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How is it possible to be tired eveyday of the week? Apparently, I need to reinforce my bed time. I’d like to thank all the Presidents whose birthdays that we are celebrating on Monday, therefore, giving me a much wanted, maybe not exactly deserved, day off.

Congratulations to Hillery for winning a pair of Firmoo glasses! Firmoo will be in contact with you soon!

I will be emailing the other 6 winners with the discount codes.

On to what distracted me this week!

  • Listen to this: Churchill. There ain’t nothing wrong with a little dancing. Indie pop rock gets me every time! I’ve been groovin’ to Churchill’s “Change” in the car lately and finally made the effort to look up the band. So glad I did! I hope you enjoy them as much as you are enjoying all your leftover Valentine’s Day chocolates. 
  • Read this: Drop Dead Healthy. “A python that swallowed a goat.” Any writer that describes his body like that is OK in my book. Get it? Writer… book…? Not my best pun, but still fairly decent. Back to the book. In AJ Jacobs’ journey to become the epitome of health from head to toe, he tries every health and diet trick out there. Also, he attempted to read the Encyclopedia Britannica cover to cover and spent a year living life literally by The Bible. In other words, he’s hilarious.


      • Watch this: The Internship. I think we can all agree that Wedding Crashers is one of the greatest buddy comedies of this decade, so Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson teaming up again? Movie Magic! Well, hopefully. I will admit that this trailer isn’t the best, but I still have high hopes for the movie. I feel like Vince Vaughn peaked with Wedding Crashers, but there are always second chances. Don’t let me down Vince Vaughn!
      • Eat this: Smitten Kitchen’s Hummus. Believe me, this is not a cop out. If you like homemade hummus, you need to use Deb’s tip: peel the chickpeas. After they’re cooked, just squeeze a chickpea between your forefinger and thumb and the skin will just pop off. Simple and fast. This will make your homemade hummus as smooth as store bought hummus. Does it make me lame to admit that this has changed my life?


      • Wear this: Stone Cold Fox. Now this, this is a cop out. Because you’re already wearing and in love with Stone Cold Fox, right? I’m so sure of it that all I am going to say is that if you are not, go check out their collections and rectify that.


  • Blog love: The Marcy Stop. Two friends, one blog. Don’t worry, I won’t even go there. Go where? Exactly. You know that blog that you read and with every post you think to yourself, “Oh, that’s cute!” “Oh, I’d wear that!” Yup, this one here. Then, you go and embarass yourself (in front of yourself) when you try to recreate an outfit. Technically speaking, of course.


And last, but certainly not least, Friday fail.

Here’s to my ugly mug.

(get it? another pun… that you’d only get if you’re a regular reader).


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  1. Andrea said:

    I totally get the whole “need more sleep” idea. I keep going to bed at really stupid times.
    I’ve actually never heard of that movie, but it looks like something I’d watch.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. milex said:

    Your sense of style feels so special

  3. I feel tired every day of the week too, so I understand!
    And I can’t wait to read A.J. Jacobs’ new book! I loved his one where he followed the bible as literally as possible.

  4. mili said:

    love your friday outfit! I agree that the trailer for that movie doesn’t look thaaat good, but I still want to see it 🙂

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  5. Ann said:

    your Friday picks
    looks so cool.
    I want to read that book.

  6. Amaris said:

    I DID! 🙂 Are those burgundy-colored pants I spy? I love your hair, by the way!

  7. I love reading about favorite things! I’m so excited about The Internship – some of it was filmed at Stanford over the summer and apparently they were asking for extras – if only I was here, ahh…

  8. G.TA said:

    inspirational post!! =`)


  9. Rachella said:

    The humus looks delicious and the stone cold fox collection is more than great x

  10. Good inspiration! great post! Thank you for your comment in my blog.

I adore each comment!

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