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Let’s begin with Thrifty Tip #9285: Do not buy something just because it’s on trend, especially if it doesn’t fit properly.

I don’t think it’s bad to follow trends, unless you are doing it when you don’t necessarily like the trend; don’t sport a trend just to be trendy. That was a little too many uses of the word “trend”.

Take this camo jacket, for instance. Camo is back in, that is no secret. Since camo came back, I’ve been looking for the perfect camo jacket. Let me rephrase that, I’ve been looking for the perfect camo jacket that I could afford at the moment, a.k.a a thrifted camo jacket.

Low and behold, I found one (see below). I have an affinity for oversized sweaters and jackets so I didn’t think twice and I bought it. After a wear or two, I realized two things; This jacket is too large. And, I need to start investing in well fitted pieces. I used to be a bit larger, and especially in high school, I hid behind baggier clothing; hoodies, too large, shapeless t-shirts, and beyond boyfriend jeans. My current weight is still somewhat recent and every once in a while, I have a difficult time seeing my body’s change; others comment positively  while I look in the mirror and see what I saw a year and a half plus 45 pounds ago. I think I am finally coming to terms with what I have accomplished and I resolve to appreciate it and to start dressing to flatter for my body, not to hide behind extra fabric.

Have you made a significant, positive change that is has been hard to adjust to and appreciate?



// Jacket: Thrifted via Freestyle Clothing Exchange // Sweater: Thrifted via Goodwill // Jeans: Urban Outfitters // Shoes: H&M // Hat: Marshalls //

Um, good thing I proof read my posts. I almost told you that I got my “Hoes” at H&M. That is definitely not where I get my hoes.

My sister ended up buying the jacket off of me. When she realized the same as I did above, she passed it along to my dad. Yes, I apparently bought a jacket in a 6’2″, grown man’s size. There is nothing wrong with oversized, but there is a line.

So guess what is on my Christmas list now?




This also means that I will have to have a camo re-do when I get a new camo jacket. Not only because it will be the only jacket I will be wearing, but to show you how a jacket should fit.




Oh, you don’t hang out by the creek in the alleyway behind your house? Weird.



I hope you learned a valuable lesson today. Just because it is cheap and on trend (and you want it really badly) do not buy it if it does not fit.

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Hebe said:

    I actually quite like the jacket on you. I think because the jeans are quite tight and you’re wearing it with wedges it doesn’t look as manly and baggy as it could. I LOVE your hat and sweater by the way!

  2. Rachel said:

    Love your mix of the camo coat and your sweater 🙂 And you pull hats off better than anyone I know! SO CUTE!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  3. anna said:

    your jacket is so cool!! love it!!!

  4. Oh I’ve done this too! I would love to know how to get a great fitting jacket (and agree that I need to invest in a well-fitting one) because I love to layer so it has to be big but then I don’t layer and it looks like a tent! Anxiously waiting for your advice! BTW, huge congrats on the weight loss. Amazing!!!

  5. Judy said:

    This is awesome advice. I’ve had to learn it the hard way. I still like the look.

  6. These photos look so gorgeous. I’m also loving the whole outfit. How great can camouflage jacket look with that hat and (violet/burgundy?) sweater ! Nice look. :>

    Indie by heart

  7. I love all these photos! And I don’t think the jacket looks too big on you! But I know what you mean, in high school I always used to wear really big clothes (I have always been the same size though, ha ha)

  8. Cute outfit-even if the jacket didn’t work out! : (
    Congratulations on your weight loss! I DO know what you mean, I recently lost about 17″ (overall) and dropped a size. It’s hard to figure out what size you currently are-I actually just made that mistake the other day! I bought this dress (which I just posted on my blog) only I paired it with a structured jacket to help it “fit”. I think it’s harder to see the change in you personally (I have this problem too). It’s easier to see the difference in someone else!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  9. So where do you buy your hoes? I agree with you though, lets just make it a general rule to always buy clothes that fit our bodies (or can be tailored with minimal effort).

    Strive to Thrive,

  10. I like and agree with not buying clothing items just because they are trendy when you don’t really need them or when they don’t fit.
    YOU look totally gorgeous and there is absolutely no need to “hide” behind any cloth.

  11. Leah said:

    This is a good topic for me to hear, as I too used to be a bit bigger in high school, and find that it is sometimes hard to adjust to a new size and seeing yourself in a new light.
    Can’t wait to see the new jacket!

  12. Ria said:

    Totally agree definitely don’t buy anything if it doesn’t fit right whether it’s on trend or not.

  13. teddi said:

    i like the way the jacket looks, but if you didn’t, then it’s definitely good you gave it away. you look a model to me. where you take you photos is so pretty. sometimes i don’t know how bad something looks on me, until i see it in a photo. then i say, that’s going in the donate pile, or i’m not wearing that outfit again. 😉

  14. Theresa said:

    I actually like the looser fit on you! (: Especially with the way you styled it! but you’re right, if you don’t like how it looks on you, then by all means don’t wear it!


  15. i think the camo jacket looks nice on you, but i agree. clothing that is suited to your body does wonders. like sometimes i see tiny bloggers rocking their super baggy sweaters and grandpa cardis, and it looks really cute on them. sadly, because of my body type, i can’t wear that type of stuff. i look dumpy 😦

    but either way, you’re a beautiful woman 🙂 i don’t think the camo jacket is that bad bagginess-wise… but i know what you mean.

  16. You’re 100% right. There’s nothing wrong about following trends, especially if you actually enjoy that trend. What we should keep in mind is that trends are fading easily away and that the style is the one that remains xP

    Anyway, even though the Jacket ended up being to large, it still looked good 😉 That’s because I love oversize as well but you’re right, a suited cloth is the best one ^^

  17. Amandine said:

    I think you look great, even with the loose jacket! And I totally agree with you about not buying items just because they’re trendy. I love your hair btw 😉

  18. Debbie said:

    Love this look, great pics as well 🙂


  19. kirsty said:

    love the colour of that jumper

  20. You look beautiful!!! I love the lighting in these pictures.

  21. c-yaya said:

    wow, you rocks with this jacket!

  22. Toma said:

    Great thrifting finds!! Love the jacket!
    Thank you for commenting on my blog!

  23. Carina said:

    Oh I can totally relate to this weight/body issue – I still wear too many oversized clothes after I’ve lost some weight 😉
    It takes some time to get rid of the old self-image.

    But eventhough the camo jacket is oversized I think it looks really cool on you and I love the contrast with the purple sweater!

  24. kamilla said:

    I hate buying stuff thats “trendy” anyway because the most you’re going to accomplish is to look like every other wannabe trendsetter out there. I just try to get stuff that looks good and fits, whether it was in two months ago or ten years ago. You do still look lovely in that jacket though! I agree about the weight issues-whenever I’ve gained weight, it was a whole psychological ordeal to try on those old skinny jeans that a pushed the the darkest corner of the closet.

  25. I’m glad you got a chance to style the jacket before passing it off to your dad! I like the green hues with the purple sweater! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

    The Weekend Diary

  26. So true. All trends are not for everyone ( no matter how much you wish they were) and certainly not if it doesn’t even remotely fit you.

    That said I do love your hat and sweater. Kudos for losing all that weight. It’s hard to believe since you look like a “natural” skinny gal : )

    I need a little person on my shoulder when thrifting. I do great when I’m in a normal store buying, but when I’m in a thrift store I get so excited if I find anything that fits me I want to buy it even if it looks super dated.


  27. Peet said:

    Overly oversized or not, it really does look great on you!! I’d wear it.:)

  28. You looks gorgeous now and I´m sure you looked gorgeous with a few pounds more. No need to hide behind baggy clothes. Glad you´re happy now. Although you´re unhappy with the camo jacket for me it looks super rad 🙂


  29. Caro* said:

    Great style !! Love your military jacket 🙂

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