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Happy Friday! Happy three day weekend!

My family always spends this particular three day weekend in San Jose for a family reunion of sorts with my mom’s extended family. We actually use it to celebrate Christmas, so the joy, gifts, and the food (oh, the food!) continue just a little longer for us!

What is everyone else up to this weekend?

  • Listen to this: Cake. Cake? Yum! Um, not that kind of cake. You can’t listen to cake. Awkward. So, Cake is this band who has a lot of songs, but there is one in particular that I cannot get out of my head. Nevermind that this particular song is from way back in the day. Yes, 2001 was back in the day. I was only 15 back in that day. Ok, ok, stop doing the math! I’m getting old, I get it! Anyway, listen to this song and then get yourself a piece of cake.
  • Read this: Drinking with Men by Rosie Schaap. I saw this book mentioned while flipping through Marie Claire the other day and it caught my attention. Now that my brother owns a bar, I take notice of topics related to bars. Rosie details her jaunts around the world visiting bars, drinking with locals, and celebrating all the diversity she has found along the way. I think it would be a really interesting read to get her take on people from around the world. And we all know the kinds of things that come out of people’s mouths when they’ve been drinking, so I assume she has some great stories!


  • Watch this: Movie 43. This looks pretty bad, but the kind of bad that it might be mildly entertaining. And I cannot say no to an ensemble movie; for some reason it is too interesting for me to see all these different celebrities acting in the same movie. I will most likely save this movie for a desperate Red Box rental, not a date night theater movie.
  • Eat this: Skinny Chicken Pot Pie. I am back to my non processed/clean eating lifestyle (except I do plan on throwing it out the window this weekend. Hey, it’s my Christmas!). It has been freezing as feck here and I have been craving something warm and hearty and when I came across this on Eat Yourself Skinny, I knew I had found it. I like the idea of using fresh vegetables so I can add in what I like and making my own dough, but for more convenience, you can use frozen vegetables and biscuits. No half & half? Just mix a (cooled) tablespoon of melted butter with enough milk to make a cup all together. Conclusion: super tasty!


  • Wear this: Casper & Pearl. The new collection launches next month, but from the small glimpses I’ve seen here and there, I could not wait a second more to share. Casper & Pearl was created in 2011 by an 18 year self taught designer and the clothes are wistfully magical, girly, and vintage inspired. They are based in Australia, but they are coming to Revolve Clothing soon!


  • Blog love: What Olivia Did. How cute is she? She is the kind of girl that you feel like you should be jealous of, but can’t because she is way too sweet and awesome. I also bet she let’s her friends borrow her clothes. Ok, now I’m jealous of her friends.

8364570275_e229590521_zFriday (GIF) Fail!

I don’t even know what we were trying to accomplish here. I do know that I didn’t work though.

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  1. amanda said:

    i haven’t listen to cake in so long!! what an amazing throw back!! im actually going to put the rest of the album on. no fail on the gif – i like it. im way way new to this blogging thing and trying to teach myself to make some. great way to get points across without words.
    we are following along with you, check us out? follow us back?

  2. Amanda said:

    I always enjoy your Friday post =) Hope you have a great weekend =)

  3. Another great Friday! It’s crazy that you have colder weather in CA than we do in the Midwest. Enjoy your Christmas weekend! I’ll be eating that chicken pot pie soon…..yummy!

  4. Katie said:

    I also love Olivia’s blog ! ❤

  5. That book sounds awesome, definitely going on my reading list. Also may go out to do some “research” for my own book 😉 Happy Friday enjoy your reunion!

  6. I like your gif haha, think it looks cute and the ankle boots are gorgeous! I love Olivias blog and want to read that book, great picks!

  7. winnie said:

    Awww you’re right about Olivia, she is the loveliest person in real life!

  8. Andreea said:

    I love love love Olivia’s blog! She’s so cute! ❤

  9. Oh my gosh, I haven’t listened to Cake in FOREVER. I totally forgot about them until your post.

  10. I didn’t know that blogger! she is really lovely 🙂

  11. jane said:

    Olivia has the sweetest blog, her outfits never fail to inspire me! Caper and Pearl is another favourite of mine that you have included here, their clothes are so perfect and I really must try that chicken pie, it looks amazing!
    X Jane

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