hosting two fabulous giveaways!
    Lancer Method Skincare giveaway (Oprah's Favorite Things) and JewelMint jewelry giveaway (I'm giving away three pieces!)
    personal style and fashion musings of an LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane

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