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Christmas style!

You guys, it’s Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve! My favorite days leading up to Christmas are the “Eve’s”; the hustle and bustle of last minute gift rushes, Christmas music and movies being tolerated by those around me, finally!, the constant baked good aroma filling the house, and the ever growing child like excitement in the air.

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, I hope you enjoy the holidays as much as I do!

  • Listen to this: Backstreet Boys “It’s Christmas Time Again”. I, truthfully, cannot stop smiling when listening to this song. I know I’ve mentioned this song on here previously, but I’ve been waiting to make it an official Friday Favorite recommendation. ‘Tis the season! And trust, you’ll like love it. Even if you deny it, you’ll find yourself singing it later with a smile on your face. I gaurentee it. If not, I’ll refund your time. 
  • Read this: Santa’s Naughty or Nice List. Want to know if you are on the Naughty or Nice list this year? Enter your name and find out! Let me know what you get in the comments! Um, how does it know I need to work on picking up my clothes? He knows if you’ve been bad or good!


  • Watch this: The Santa Clause. This is one of my favorite Christmas movies; Nevermind the fact that all Christmas movies are my favorite. One, Tim Allen; one of my favorite actors, from Home Improvement to Last Man Standing, I will forever stan for him. Two, it makes me smile and feel warm and fuzzy, and that’s all I can ask from a Christmas movie.


  • Eat this: Christmas Tree Cake Pops. Make them and then eat them! It is not as hard as it looks; in fact, you’ll be praised all the while keeping in the secret that even a child can make these. I posted a tutorial last year that you can read here, or just visit the cake pop queen, Bakerella for a few other fun holiday cake pops!

Christmas Tree Cake Pops

  • Wear this: Dahlia Fashion. I assume you are in need of some holiday wear? Perhpas a seqined top or two, a lace dress, or a twirly mini? Dahlia has it all and more. I don’t dress up too often, but I could live in Dahlia. From Christmas to New Year’s Eve, Dahlia has you covered. And no matter how much that sounded like a paid infomercial, I assure you my love is pure.


  • Blog love: A Beautiful Mess. A mix of lifestyle, fashion, and DIYs. Elsie and Emma have created an amazing one stop shop for everything you may need. The blog is especially fun to read during the holidays with all the DIY and recipe ideas. Listen to their holiday playlist while you bake some Christmas cookies.


Friday Fail… err, Friday Awesome!

There is no failing with Christmas! The Fan Files and I with the big man himself (Although, he is no Tim Allen!).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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  1. Keit said:

    Hahah, thank you for this neat post! I’m off to watch “Love actually” ^_^

  2. danny said:

    Christmas is the best holiday! Lovely post 🙂

  3. Hannah said:

    Thanks for sharing Dahlia fashion – heading over there now! x

  4. haha I got nice but need to go to bed on time!

  5. LOL I got nice but I’ve got a few naughty marks and I need to share more often. That’s pretty funny! I love the last picture! Merry Christmas!!

  6. YAy for Christmas times! 😀 I LOVE The Santa Clause! Definitely one of my favorites. But I have so many favorite Christmas movies, haha
    Here is mine: I was nice and “Was pretty nice at times yesterday. Needs to practice picking up more often and making bed. ”
    SO TRUE! How weird…

  7. Amanda said:

    what a lovely post… I hope you are a having a great time celebrating =)

  8. Jen said:

    Awesome photo with Santa! And those Christmas tree pops look amazing! 🙂


  9. THE-LOUDMOUTH said:

    Jimmy Fallon’s face keeps looking weirder and weirder. But I’m so excited Backstreet Boys are BACK! They are so talented and even hotter than they used to be. And The Santa Clause is f-ing hilarious and cute.

  10. katielucy said:

    cute cake pops! I love a beautiful mess too 🙂

    Katie x

  11. zahra said:

    Can’t believe i fell in love with the Back Street Boys ALL OVER AGAIN! They are even hotter all grown up!

    Thank you for sharing this! I’m smiling already 🙂

    Merry Christmas!


  12. Raya said:

    Haha, this is so Christmasy! I’m on the nice list and this is what Santa says about me: “Needs to share a little more but has been nice. Pay attention to washing behind the ears. ”
    That last thing is so funny. 🙂 A Beautiful Mess is one of my favorite blogs, I love those ladies. Happy holidays xoxo

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