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I feel like I haven’t done an outfit post in for-ev-er; Sandlot style, naturally.

Nothing much to update here, because nothing really compares to our engagement that I wrote about on Monday! Thank you all for your sweet comments and well wishes! I will not be turning this blog into a wedding blog, but I may post inspiration from time to time and as we get closer to the big day, some photos and progress updates. We have a date in mind; late Spring/early Summer next year, so we have plenty of time for saving money and blowing said money planning!

If you’re on Pinterest, and really, who isn’t these days?, you can follow me (@seekingstyle) to get an idea what what I’m hoping my wedding will look like. Do you like how I assume that you all are super interested?

In other news: I am super, duper totally excited about the three day weekend coming up!




 // Jeans: BDG via Urban Outfitters // Shoes: Charlotte Russe // Sweater: Thrifted via Thrift Town // Fur Vest: Forever 21 // Coat: Tulle via Nordstrom //

We took these photos at one of my favorite Sacramento establishments; Bows & Arrows. It’s a fusion of everything awesome: vintage clothing, food, art, and live music. There is really no other place like it here in Sacramento and I am constantly day dreaming about eating lunch on their sunny little patio. If it looks familiar, it’s because this is where Sarah and I went on our lunch date not too long ago. Sarah, I think we need another soon! Maybe in your hood?

Apparently I now use this blog for my personal correspondence.

This is how I drink hot chocolate on a cold day.





And this is how I Instagram my hot chocolate. I’m that person. I wish I was a cooler Instagrammer.

No, my iPhone does not have a cover. Judge away, but I’ve never dropped it.

Damnit, I’m jinxed now, huh?


Happy hump day all!


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. jane said:

    Perfect ! I especially love the hat, the color is beautiful !

  2. norbyah said:

    great outfit. you know, i just got an iphone and instagram and i have to say, i’m one of those instagrammers, too. i like it. will have to look for you on instagram. also, congratulations on your perfect proposal and engagement. i just caught up with your news and posts. what a sweet man you have. every girl dreams of her wedding day….hope to hear bits and pieces of how you plan for yours. i’m not afraid to admit that i really loved to watch TLC’s wedding story. i cried every time.


  3. Your outfit is so adorable. I especially love your hat 🙂

  4. you look wonderful in the photos. and i laughed at the jinx part hahaha

    cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe

  5. louise said:

    haha yeah you sort of yinxed it! Congratulations on your engagement 😀 will be checking pintrest asap. Curious as I am.


  6. OH MY GOSH. This is the cutest/best/sweetest/greatest proposal I have EVER heard! I, too, have always dreamed for a holiday proposal of sorts and I loved reading every single word. SO AMAZING. I’m exciting to read more about your engagement and wedding plans. Blogger weddings are the best sort 🙂

  7. Ah, your style is so comfy and relaxed. I love it. I admire you for wearing hats! I still haven’t been brave enough to.

  8. katrina said:

    I think it’s impressive & awesome that you don’t have a cover on your phone and aren’t rocking a shattered screen!!

  9. Danielle said:

    Anyone who quotes the Sandlot is awesome sauce in my book.

    I love your hat and booties. You just look so naturally cool. The only cool thing about me is my feet, which is why I’m always wearing socks.

  10. Lily- Lirio Style said:

    The burgundy hat is so cute! Love the casual poses too!
    Thanks for visiting my blog
    Xoxo from the Brazilian,

  11. Kati said:

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment!
    The hat looks fantastic on you!

  12. couturetrend said:

    Ohh! That beautiful!

    I love your Blog …I’ll wait for my blog …



  13. Carrie said:

    Great color combo – the deep green of the sweater and maroon/burgundy of the hat look great together. 🙂 Lovely setting as well.

  14. Jackie said:

    Delighted to discover your blog!

  15. Jackie said:

    Happy to discover your blog!

  16. Theresa said:

    Love this!! (: The sweater is great.


  17. You look adorable here, and can I just say that your hair is soo awesome? I had long straight hair a few months ago but mistakenly decided to cut it shorter, and the hair stylist thought layers would be a good style. Wrong! Here’s to another year or two when it grows back to the original length!

  18. firmoo said:

    Hi, Many of our fans are looking forward to see pictures from excellent bloggers like you on world’s 1st eyewear styling community, could we have the honor to see you there?

  19. Linda said:

    Congrats on the engagement! Ah, that’s so amazing 🙂
    Love this cute, casual outfit. The burgundy hat is perfect

    Trendy Teal

  20. Katie said:

    Oh Congrats sweetie 🙂 What a lovely news.
    You look stunning. I really like your hat and your shoes. These are wonderful! ❤

  21. So darn cute!
    And congratulations on getting engaged!! Wohoo! So exciting. And your ring is stunning!!

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