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You may have heard about Firmoo, from my Friday Favorites suggestion, and my many Instagram photos featuring my own Firmoo frames, which by the way, I am in love with. Truthfully, the frames are larger than I expected when I got them in the mail, so I have yet to venture out in public in them. But, I constantly wear them at home, pretending that I am way cooler than I actually am. My favorite part about my frames is how light weight they are compared to my other frames, and when wearing them for a long period of time, they don’t leave that annoying red mark on the bridge of my nose.

Now you can have a pair of your own!

The first prize winner will win a pair of eyeglasses (both prescription & non-prescription are available).

There will be six (yes, SIX) second place winners who will win a $30 voucher for a pair of designer glasses from Firmoo.


To enter, you must:
1) Leave a comment with which glasses you’d love to have from Firmoo 

Bonus entries:
1) Follow Seeking Style on Bloglovin

2) Like Firmoo on Facebook

Please include your email address so I can contact you if you win

Please leave an additional comment for the bonus entry

Entries will be accepted until Wednesday, February 20th at 11:59 P.M. PST

Good Luck!

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  1. I already follow you on bloglovin. 🙂
    I like the Unisex acetate full frame eyeglasses in tortoise.

  2. Raya said:

    I *LOVE* the Unisex Full Frame Plastic Glasses – CP6077. ♥ I’ve been looking for similar glasses everywhere and it’s such a shame I need to keep an eye on my money these few months. Would love to own a pair! I already follow you on Bloglovin’ + if I win you can contact me at reportingforbeauty @ hotmail . com

    Without the spaces of course! Have a lovely day, dear xoxo

  3. Meghan said:

    loving the black full frame eyeglasses (#SD2249). Firmoo seems awesome–I have contacts but haven’t gotten new glasses in over 6 years, just because they are usually *so* expensive!


  4. I absolutely love the full black frames with the clear bar on the bottom (#ZS8024.) I am always looking for a new pair of affordable glasses and Firmoo seems great!

  5. Brandy said:

    I might have to check out their sight to join the giveaway! The glasses look very good on you!


  6. Marzipan said:

    You are so cute! These glasses are great on you.

  7. Wore Out said:

    There are so many choices! I love these chunky frames (#SD2300) from Firmoo but there’s just something so classic about these (#ZS1117)!

  8. Wore Out said:

    I’m following you on bloglovin and also liked Firmoo on FB! Thanks again for a great giveaway!

  9. Carmen said:

    You look great with these glasses!

  10. Anthea said:

    great glasses!

  11. Sam said:

    Thats such a stylish pair of specs. great giveaway! Thank you kindly for your visit..Hope you have a wonderful Friday doll!

  12. Kristian said:

    My first pair of firmoo glasses were like that too- rather larger than I had anticipated. Still, I’ve seen a lot of super-cute frames and like how you look with yours.

  13. Bree said:

    Wow these glasses look gorgeous on you! Love the oversized frame! Fab!! ❤

  14. So I just started Following you on bloglov’n and I liked your Facebook page. Thanks so much for checking out TheBackwardsOwl! I would love a new pair of “nerd” glasses. They are so fun to wear with anything. I would get or as named #SD2299 I actually do have to wear glasses and have a non prescirption pair, but I would loe one with my prescription in them!

  15. Hi there, what a lovely giveaway! I quite like the style:
    #SD2267 in the Tortoise colour (C004).

    (I will leave my email in the details section).

    I also already follow your blog on bloglovin’, which is how I found this post! But, as instructed, will leave another comment about that.

  16. As requested, another comment left to let you know that I am following your blog on bloglovin’. 🙂

  17. Monica said:

    I liked firmoo on facebook

  18. Ryan said:

    I’ve always wanted to try a look like #BD33001 (Brown/Clear) on me. I think they could look cool and sophisticated 🙂
    Love your blog!!

I adore each comment!

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