Weekend uniform

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Are you just dying from all the NYFW overload? I kind of am. I wish I was there. Who wouldn’t want to be stressed out, freezing, and feeling fashionably incompetent in New York City? To soak up every ounce of fashion week I can, I’m using Instagram and Vine to get peaks at a little bit of everything. I was skeptical about the new Vine app at first (you know the app that every blogger and their cousin has posted about? But the difference between me and them is that I wasn’t approached to do so; this is of my own free will!) – but it is an amazing app to use during NYFW. All I really need is a quick thirty seconds of video. Or you can follow someone like me (@seekingstyle) and watch me bake cupcakes and go for a run. It’s really up to you.

So, outfit post!

This is one of my weekend uniforms. Super easy, low maintenance and casual. That’s me! Minus the super easy and low maintenance parts, meaning I’m just a mess casual.

What is your weekend go to?





// Jacket: Heart Clothing Boutique // Shirt: Forever 21 // Tee & Jeans: Urban Outfitters // Shoes: Charlotte Russe // Sunglasses: H&M //

Are you giving up anything for Lent? I am doing my usual “no processed foods or sugars”. I’ve been slacking lately in the healthy foods department, so it’ll be getting me back on track. Hoorah!

These photos were taken by my cousin McKenzie (Thank you McKenzie) and consisted of me walking around in small circles and her snapping away. That’s the way to look casual and candid, right?




It’s definitely the way to get some stares. And to make me laugh.



p.s. happy (early) valentine’s day.

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  1. love the color of your jacket!! it goes great with the hat!! cute boots too!

  2. RoselyC said:

    Lets call this look effortless chic. I like the layers and your bag is pretty cool.

  3. You crack me up with your NYFW bit. LOL So true. Anyhow, I love this casual look very much. I love casual looks–they are so comfy and effortless!

  4. Katie said:

    You look so chic! I love your boots so much, and the layering is superb!

  5. ilikemyclothestaylored said:

    this is TOTALLY one of my weekend uniforms as well!! nothing like tossing a beanie, some big sunglasses, and booties on! looking fab lady!!


  6. Carina said:

    I LOVE this look! It’s exactly what I would wear for a realxed weekend too. I love the combo of khaki parkas and wine red hats! LOOOVE! Best colour combo ever ❤
    Okay I would wear flat boots because I am extra lazy when it comes to walking on any kind of high(er) heels 😉

    And three cheers for "stressed out, freezing, and feeling fashionably incompetent at NYFW" because that's exactly what I would be there! I can only assume, but I think it's waaayyy better to be able to watch all the fashion stuff from at home than being in the middle of it and lost in fashion wonderland 😉

  7. Amanda said:

    haha yeah u are funny… and omg I think I told you this before But I want your booties =)

  8. Mancina said:

    awesome casual outfit, really like it!

  9. Amandine said:

    What a cool uniform 😉
    Love your beanie!

  10. Onyxsta said:

    Love the beanie you’re rocking

  11. Angela said:

    Such a pretty outfit! I really love the beanie 🙂

    xo inventedromance.blogspot.ca

  12. Lara said:

    Gorgeous outfit. Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!

  13. Anais said:

    I’ve been using Vine a lot and like you I was hesitant at first because it just seemed like everyone was rushing on that bandwagon hardcore and that’s never the best way to get me interested about something, especially because the app is SOOOOOO similar to klip which I’ve used for a while now! I came around because it’s pretty easy to use and simple, so I can’t hate the thing for being all user friendly lol

    Love your outfit btw and super cute pics!


  14. This is similar to my typical weekend looks too – love it! And Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

    xo, alison*elle

  15. Eva said:

    Lovely outfit! I love the booties and the hat looks great on you!!

  16. Diana said:

    This outfit is so great! Love it!

  17. Ania said:

    You look stunning 🙂 Happy Valentine’s day!! 🙂

  18. I love those boots! I too was quite skeptical about Vine, now joined and will see how much I use it. Have a lovely weekend. xo/Mads

  19. Carlee said:

    Great outfit and I love your jacket! Also a great thing to give up lent. I have been trying to no processed sugar and flour as well.
    Almost Endearing

  20. Oooh I love your hat and jacket!

  21. Mary M. said:

    Amazing, I love your style and how you can pull such effortlessly chic looks! I’m so happy to have come across to your blog!

    Have a great weekend,
    Mary x

  22. nico said:

    I love the combo of colors you are wearing and I would totally rock this look! Also your tip on hummus from your previous post was a life saver!



  23. Arsal said:

    I must say this look is casual plus sophisticated and decent as well.

  24. I’m loving all these layers and walking in circles and having someone take photos is perfectly acceptable, I love how low effortless and cute the outfit and photos are. Too cute!

  25. racheltr said:

    Love your weekend uniform! Looks so comfy, yet stylish! That beanie and jacket are amazing!

  26. Susy said:

    You are so pretty! And I just love how that beanie looks on you!

  27. Pingback: Homepage

  28. Luu said:

    wonderful pictures!!! ❤ you're so beautiful!

  29. Martin said:

    lovely outfit
    very very pretty

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